Information On Getting Started As An iFriends Model


Make Money As An iFriends Webcam Model

iFriends is one of the original camming sites and has a track record for success. In addition to webcam modeling, iFriends performers can also make money from selling videos, phone sex, premium fanclub subscriptions and tributes. iFriends allows for all genders; female, male, transgender, plus couples. Anyone can make money performing on the site. Here’s all the information on getting started as an iFriends webcam model.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Camming, Clips, PSO, Fanclubs
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 50%-75% (100% Referrals)
  • Min Payout: $100
  • Payouts: Check, ACH, Cosmo Payment
  • Payout Schedule: Weekly
  • Chargebacks: Covered*
  • Geo-Blocking: Yes
  • DMCA Services: No
  • Cam-Splitting: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Studio Accounts: Yes


What’s Required To Get Started

The only major requirement to get started is that you must be eighteen years old or older. You’ll need a digital copy of photo ID when registering for the site. There’s no hiring process, instead it’s simply an age verification process. Anyone 18+ with the required equipment can join as a model. Here’s all the requirements for performing on iFriends:

Must Be Eighteen Or Older: This is the one major requirement. You’ll need to present a digital copy of photo ID for age verification. This is something that all adult media outlets are required to do to stay compliant with federal law.

Computer: recommend at a minimum a PC with an Intel I3 4 2.0 GHz or higher, running Microsoft Windows XP or later. Mac OS X or later will also work. your PC should have at least 2gb of RAM, although 4 GB or more is optimal. Just about any PC on the market these days will far exceed these requirements.

Webcam: It’s highly recommend that you get a n HD external webcam. Logitech has plenty of affordable models that will work.

High-Speed Internet: The faster the upload speed, the better. Having a higher upload speed means that your shows will be a lot faster and clearer.

Place To Perform: You’ll also need a place to perform. Most models use the bedroom or a dedicated camming room.


All Genders Accepted: Female, Male and Transgenders

iFriends accepts all genders. Female, male and transgender models can all make money performing on the site. iFriends also supports couple accounts, so you can make money performing with another person. If you’re performing with a partner, that partner will have to be verified and associated to your account before being able to perform with you.


How Much Do iFriends Models Get Paid?

Under the standard plan, models get paid 50% of all revenue generated. If models want to protect themselves from chargeback, fraud and other payment woes, they can opt for the “Guaranteed Payment Option”. Models will only collect 35% of all profits but will be protected from chargebacks and other payment refunds.

Models get 100% from referrals! Models will collect 100% of the profits of all members that they refer. This is only on the money that referrals spend on you. Also earn a percentage on everything that referrals spend on other models.


Minimum Payouts / Cashout Options / Payout Dates

The pay period runs from Sunday to Saturday, and iFriends issues payments on a weekly basis. On Monday, your payment from the pay period that ended on Saturday will post to your account. Here are the support payout methods:

  • Payment by Check for US-based and international models.
  • Direct Deposit for US-based webcam models, which is free.
  • Cosmo Payment for international webcam models.

The minimum payment amount on iFriends is $100, regardless of how the model is receiving the money.


iFriends Weekly Bonus System

For leading performers, there’s also a weekly bonus program. It’s tiered and based on placement. The top 20 performers on iFriends earn weekly bonuses – an added percentage of income for the next week for your regular or Guaranteed Payout sessions!

Rank Base Payout Increase*
First Place 10%
2 7%
3 5%
4 – 10 3%
11 – 20 2%


Make Money Offering These Services

Here are all the different ways you can make money as an iFriends model.


Live Webcam Shows

The primary focus of iFriends is a camming site. Models are able to register and get paid hosting webcam shows. There are various show types available. Here are the different show types and descriptions:

Standard Plan (Standard)

During Standard Plan sessions, your video is only available uncensored to paying members who are paying the per-minute price you selected when you signed in your session. Guests, and members who are logged into their accounts, can enter your session in Guest Chat mode, but your video will be presented with an overlay.

If the user is logged into their account, but accessing your room via guest chat, they are encouraged to enter your regular session to see uncensored video. Guests are also encouraged to join to see more of you. Paying members in your standard session are able to take you private for some one-on-one with you.

Free to GoPrivate

During Free to GoPrivate sessions, both members and guests are able to view your uncensored video and chat with you. While in the free portion of your video, viewers and guests are encouraged to take you private. Once a member selects the “Go Private” option, access to the live video feed becomes blocked to all members other than the member who took you private. At that point, the member begins paying the per-minute rate you selected until the private session has ended.

The F2P session is ended either when the member clicks to end the private, leaves your session, or you end your session. When the customer ends the private, your video is automatically available again to guests and members. F2P sessions are engaging to both members and guests, and generally result in a higher amount of traffic when compared to Standard sessions.

