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Aerie is a cam girl, content creator, and journalist with 3+ years of experience in the adult industry. While well versed in most things adult related, she is particularly keen on social media, fetishes, and domination. Contact for further inquiries.

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Easter Tips and Info For Camgirl, Clip Producers and PSOs

Easter Information For Indie Pornstars Easter is a holiday that usually brings families together, and often times will have people spending time away from the house attending neighborhood gatherings or

Kiiroo Fuse Interactive Sex Toy Review By Camgirl Aerie Saunders

Kiiroo Fuse Review By Camgirl Aerie Camgirl, clip producer and Webcam Startup partner Aerie Saunders unboxes and reviews the Fuse interactive sex toy by Kiiroo. If you’d like to purchase

Kiiroo Esca vs Esca 2 (Comparison + Review) by Camgirl Aerie

Review of Kiiroo’s Esca 2 by Camgirl Aerie Saunders Camgirl Aerie Saunders reviews the Esca 2, an interactive sex toy produced by Kiiroo. Aerie also owns the original Esca, so

Streamate Best Face Forward Contest Mar 24-30

Streamate 2019 Best Face Forward Contest On March 24-30 (GMT), Streamate will be running another Best Face Forward contest! This contest will only count your three best streaming days. There will

Camgirl St Paddy’s Day Tips and Information

Camgirl St. Patrick’s Day tips and Info On St. Patrick’s Day, adult industry work remains about the same with the exception of there usually being celebratory contests with the specific

Ero Awards Under Social Media Fire for Eliminating Sexual Assault Victim

The Ero Awards recently Came Under Fire on Twitter For the past 3 days there have been ongoing problems for the Ero Awards as they face criticism from the community

Snapchat and Snap Domains Putting Adult Models at Legal Risk

Due to trademark laws, Snapchat can take legal action against any domain including their trademark but they are even more stringent with “infringing domains.” Since Snapchat is against pornography and

Benefits of Buying in Bulk for Selling Panties

Buying Bulk Panties For Panty Selling When you buy in bulk, you tend to save money due to the fact you’re getting more of an item for less of an

Selling Panties: How To Ship Your Worn Panties

Video Tutorial: How To Ship Worn Panties Selling worn panties and other tangibles can be very profitable. Selling panties is nothing new. Perhaps you’ve even heard of the panty vending

Valentines Day Tips For Camgirls / Pornstars

How To Make The Most Out of Valentines Day On Valentines Day camming, clips, and phone sex can be a very profitable holiday. Especially for models who have customers that