BitVids: Adult Clip Site Powered by Cryptocurrency


Getting Started As A BitVids Model

BitVids Is a clip site geared entirely around cryptocurrency. Customers purchase the content using crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. All the models on the site also get paid via the same cryptocurrencies. The network features a high percentage and a daily payout. BitVids also supports custom content requests. Here’s all the information for BitVid sellers.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Clips, Customs
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 80%
  • Min Payout: $1
  • Cashout Options: Cryptocurrency
  • Payout Schedule: Daily
  • Studio Accounts: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes


What’s Required To Get Started

The only major requirement to get started is that you must be at least eighteen years old or older. You’ll need to provide a digital copy of photo ID before getting started. This is for age-verification purposes only. You’ll also need the content to sell, or all the equipment needed to produce the content.


How To Get A Verified Star Account

A verified star account is a model account that is featured on the home page. To be upgraded to a star, your account needs to meet the following basic requirements:

  • ID verification complete
  • Six (6) videos uploaded
  • Profile photo showing your face
  • Profile details completed (username, location, birthdate, description)


All Genders Allowed: Female, Male, Transgender and Couples

There are no gender restrictions on BitVids. Female, male and transgender performers are all welcome on the site. Couples can also sell their content on the site.


How Much Do BitVids Models Get Paid

BitVids models earn 80% of all revenue. This is one of the highest percentages in the industry. Because BitVids is able to batch their payouts, there is no minimum payout or cashout fees. BitVids also pays out all their performers on a daily basis to the cryptocurrency wallet of their choice.

Chargebacks: Since BitVids is powered by cryptocurrency, chargebacks are a non-issue.


Sell Adult Videos

BitVids is an adult clip store. Models are able to register and upload their adult videos for sale. Simply upload the video, give it a title and description. BitVids will either auto-generate a video preview, or you can upload a custom one for each clip. The video will be featured on your profile page, the video page and in the search results. In addition to buying the content, customers are also able to like the clip and comment on it.


Accepting Custom Content Requests

A custom request begins when a buyer clicks the “Request Custom Video” button on your store page, enters the request description, selects a price and submits. You will be notified by email and both parties can discuss details via chat on the request page.

The buyer must first send payment using the request page. Afterwards, you can upload your video and finalize video details. At that point, the custom request is considered complete.


BitVids Allows More Content Than Most Clip Sites

Because BitVids is cryptocurrency powered, they do not have to deal with the payment processors that other sites have to deal with. Payment processors have their own regulations and guidelines on what is and isn’t allowed on their partner sites. Clip sites have to comply with these regulations or risk losing their ability to process payments. Cryptocurrency means less restrictions on the type of content that can be sold.

What Isn’t Allowed On BitVids:

  • Underaged content (anyone under the age of 18)
  • Rape, violence, pain
  • Pedophilia
  • Bestiality
  • Drugs


Earn An Extra 5% With The Chaturbate Badge

If you’re a Chaturbate model, you can earn an additional 5% with the BitVids Chaturbate badge. Just add the badge to your profile and contact support to claim your extra 5%. BitVids will periodically check the profile page of Chaturbate models enrolled into the program, to make sure that the profiles are still containing the badge.

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Webmasters: Promote The BitVids Affiliate Program

BitVids has also launched an affiliate program that models can use to promote the network. BitVids affiliates will earn 20% of BitVids cut. So if a performer is making 85%, the affiliates will earn 20% of the remaining 15%. BitVids provides tracking parameters that can be added to any URL, so you can link directly to your profile page, as well as to any individual clips you’ve got uploaded to BitVids.

Learn More: BitVids Affiliate Program


Studio / Producer Accounts Supported

BitVids also supports studio accounts. Currently, there’s no separate account type for studios. Studios simply register as a model account and will be included with all the other model accounts.


Signup As A BitVids Model Today!

Ready to get started on BitVids? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time! BitVids is the only adult clip site that is 100% powered by cryptocurrency. Make money from prerecorded clips, as well as from custom content requests. Earn one of the industry’s highest percentages and take advantage of daily payouts with no minimums. Become a BitVids model today!

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