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Alec Hardy is a part time adult performer / camboy. Nowadays he mainly focuses on clip production aiming for a funny/weird vibe :) He works in software engineering / web developement / internet security which provides him a slightly different perspective and a deeper understanding of how things on adult sites/apps work. Though software engineering is his main job,he feels adult entertainment is his true calling :)

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Podcast 54: Unblur Link, Modelhub Customs, Sex Toys

Episode 54: Unblur Link, Modelhub Customs, Sex Toys Welcome back to the Webcam Startup podcast! This episode is hosted by Alec Hardy. We’ve got an exciting week today. has launched

Special Toy Considerations For Anal Play by Alec Hardy

How To Care For Your Anal Toys Anal toys and anal play can open up a whole new world for you that’s definitely worth exploring! Anal play does require some

Withdrawing Cryptocurrency Payouts From Pornhub

Getting Paid In Verge Coin By Pornhub So Pornhub offers payouts in cryptocurrency, but it’s in Verge Coin (XVG). What the hell is that and how do you turn it

2018 BCAMS Summary and Review by Alec Hardy

2018 BCAMS Summary and Review So BCams 2018 officially wrapped up for this year.  Since I live in Hungary, I took the chance to be there and witness the event

Podcast 45: MV Fetish, Clips4Sale Matched Revenue and Camming News

Episode 45: MV Fetish, Clips4Sale Promotion and More Episode 45 of the Webcam Startup podcast. Today’s episode is hosted by Alex Hardy. There’s some exciting news going on today. ManyVids has

Using RTMP To Stream To Multiple Camming Sites

RTMP: Streaming To Multiple Sites with Minimal Resources This article is for those who are on multiple token sites that allow external encoders (e.g. OBS) and want to stream with

Cam Model Privacy: Prevent Instagram / Facebook From Syncing On Android

Prevent Facebook Friends From Finding You On Instagram Since Facebook bought Instagram, the two services started getting cozy with one another. Instagram suggests to you in the app that you