Interview With Arousr Model Kiki Miller

Interview With Arousr Model Kiki Miller

Interview With Arousr Model Kiki Miller

Fetishists Kiki Miller describes herself not only as kinky but really smart too.  Kiki’s personal style is both welcoming, fun and conversational. Who says that sexting has to always be intimate? Sometimes people just like to have someone to talk to. Trust is a huge part of being successful as a chat host.


Career wise, did you have any other options?

Lol honestly, I was a broke college girl in need of some help paying my bills. Working on Arousr made it easy for me to keep a flexible schedule so I could make enough money and still get my homework done.  ?


Do you do any other job on the side?

On the side, I work as a part-time secretary for a law firm.


Why did you choose the sex industry, what appeals to you?

I chose this industry because of my kinky side…I’ve always loved exploring new fetishes and I figured why not have a little fun myself while I’m making my money? It’s just mixing business and pleasure.  ?


How long have you been doing it?

I’ve been in the sex industry for a little over a year now.


Do your family and friends know about it, what do they say?

My friends and family don’t know…it’s my little secret right now.


Does it affect your relationship with them?

It does affect some of my relationships with family…I have to be much more sneaky when I talk to them about what I do.


Does it affect your love life?

It’s made my love life a lot kinkier …I’ve learned about new things from some customers and opened up a lot of new doors. Now I let myself get as wild and explore as many new things as I can!


What makes you proud to work in the sex industry?

I’m proud to work in the sex industry because it makes me feel sexy, teaches me new things, and I meet a lot of really interesting people.


Why does it suit you to work in the sex industry as opposed to a more conventional job?

I think this job suits me more because I can stay at home and continue with my studies while I get a little naughty on the side with strangers. Though I will say…sometimes it’s hard to concentrate when I’m getting too naughty!


Kiki Miller Interview


How do you make sure you’re always safe?

I keep safe by only using Arousr to interact with customers, it keeps me anonymous and it makes sure no one will know my info and I won’t know any of theirs!


Do you have friends in the industry?

I’ve gotten a couple of other girls into the industry now, and I love having friends who do it with me and share our stories.


How do you get clients?

I get clients by marketing myself as an extreme fetishist, I have no boundaries and there are very few limits to what you can do with me…I like it all! Besides that, I know exactly what to say to push those specific buttons that leave you shaking.


Who are your favorite customers?

I won’t name names with my favorite customers, but to describe a favorite customer, I like guys who are polite, not afraid to try new things, and who like to have long kinky roleplays. It’s always fun when they play and contribute to the roleplay too. ?


How has the sex industry helped you grow as a person?

The sex industry has helped me grow as a person by helping to open my mind to all the different types of people there are out there. I think I’m better at gauging and understanding people and why they might be into what they’re into.


How has it changed your life overall?

Overall, this job has changed my life in a lot of ways. It’s given me more time to work on myself, and it’s helped my communication skills immensely by allowing me to interact with a multitude of different people! I’ve even helped some customers through bad times in their lives, it makes me feel almost like a therapist sometimes lol.


What have been your highlights and lowlights of working in the industry?

The highlights of working in the industry are feeling like I am my own boss, being able to schedule my time out the way I want, and learning all sorts of new things about people. The lowlights are probably when days are slower and I get less work, so it can be inconsistent. Or working with rude people of course, but that’s a part of any job. You can’t have it all.


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