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Hi there! I’m Katy Churchill, camgirl, phone sex operator, fetish filmmaker, and DIY pornographer. I love baseball, beer, and burgers, and I have big boobs and a big butt. See what I’m saying, BB?

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What Comes After Fan Clubs?

Webcam Startup Team predicts the future beyond fan clubs Porn is an industry like any other, with trends that come and go. Right now, adult fan clubs are hotter than

Onlyfans Reverses Course, “Suspends” October 1 Porn Ban

Onlyfans announces “suspension” of explicit content ban…on Twitter, before emailing creators hours later Embattled fan club platform Onlyfans announced on Twitter that they are reversing their decision to ban explicit

How To Make Money With Faphouse Subscriptions

Make money with xHamster’s Faphouse Subscription viewshare program When Pornhub shuttered Modelhub in the wake of losing payment processing, not only did models lose the ability to monetize videos using

How To Do Boot Worship Fetish Clips and Cam Shows

3 tips to build on Boot Fetish into the FemDom world of Boot Worship If you’ve spent any time working in the boot fetish niche, you’ll have heard of boot

Where to Find Free Porn

How to watch porn for free without ripping off creators Until fairly recently, if you were watching porn for free, it was probably pirated. Most porn viewers never considered why

How to Increase Intimacy in Private Webcam Shows

Build closeness with your customer in private shows to get repeat business If you’re new to webcamming sites or you’re usually a freemium/token site model, private cam shows can seem

How To Do CBT During Phone Sex

Bringing Cock and Ball Torture to Life with Phone Sex Cock and ball torture (CBT) is a popular femdom-based fetish. While it may be more commonly sought out by customers

Best Fanclubs For BBW Performers

Fanclubs that help BBWs get more subscribers You can check out our Fanclub Directory for a complete list of adult fanclub options, or focus on the 3 platforms listed below

3 Common Phone Sex Fears

How to handle anxiety about starting phone sex There’s something about phone sex that strikes fear into the hearts of even veteran webcam models. While phone sex can seem scary,

How To Do Toe Fetish Clips and Cam Shows

Going deeper into foot fetish by focusing on your toes! Once you begin to get experience within foot fetish, you will quickly discover that there are several niches within feet