Become A CamWithHer Model: Additional Information


Make Money Performing On CamWithHer

CamWithHer is one of the original camming sites, which means they’ve got some of the most experience within the industry! CamWithHer works a little differently. They’re a lot more exclusive with their model-base, opposed to networks who let anyone and everyone join. The network features good rates and models can also make money from fanclubs, Snapchat subscriptions and content sales. Here’s all the information on CamWithHer.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Camming, Clips, Fanclub, Snapchat
  • Genders: Female (Alternative Site For Males)
  • Model Percentage: 50-70%
  • Pay Schedule: Twice Monthly
  • Payouts: Check, ACH, Wire, Cryptocurrency
  • Min Payout: $50-$100
  • Chargebacks: Not Covered
  • DMCA Protection: Yes
  • Regional Blocking: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Studio Accounts: No


What’s Required To Get Started

The one major requirement is that models must be eighteen years old or older. CamWithHer is female-only, although SNR Productions (parent company) does run sites for male models as well. Unlike other camming sites that accept all performers, there is an application process and CamWithHer might accept or reject you. There’s also some equipment requirements. See all requirements below:

  • Eighteen Or Older: You’ll need to provide a copy of photo ID for age verification.
  • Must Be From An English Country: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc
  • Computer: Any modern computer should work just fine
  • Webcam: Preferably HD and you’ll make more money with one
  • High-Speed Internet: The higher the upload speed, the better.


How Much Money CamWithHer Models Make

CamWithHer has an algorithm to determine the percentage that a webcam model makes. The base percentage is 50% (40% if you’re not exclusively camming on CamWithHer). The max percentage is 70%. The percentage goes up based on certain actions. Not only will these things get you an increased percentage, but doing these things is also beneficial in general. Here’s what increases the model percentage:

  • Requests (3%) –  fan signs, outside forum posts, and social media blasts. 2 fan signs, 10 forum posts, or 10 social media blasts will earn you an additional 3%.
  • Facebook Live (Up to 3%) – Logging on 3 times for at least 10 minutes each on The CWH Facebook will earn you an additional 3% (1% each broadcast).
  • Periscope (Up to 3%) – Logging on 3 times for at least 10 minutes each on our Periscope account will earn you an additional 3% (1% each broadcast).
  • Snapchat (Up to 3%) – A takeover with a sequence of 10 photos or more and/or 5 videos (or a mix of each) will earn you 1%.
  • Forum (1%) – 20 (constructive) posts on our CamWithHer forum will earn you an additional 1%.
  • Clips (2%) – Posting 1 clip per month will earn you an additional 2%.
  • Cam Feed (1%) – Submitting 8 cam feed photos per month will earn you an additional 1%.
  • Member Chats (2% for CWH Models only) – Signing up for 1 CamWithHer member chat per month AND showing up will earn you an additional 2%.
  • Content (2% for CWH Models only) – Submitting a mini content package per month will earn you an additional 2%.


Getting Paid: Min Payouts, Frequency and Cashout Methods

Payouts occur either monthly or twice per month, depending on the model’s preference. The minimum payment depends on the type of cashout. The minimum cashout is $50 for USA perfomers and $100 for international performers. Here are the cashout methods available.

  • Check (USA)
  • Check (International)
  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH / Direct Deposit
  • Google Wallet
  • Amazon Giftcard
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • LiteCoin


Make Money Offering These Services

Here are all the different ways you can make money as a CamWithHer model


Live Webcam Shows

The main focus of CamWithHer is a camming site. Models are able to make money from performing live on webcam. CamWithHer is a private chat site. This means that models earn a per-minute rate for chatting privately with members. It’s also possible for members to spy on a private show, which earns you an additional per-minute for everyone who enters the voyeur. Here’s a description of the different show types.

  • Private – Multiple people can be in a single private chat.
  • Voyeur Chat – Members are able to spy in on the private session, but aren’t able to chat or interact.
  • VIP – In VIP chat, there is only a single customer in the chat.


Selling Premium Videos

Another way to make money is through selling videos. When uploading videos, it’s possible to add them to the fanclub, make them available for purchase only or both. Selling videos is great, as it creates a residual income of sorts. That is because you don’t need to be online and performing in order to get video sales. Models who are selling content will have their videos featured on the video section of the site.


Running A Private Fanclub

A fan club is a personalized web page that features photo and video content uploaded by a model that a user can subscribe monthly to. There are five sections to each fan club: Photos, Videos, Shows, Diaries, and Store. Not all sections are mandatory. Models can update it as often as they’d like and price it how they see fit. Models may also sell individual photo sets and / or videos to users who are not subscribers and may just want to purchase that one piece of content.



Sell Premium Snapchat Subscriptions

It’s also possible to make money from premium Snapchat subscriptions. Not only is Snapchat a great marketing tool, but you can make extra money from selling access to a premium Snapchat account. In order to get started, simply enter your Snapchat username, how much credits you’d like to charge for access and how frequent the Snapchat account gets updated. You’ll get notifications whenever someone subscribes, so you can add them to your account.



Mega Fans – New Fanclub Platform Powered by SNR

In addition to the CamWithHer fanclub feature, SNR Productions have put together a completely new platform. Introducing Mega Fans. With Mega Fans, models can earn up to 85%, depending on the size of the social media following. Mega Fans is a fanclub platform that also allows for the sale of individual pieces of content as well. At 85%, Mega Fans is the highest paying fanclub platform on the market. Applying for Mega Fans is done through the same SNR Application that CamWithHer uses.


Custom Store Items – Sell Just About Anything!

CamWithHer also supports custom store items. These store items can be used to sell just about anything: Tangible items like warn panties or bras, social media access, fan signs, the list goes on. If you can think it up, and it’s compliant with local laws, the services can be offered through CamwithHer’s custom store item feature.


CamWithHer Affiliate Program

Webmasters can also make money promoting CamWithHer through the official affiliate program. The CamWithHer affiliate program has tons of promotional tools available. These include banners, embeddable widgets and videos, free hosted galleries, RSS feeds and even a whitelabeled site builder that allows you to rebrand CamWithHer as your own!


Signup As An SNR / CamWithHer Model Today!

Ready to get started as a CamWithHer model? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy, and if your application is accepted, you can start performing and earning right away. Make money from live webcam shows, selling content, fanclub subscriptions and Snapchat subscriptions. Tons of ways to earn, all under one roof! Plus, get paid up to a high rate of 75%!

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