Can I Become A Sugar Baby Without Having Sex (The Answer Is Yes!)

Alice Snow

Do Sugar Babies Have Sex With Their Sugar Daddies?

Sugar dating has been the spotlight of mainstream media quite a bit as of late. The concept of an attractive woman finding an older businessman to give them a monthly amount of money in exchange for their company sounds like a fantastic gig. The elephant in the room for many of those who want to pursue the sugar dating lifestyle is; can I become a sugar baby without having sex?


The Choice Of Whether To Have Sex Is Up To You

The answer in short is yes you certainly can. I have had many sugar daddies over the years that I never became intimate with. I have also had daddies where I enjoyed having sex with them very much. The thing to keep in mind with sugar dating is that each relationship (although rather unusual compared to standard dating) is totally unique. What you give one daddy, will vary wildly to the next. Each arrangement that you go into should be completely tailored to both what you and your potential sugar daddy wants from the relationship.


What Do Sugar Daddies Want Besides Sex?

I love sex and I can say most sugar daddies love sex as well. That doesn’t mean that is what they are after. Talking with your potential new daddy and finding out just what he is looking for is a vital part of the selection process. Most people who come into the world of sugar dating are after something more than just sex.

These desires all depend on your daddy. I have had daddies who wanted someone to just attend plays with them. While others want to have fun date nights, or vacation partners. Sometimes their desires are more unconventional. Maybe they have a different fetish, such as daddy dom/baby girl, or they want someone to take their money. No matter what it is they are looking for, it usually means they are not being satisfied in their ‘normal life’.

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What If I Don’t Want To Do What The Sugar Daddy Wants?

Now after you understand what it is your daddy candidate is looking for, you have to ask yourself; ‘Am I comfortable with that?’ If your answer is yes, then you are one step closer to becoming a sugar baby. Sometimes though, what your potential SD (sugar Daddy) is looking for is just too far off your radar, or just literally makes you very uncomfortable. If that’s the case, then that daddy isn’t for you and simply look at the next potential daddy.

You need to be upfront and honest with those you talk about sugar dating arrangements.  Whether you’re comfortable or not with their desires will determine if the arrangement is right or not. That way there is no confusion or issues down the road. Whatever the SD maybe looking for, he will know immediately if you are not comfortable with whatever desires comes to light.

If he doesn’t realize you are okay with it and is just wowed by your acting skills, there will be another key issue. You won’t be having fun. The life of a sugar baby is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If it isn’t, what waste your time pursuing it. That simple.


But You Said You Have Slept With Some Of Your Daddies

Yes I did, and it was my choice. Whenever I negotiate the arrangement with a daddy I always make sure they are aware that sex is not part of the agreement. If down the line we develop some sort of feelings towards each other, or I feel that we are at that point where I want to perform that with my daddy, then I will. Of course some would-be daddies will try to pressure you into sex, or even just simple things that you may not be comfortable with. When that starts to happen it is time to break things off and move on. Find a new daddy that fits your desires and have a far happier arrangement.

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