Arousr Phone Sex Network Review By Raven Skye

Arousr Phone Sex Network

Arousr Review By Raven Skye: 7.9/10

Arousr review by Raven Skye. Raven Skye rated Arousr a 7.9 out of 10. Arousr got docked some points due to the fact that they stopped allowing for multiple [real/fake] profiles, decreasing Raven’s traffic and profits. Here is what Raven has to say about the phone sex network, and how she rated the network on the different criteria.


Raven Skye’s Bio and Links

I’m Raven Skye. I have been a cam girl, pso, and sexter as well as content seller on many sites for the last 7 years. I also am a freelance writer. I love fetishes and I’m bisexual. I love watching porn. I’m kinky, nerdy, pierced and tattooed. I am currently only camming on You can always find me on Twitter (which I’m obsessed with).

Twitter: Raven69Skye


How Long Have You Been On The Site?

I worked on the Canadian platform Arousr, also called Telepass (company name) for a total of approximately 2 years. I have not been on the site for over 7 months, at least.


Profitability: 6/10

In the beginning I made great money just by texting and sending pictures. This was without doing any phone sex or camming. However, once they took away my second model profile my income was cut drastically. Then they stopped paying for both texts you sent and received and they only paid for texts received from customers.

After all these changes I was making approximately 1/4 of what I was making in the beginning of my contracting with Arousr. Perhaps if you do texting, phone sex, and camming plus sell your pictures and videos and work full-time you can make a decent income. The pay for texting is very high compared to every other texting platform in the industry. They also continue to hire/add new girls constantly which increases the competition and decreases your individual traffic.


Site Features and Functionality: 8/10

The platform has a somewhat outdated appearance but it’s very easy to navigate and utilize. You can do texting, phone sex, and camming as well as sell videos and pictures for tips. It’s very easy to send pictures but you can only send one photo at a time. It would be much more convenient to be able to select multiple pictures to send at once. There are many ways to promote yourself which allows you the opportunity to make more money because it can be very slow sometimes and quite busy at other times.


Payment Types, Chargebacks and Cashouts: 8/10

Correction / Update: Arousr does support Paxum and check.

Payments are made by PayPal or by check. I never chose checks so I don’t know how long they take to arrive after payday. PayPal is not allowed in the adult industry so this obviously needs to be improved upon. Direct deposit and maybe Paxum should be offered. I haven’t worked on the site for at least 6 months so the payment options may have been expanded by this time. You don’t have to cash out at the end of the weekly pay period; your money is automatically sent to your PayPal account. Payments are weekly which is very convenient. I never had any charge backs taken from my account over the long period I worked there.


Site Traffic and Quality: 7/10

The traffic is decent. When I was allowed to have two profiles (mine with my photos and a fake profile with a model’s photos) I made more money because guys could be texting both characters at the same time. However, when they took away the model account and only allowed you to have your profile with your real pictures, they cut the opportunity to make money in half. I very much disliked when they did that.

I have no idea where they market the site or how they do it so I always made sure to promote myself and I did get some customers that way. Many guys would stop texting once they ran out of their new member free credits. But, there were many customers whom would continue to purchase credits once they ran out, which was great. If you are interesting and engage them you can get multiple regulars.


Promotional and Marketing Tools: 10/10

Marketing your profile is very easy to do and there are many ways in which to do it. You can post your model’s phone number on any social media site and tell guys to text and call you (sexting, phone sex, and camming is offered but you don’t have to cam). You can also post your profile link anywhere and if a guy signs up from your link then you get paid a bonus.

You can watermark your pictures with your name and site phone number and place the photos on Instagram, Twitter, etc. There are also many gif and static banners available to use anywhere you want. The site also does marketing but you have many ways to promote yourself individually and you most definitely should.


Site Usability (How Easy To Use The Site Is): 9/10

It’s very easy to login and you can work from your cell phone or computer. You can easily find your profile on the main page but you have to know and save the model login page, which is separate from the main website.


Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking 8/10

There is the option to block States which is nice. You do have to use your real pictures and you can only have one account so you cannot use model pictures for an additional account. You used to be able to have your profile and a fake model profile but they stopped letting models have the fake profiles awhile ago which limited my income a lot. You cannot share any contact info and you can report guys if they’re harassing you, which is nice.


Customer Services and Support: 5/10

Linda, the manager, is pretty curt. Replies to emails were generally pretty quick. It would be nice if there were other people on the support team but it seems to only be Linda and email is the only way to get a hold of her.


Model Guides and Resources: 9/10

There are a lot of tips and there’s a guide for models/texters as well as a rules page so you know what you can and cannot talk about and do. If you ask for tips to make more money she generally just says login more and send a lot of pictures. You can offer your pictures for tips and you can sell your videos for tips, as well. Additionally you can market your videos individually with a link. You can promote your models number to get guys to text you and promote your profile link, too.


Software / Hardware Functionality and Requirements: 9/10

There is no software to download and you can work from your phone or computer.


Raven Skye’s Arousr Review:

I really loved working on Arousr. I adore sexting and selling content and this platform is a great place to do both. I also loved having the option to make more money by offering phone sex and webcam. The pay rate for texting is very high in the industry and you can get a lot of tips. There are a variety of ways to market yourself and you really need to because the number of girls joining increases daily which also increases the competition.

It’s a good site to login to and wait for texts or phone calls while you’re watching TV or even camming on other cam sites. Just be prepared to be paid by PayPal and have to deal only with Linda, who can be rude sometimes. Weekly pay and making money by simply texting and sending your pictures is always fun and easy. Overall, I want to work on Arousr again sometime and I love how many fetish guys are on there, in addition to the naughty vanilla sexters.


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