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Hi there! I’m Katy Churchill, camgirl, phone sex operator, fetish filmmaker, and DIY pornographer. I love baseball, beer, and burgers, and I have big boobs and a big butt. See what I’m saying, BB?

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Camgirls: 5 Reasons to Choose a Camcorder Over a DSLR

Camcorder Vs DSLR by Katy Churchill Empress Mika recently wrote about why models who sell videos should buy a DSLR camera, so I thought I’d take a look at why

Podcast 41: The Katy Churchill Episode!

Episode 41: Katy Churchill’s Pieces, Plus Camming News Calling this the Katy Churchill episode is no joke! Not only is she the host of today’s podcast, but she’s also got

Drinking and Drugs On Cams / Clips: Is It Allowed?

Camming / Clip Sites Policy Towards Drinking and Drugs My name is Katy, and I drink beer on cam. (Hi Katy.) However, until a member in my Streamate cam room

Adult Models: Shooting In A Hotel Room During A Convention

Tips For Shooting Porn During Conventions Besides educational presentations, networking opportunities, and even meeting fans, there is another huge benefit to attending an adult industry convention: filming. There are lots

How To Make the Most of Adult Convention Networking

Adult Convention Networking Tips Adult industry conventions are fantastic places to meet people working in all different areas of the industry, from models and porn stars to executives from cam

2018 Qwebec Review: Performer Seminars & Events by Katy Churchill

Katy Churchill: My Review of 2018 QWEBEC Expo On July 31 I headed east to Montreal, Canada to attend the 15th Qwebec Expo, the international online adult entertainment and live

Camgirls: How To Separate Work From Your Personal Life

How To Separate Work From Personal Life In the age of social media and fan clubs, more and more customers are following their favorite models, expecting to see the behind-the-scenes

Ebanned Review and Overview by Katy Churchill

Ebanned: eBay Style Auction Site For Adult / Porn Ebanned is an auction-style sales site specifically made for the adult industry. Everything from the name to the old-school site design

Comparison: Token Camming Sites by Private Sites by Katy Churchill

Cam Models: Token Sites vs Private Sites The first question potential cam models ask me once they decide that camming is right for them is “which camming site should I

NexoCams Ashley Fires CamOver Review / Report by Katy

Review of NexoCams First CamOver Event On June 15, Clips4Sale ran its first “CamOver” on NexoCams featuring fetish and porn performer Ashley Fires. In the name of science, I put