BentBox Announces Site-Wide SSL and PayPal Payouts



BentBox Announces Site-Wide SSL and PayPal Payouts

Adult-Friendly photo / video marketplace site BentBox has announced two new features. BentBox now has SSL running on the entire site. Before, SSL was on all the pages where data was being entered. Now, it’s on every page, regardless of whether sensitive data is being transferred or not. BentBox also announced that PayPal payouts are now supported.


SSL / HTTPS Is Now Site-Wide

SSL Certificates have been rolled out across the entire site. Now every page on BentBox is encrypted through HTTPS. Before, the important pages were using the HTTPS protocol, but all pages where sensitive data wasn’t being transferred was still HTTPS. Now every page on BentBox is HTTPS.


BentBox Now Supports PayPal Payouts

BentBox has also announced PayPal payouts. BentBox has contacted PayPal about the matter, and advised PayPal that the payments were adult in nature. PayPal gave them the green light. Even though PayPal gave the thumbs-up, there’s still risks assocated with using PayPal. There’s been horror stories of performer accounts being suspended, even though they weren’t using PayPal for anything adult-related. Use at your own risk.


More Information On BentBox

Interested in becoming a BentBox seller. You can register now or learn more about the network by clicking on the link below. BentBox is both SFW / mainstream as well as adult-friendly. BentBox  allows sellers to create and sell “Boxes”. These boxes can contain a collection (and mixture) of different file types; photos, videos and other multi-media. You can build the boxes however you like; single videos, photo galleries, multiple videos or a combination of different kinds of media.

Learn More: Selling Adult Content On BentBox


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