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Hi there! I’m Katy Churchill, camgirl, phone sex operator, fetish filmmaker, and DIY pornographer. I love baseball, beer, and burgers, and I have big boobs and a big butt. See what I’m saying, BB?

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Video: Tips For Reselling Custom Adult Videos

Tips For Reselling Custom Adult Content Camgirl and clip producer Katy Churchill in a video tutorial on how to go about reselling custom content requests. One of the great things

Podcast 57: Clips4Sale / ManyVids Updates, New Years

Episode 57: Clips4Sale / ManyVids Updates, New Years Happy New Years and welcome to 2019! Katy Churchill will be taking over for the first Webcam Startup Podcast of 2019. Usually the

Improving Adult Custom Clip Sales Through Communication

Improved Communication For Increased Custom Video Sales In 2018 I had just one more custom video inquiry than in 2017, but I completed nearly twice as many custom video sales.

Free Software / Products For Webcam Models

Free Computer Software For Camgirls You have to spend money to make money, right? Wrong! If you need to pinch pennies, there is free software for almost every need you

Camming / Adult Industry Predictions for 2019 by Katy Churchill

Camgirl Katy Churchill’s 2019 Camland Predictions Camgirl and clip producer Katy Churchill gives her personal predictions on what’s going to happen in the upcoming year of 2019. 2018 brought a lot of

Holiday Tips and Ideas For Camgirls / Pornstars by Katy

A Different Approach to Holiday Content Ah, the winter holidays. A season to spend time with (and money on!) your nearest and dearest. It’s also a season full of contests

Sex Toy Information: Material, Safety and Buying Guide

Katy Churchill Gives Sex Toy Advice Let’s talk about sex toys! Any model who has ever turned on their webcam has been asked “toys bb?” at least once. Most models

Fart Fetish Tips For Camgirls / Clip Producers

Farting Fetish Tips For Camming Models Camgirl and clip producer Katy Churchill discusses the fart fetish and how to do fart fetish clips and camming shows. The fart fetish is a

Pee Fetish Information For Camgirls / Clip Producers

Pee Fetish Information For Webcam Models Camgirl and clip producer Katy Churchill discusses the pee fetish. Especially as it relates to peeing live on webcam. The major issue for camming models

DIY Lighting Systems For Camgirls / Clip Producers

DIY Lighting Tips and Tricks For Pornstars As you start to build a career in camming and/or filming clips, you’re going to find a lot of advice on how to