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Empress Mika is a successful online female dominatrix that indulges in FemDom fetishes both in clips as well as live on cam. She owns the ultimate FemDom resource website for both Dommes and subs: Empress Mika as well as DommeSource are proud to partner and collaborate with Webcam Startup.

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Podcast 42: Cardi-Bot, Europa Award Winners, Fetish Info and Sex Toys

Podcast 42: Robot Camgirl, Europa Awards, Fetish and Toys! In this episode, hosted by Empress Mika, we cover a lot of fetish content and a lot of toy content. We’ve compiled

What Makes FemDommes Successful? by Empress Mika

Interview With A Submissive Male On Good Dommes For this article, I decided to do something different. Instead of sharing my experiences and advises within FemDom, I figured it’d be

Femdom: Where to Find Paying Subs by Empress Mika

How To Find Paying Subs A large question I receive on a regular basis is where to find and obtain paying submissive men that will pay for your services as

LLC vs S-Corp: Which Is Best For Cam Models?

Camgirls: LLC Vs S-Corp A common question when thinking about incorporating is whether or not a cam model should obtain an LLC or S-Corp. I hope this article helps you

Empress Mika Named iWantEmpire Forum Ambassador

Empress Mika Named iwantClips Forum Representative Empress Mika has been brought on board to be an official forum representative for a popular, online forum for online cam models and clip producers. Empress Mika will represent

Pornstars: Should You Incorporate (File A Business) by Mika

Should Cam Models / Pornstars Incorporate? As a cam model, clip producer, and/or PSO, there comes a point in your career where it may be best to proceed as an

FemDom Cosplay Advice, Tips and Ideas by Empress Mika

How To Do FemDom Cosplay by Empress Mika Cosplay ​is another creative direction that a Domme can use in Her clips. Most people are familiar with the Dominatrix in black

Empress Mika: Amazon Wishlist / Giftcard Information For Models

Amazon Privacy and Fraud Tips For Camming Models Many of us purchase from Amazon on a regular basis, especially as Amazon is such a popular place to shop​. As such,

Empress Mika Launches Femdom Addiction Help Course

New Help Course For Domme Addition Empress Mika has recently launched FemDom Help, an e-course that aims to help those submissives that struggle with a negative and/or unhealthy addiction to

Retirement Planning For Cam Models by Empress Mika

How Webcam Models Can Save For Retirement As a cam model, you are self-employed. This means that you are fully responsible for preparing for and funding your own retirement account