Getting Started On APClips: Sell Porn Videos and Photos


Make Money As An AP Clips (AmateurPorn) Model

AP Clips (formerly known as AmateurPorn) is an adult clip site where models can register and make money selling their adult content, including photo gallery sets and videos. APClips also supports custom content requests. Getting started as an AmateurPorn model is quick and easy. All genders are welcome and anyone over the age of eighteen can make money performing on the site. Here’s all the information on APClips.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Clips, Photos, Customs, Paid Messages
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 75%
  • Payout Schedule: Twice Monthly
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Cashout Options: Check, ACH, Wire, PayPal
  • Chargebacks: Covered
  • Regional Blocking: Yes
  • Studio Accounts: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Model Referral


What’s Required To Get Started

The only major requirement to get started as an APClips model is that you must be eighteen years old or older. All genders (female, male, transgender, plus couple accounts) are welcome. You’ll need a digital copy of photo ID during registration. This is for the age verification process. You’ll also need the content to sell on the site, or everything to produce the required content.


How Much Do AmateurPorn Models Make

APClips pays out their creators 75%. This 75% includes all video sales, photo gallery sales, bundle sales and BTO (custom content request) sales. APClips covers chargebacks. Only in very rare/extreme circumstances, or obvious cases of fraud involving the creator themselves are chargebacks deducted from the models earnings.


Getting Paid: Payment Frequency, Minimums and Cashout Options

AmateurPorn pays out twice monthly in two week intervals. The minimum amount to be eligible for a cashout is $100. The cashout options are as follows:

  • Check
  • Direct Deposit (ACH)
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal


Make Money Offering These Services

Here’s all the ways to earn on APClips


Make Money Selling Clips

The main focus of APClips is adult clip sales. Creators are able to register accounts on the site and upload their videos for sale. In addition to selling pre-recorded clips, models can also make money off customs (explained more below). APClips content creators are also able to bundle various clips into packages and sell them as a package deal.


Make Money Selling Photo Sets

In addition to clips, APClips creators can also make money selling photo galleries as well. Photo galleries can be sold, as well as provided free as a form of promotion. The photo galleries can also be bundled with other photo galleries, as well as with videos.


Bundle Multiple Galleries / Clips

APClips has an ability to bundle content together in sets. APClips content creators are able to choose any combination of photo and video content to be added to a bundle. The bundles can be priced out however the content creators want to price them, allowing performers to give a reduced rate for buying content in bulk.


Paid Messaging / Locked Content

APClips also has a paid messaging feature. With their messaging, it’s possible to earn in two different ways: APClips models are able to send paid (as well as free) content through the messaging feature. It’s also possible to send locked content through messaging, too. In addition to being monetized, the messaging feature can also be used for promotion, with the use of a mass-messaging feature.


Built-to-Order (BTO) Videos (Custom Content Requests)

The APClips Bult-To-Order (BTO) system is a way for content creators to accept custom content requests. Custom content goes for a higher rate than pre-recorded clips, as it’s tailored to the customer’s preferences. Custom content can also be resold as a recorded clip, or kept exclusive to the customer making the order for a very healthy markup.

When a BTO Negotiation has ended, the agreed-upon token amount will be automatically deducted from the user’s account and put into escrow. When the content creator delivers the BTO video, those tokens are immediately added to their income for the pay period. At that point, it’s just like any other sale or tip: creators will receive 75% of the total Gross Revenue during the next pay period.


Additional AmateurPorn Features

Here’s all the other main APClips features


Regional Blocking: Block Specific States and Countries

APClips supports regional blocking. The regional blocking feature gets as granular as being able to block specific stsates and provinces. Once a country is selected from the drop-down, APClips creators will be able to select individual states / provinces / regions to block from within the selected country. Geo-blocking is only as accurate as IP data, advanced users may use IP-masking software to circumvent the block.


APClips Regularly Hosts Paid Contests

APClips offers Tip-to-Vote Contests, which are a fun and creative way to foster engagement with your fans. Each contest focuses on a specific theme or niche in order to keep things interesting and appeal to every creator’s individual personality. Every month, AmateurPorn also awards Creators cash prizes for being the top-selling Creator.


APClips Affiliate Program / Model Referral Program

APClips has a model referral program that’s available or content creators. APClips models can find the model referral links from within their dashboard. If a new AP Creator either clicks your Referral Link, or types in your username when joining AP, APClips will pay you a $25 referral bonus when they reach their first payout. There’s currently no promo tools or artwork, simply the referral links.


APClips Supports Studio / Producer Accounts

APClips supports studio / producer accounts. If you’re a studio or content producer, or wish to feature multiple performers on the channel, the studio account is the route to go. All the studio accounts are also featured in their own section on the site, separate from the independent content creators.


Signup For AmateurPorn Today!

Ready to get started as an APClips content creator? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy, and you can get started in no time! APClips makes it easy to monetize both photo and video content, plus bundle your content and accept custom content requests. All genders are welcome and anyone can make money as an APClips content creator, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Plus, gain exposure and revenue by competing in regular contests and take advantage of features such as regional blocking and the model referral program!

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