Free Plan

On iFriends, you are able to host one free 15 minute session every 24 hours. This option can be used as a promotional tool to either reward your loyal fans with a free show, or to build your fan base to reach out to more members. Once your 15 minute free session is done, the session will automatically close, allowing you to sign in with another payment plan.

Free FanClub

The Free FanClub session allows you to host a free live session that is only available to members of your FanClub. While some models use this feature as a membership perk for those iFriends customers who have joined their FanClubs, performing for however long that FanClub members ask, others limit these sessions to just 5 or 10 minutes. In all cases, free live videochat sessions offered to FanClub members are a proven method for rewarding – and retaining – your loyal base of recurring FanClub members. It’s also a great tool for attracting new FanClub members.

Discount Codes

Using the Discount Code feature, you can offer a special discounted rate to members who have access to the Discount Code you select. Please note, your discount code will automatically be applied to all VIP and Elite members, not just the members who have access to your special code. Many models use this Discount Code feature in conjunction with marketing on social network sites to entice new members to try out their iFriends video chat sessions.


Make Money Off Webcam Replays

Archive and make money off webcam replays. Webcam replays is a great way to make a residual income off the content you’re already creating.


Phone Sex Operators (PSOs) Wanted

iFriends’s Phone Sex feature is a toll-free, privacy-protected call-forwarding service that webcam models can use to generate additional iFriends income, and “get closer” with their loyal fans and regulars, even when the model isn’t online.

Phone Sex through iFriends is based on the TalkLive conferencing technology, and is a feature of the iFriends FanClub system. Available only to iFriends members that have provided validated payment information, you enable and configure your Phone Sex participation within your FanClub settings under “Phone Sex”. Phone Sex is not enabled by default; to activate, you must configure it in your FanClub manager.


Start Your Own Fanclub

A fanclub is a great way to gain a following and repeat customers. Share content with your fanclub and message them everytime you’re online and ready to play. Fanclubs offer special perks to members who subscribe. For models, fanclubs build a residual income through the monthly rebills. Customers have to keep paying the rebills in order to remain members of the fanclub. There are two types of fanclubs: Fanclubs and Fanclub Light, which is a much more simple version for models who don’t want to spend as much time and effort.


Selling Clips / Photo Galleries

Clip and photo sales are a fun way to connect with your fans when you’re offline. It’s also one of the many ways that you can make money on iFriends. iFriends members who are not subscribed to your FanClub can unlock a ‘Fans-Only’ video or photo by making a one-time purchase. The purchased content is saved within the member’s “My Dashboard” area. Read more about how clip and photo sales can take your earnings to the next level!


More iFriends Features

Here are some other major iFriends features.


Privacy Protection: Block Specific Cities, States and Countries

iFriends offers regional blocking capabilities for models. Models are able to block specific cities, states, countries and even individual zip codes! Blocking your area and areas you’ve lived in makes it harder for people you know to find you on cam. Keep in mind it’s not perfect though! If someone travels outside of a blocked one, they’ll be able to access your profile and content.


iFriends Allows Cam-Splitting (Performing On Multiple Sites)

iFriends does allow for cam-splitting, but doesn’t recommend it. Cam-splitting Cam-splitting is also “Not Supported”. This means that although it’s allowed, if you have any splitting-related issues, the support team isn’t able to help you trouble-shoot those issues.


Chargeback Protection (At A Reduced Percentage)

iFriends does offer chargeback protection, *BUT* it comes with a catch. Models can either indicate that they’d prefer 50% base payouts without chargeback protections (10% will also be withheld for 6-months, with chargebacks reduced from that) or choose the chargeback protection plan at a reduced percentage.

The chargeback protection plan is called the Guaranteed Payment Option (GPO). Under GPO, you receive 35% of the revenue you generate during your live and replay sessions. iFriends absorbs 100% of all uncollected sales, refunds, and chargebacks. Tips, Phone Sex revenue, FanClub memberships, Virtual Gifts, and micro-billing content sales are not covered under GPO. Only session revenue is part of the GPO program


ClickCash: Official iFriends Affiliate Program

ClickCash is the official affiliate program for iFriends. Webmasters (and models) can register for ClickCash and make money promoting the platform. There are reasons why a model might promote via ClickCash instead of the 100% referral program. For example: If you want to cross-promote other models, it’s done through ClickCash.

Learn More: ClickCash – iFriends Affiliate Program


Studio Accounts Supported

iFriends fully supports studio accounts. With a studio account, the studio is able to register models under them. The studio gets paid out directly, and is responsible for paying out the models accordingly, while taking a percent. It’s expected that the studio offers services to justify the percentage, whether it’s consultation, promotion or other perks.


Signup As An iFriends Webcam Model!

Ready to get started as an iFriends webcam model? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy, and you can get started right away! In addition to making money from live webcam shows, also sell video and photo content directly from the site, get paid from phone sex and run your very own premium fanclub. iFriends gives their models a wide range of ways to earn, all under the same roof!

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