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Roselynn Locks is "The Cadillac of Camgirls". For 8+ years she has been a cam performer, clip producer, worn panty provider, bootyshaker, phone sex/texting operator and affiliate marketer. Roselynn has extensive training in direct response and social media marketing. She enjoys helping performers with the mindset and discipline that is required to have consistent success in the camming industry.

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Podcast 62: St Patrick’s Day, Event News and Tips

Episode 62: St Patrick’s Day, Event News and Tips Welcome back to another Webcam Startup Podcast! This week hosted by Roselynn Locks the Cadillac of Camgirls! We’ve got an exciting week

Muscle Fetish Information For Camgirls / Clip Producers

Muscle Fetish Tips For Adult Performers As a content and clip producer, it pays to experiment with new subjects now and again. My latest experiment has definitely paid off for

Camming Models: How To Spot and Avoid Scams

Camgirls: Scams to Watch For and Avoid In July of 2018 I received a message from Streamate support that shook my world as a camgirl. For eight years this had

Podcast 53: Tumblr Porn Ban, ModelClips, Pornhub Custom Content

Episode 53: Tumblr, ModelClips, Fetish Info It’s the 53rd Webcam Startup Podcast and this week it’s being hosted by Roselynn Locks. Tumblr is the big thing in the news right now, and

How Do Do Dangling Fetish (Foot Fetish) Shows and Clips

Dangling Shoe Fetish (Foot Fetish) Information For Models “Dangling” or shoe dangling is a subset of shoe or foot fetish (or both).  It involves balancing shoes (typically slip-ons whether they

eBook: Roselynn Locks’ 7 Top Tips for Camming Success

Roselynn Locks’ 7 Top Tips for Camming Success Experience is invaluable in camming. There are some things that you you just have to figure out on your own, and I, Roselynn

Chastity Fetish Clips and Camming Shows by Roselynn Locks

Chastity Fetish Clips and Camming Shows Chastity is a type of BDSM fantasy or play that involves the submissive giving up control of their sexual behavior to the dominant. This

How To Do Cuckold Fetish Clips and Camming Shows

How To Do Cuckold Fetish Clips and Camming Shows Cuckold fetish involves arousal and pleasure from the experience or fantasy of the experience of one’s wife or girlfriend (the “cuckoldress”

Podcast 43: Diaper Fetish, Tip To Vibe, New Site Features

Episode 42: Event News, New Site Features and Cam News Welcome back to the Webcam Startup podcast, this month hosted by Roselynn Locks. Since Roselynn Locks is hosting, we made sure

How To Get Anything You Want in Your Camming Career

Get What You Want From Camming by Roselynn Camgirl Roselynn Locks goes over an exercise called The Target, and this is something that you can do anywhere or at any time

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