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Aerie is a cam girl, content creator, and journalist with 3+ years of experience in the adult industry. While well versed in most things adult related, she is particularly keen on social media, fetishes, and domination. Contact for further inquiries.

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Vibrator Information For Camgirls / Webcam Models

Vibrator Information For Adult Webcam Models Using vibrators as a tool for your cam shows and porn clips can be an essential part of increasing your income because it enhances

Camgirls: Shopping For Lingerie For Camming Shows / Clips

Camgirls: Using Lingerie In Camming Shows / Clips Lingerie and “sexy” clothing can really help bring something extra to cam shows and clips. When a member sees you put the

Camgirls: Tips For Moving Into A New House (Buying or Renting)

Camgirl Moving Guide by Aerie Saunders Here are some tips and hints for camgirls who are moving, by camgirl and clip producer, Aerie Saunders.   Step 1: Securing A Place!

Dildo Information For Camgirls / Indie Pornstars

Dildo Information For Adult Webcam Models Using dildo’s as a tool for your cam shows and porn clips can be an essential part of increasing your income because it enhances

Lucy’s Novelties Review / Unboxing (The Magic Wand Chair)

Lucy’s Novelties: The Magic Wand Chair Review Unboxing and review of the The Magic Wand Chair by Lucy’s Novelties. Setting up the Magic Wand Chair is easy. Once unboxed, it

Become a BBW Adult Entertainer on Webcam or in Clips!

A lot of people wonder if there are qualifications to becoming an adult entertainer (cam model, pornstar, clip producer, etc) and when wondering this they ask themselves “Can I do

How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics

Video Guide: Make Money Selling Feet Pics Are you interested in getting paid from selling feet pics? Selling feet pics is something that’s regularly memed and joked about, but there

Introduction to Adult Virtual Reality Guide!

What is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment. It incorporates mainly auditory and visual feedback, but may also allow other types

Easter Tips and Info For Camgirls, Clip Producers and PSOs

Easter Information For Indie Pornstars Easter is a holiday that usually brings families together, and often times will have people spending time away from the house attending neighborhood gatherings or

Kiiroo Fuse Interactive Sex Toy Review By Camgirl Aerie Saunders

Kiiroo Fuse Review By Camgirl Aerie Camgirl, clip producer and Webcam Startup partner Aerie Saunders unboxes and reviews the Fuse interactive sex toy by Kiiroo. If you’d like to purchase