Boleyn Models Partners With Unblur – Get Paid Daily!

Boleyn Models

Boleyn Models Partners With Unblur – Offers Daily Pay

Leading digital camming studio Boleyn Models has partnered with Unblur. Unblur is a new high-percentage clip store / payment processor for indie models, powered by SkyPrivate. Not only does Unblur feature a high percentage, but they also cover all chargebacks! The Boleyn Models partnership gives Unblur models the chance to receive daily payouts with my dynamic cashout options.


Boleyn Models Offers Daily Pay and Check Payouts

Boleyn Models key feature is the daily pay services they offer. With Boleyn, you can get paid more frequently and as you need money. They also offer check payouts, for USA performers that would prefer check over ACH or Bitcoin.


Unblur Also Recently Added ACH / Direct Deposit

On Friday, Unblur also announced the addition of direct deposit payouts. This was great news for USA performers, as before this announcement, Bitcoin was the only option available for people in the USA. Now USA performers have the option of Bitcoin or ACH, plus check payouts if they want to go through Boleyn.


Boleyn Models Unblur Studios Fees: 4%

The studio fees that Boleyn charges on Unblur earnings is 4%. That is 4% of the 85% that models earn through Unblur, and not 4% of gross sales.


More Information On Boleyn Models

Interested in becoming a Boleyn Model? You can either signup here or learn more about Boleyn by checking out the link below. Boleyn Models is the leading digital studio with tons of great features. Rather than partnering with a small handful of networks, Boleyn is partnered with a wide range of camming and clip sites. The studio features low studio percentages and their famous daily pay services.

Learn More: Boleyn Models – Daily Pay Camming Studio

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