Amazon For Camgirls: Wishlists, Gift Cards and Purchases


Amazon Uses For Camming Models / Pornstars

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce site has a lot of uses for camgirls. Purchasing things (ranging from webcams to sex toys) is the obvious application. But there’s more uses that you may not have known of. Amazon Gift Cards are a common way of accepting payments, as the model gets the full value instead of a percentage. Amazon Wish Lists is a way to indicate what you want and get fans to spoil you. Here’s all the different ways camming models can take advantage of Amazon.


Using Amazon Gift Cards To Accept Payments

Amazon Gift Cards are popular as a form of accepting payments for services. The advantage of doing this is that models are able to keep 100% of the dollar amount. This is opposed selling services through a camming site or clip site, which charges a percentage. The disadvantage to accepting payments via Amazon Gift Cards is that the money can only be used to purchase things via Amazon. If there’s things you want to purchase, this is a non-issue. It won’t help pay the bills, however.


Amazon Wish Lists: Get Spoiled By Fans!

Amazon also has a wish list feature. Any Amazon users are able to create and share wish lists, and other users can purchase wish list items. For camming models, this means giving your fans a way to spoil you! If you don’t have all the gear needed to cam or produce clips, this is a great way to get the missing equipment. Otherwise, it’s a great way to list the things you want or need and get spoiled. Wish lists are especially useful around your birthday or Christmas time.

Note: There’s some privacy concerns with wish list purchases, that are addressed further down in this post.


Buying Equipment / Toys / Lingerie On Amazon

The 3rd (and most obvious) use for Amazon is buying stuff. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and has just about everything. For camming models, this means all the required equipment to start camming (laptops, webcams, computer accessories, outfits / lingerie, sex toys, furniture, lube, ect.). Amazon carries it all! And if you’re not ready to purchase it right now, throw it on a wish list and someone might purchase it for you!


Some Warnings About Amazon


1. Amazon is NOT adult friendly

This really says it all. It is against Amazon’s ToS to use Amazon as a way to receive payment for adult content and/or services. By using Amazon, you agree to not use Amazon in this way. Doing so is at your own full risk. This is not to say you cannot use Amazon as a wish list to receive gifts, provided they aren’t gifts in exchange for goods or services.


2. Amazon is NOT safe with your personal information

If you are using Amazon for a wish list, never use your real name or address. Instead, it is best to obtain a PO Box and/or a mail forwarding service to use with it. Amazon will display the shipping city and state on your wish list home page. There have been many instances of Amazon revealing the shipping information to the customer.


3. Customers are able to cancel orders

This sounds fairly obvious but, nevertheless, very important. Keep in mind that, when it comes to customers ordering a physical item for you on your wish list, they can easily cancel it with no notice to you from the customer or Amazon. Therefore, it is always important to obtain the item first in this case. Customers are able to purchase something, send screenshots or even have it say purchased on your wish list, only to cancel it after the good/service from you has been received.

This is a challenge because most customers won’t want to wait until the item arrives, especially since many adult performer services are in instant gratification and in the moment.


4. Amazon Wish List is NOT always Accurate

It is important to realize that your wish list is not always accurate, especially when it comes to customers cancelling an order. In this case, your wish list may not re-update that the order was cancelled and it will state it has been purchased. The item will just simply never arrive and it will be up to you to re-list it. It is good practice to check on which items are purchased but never arrived to ensure your list is accurate.


5. Amazon Gift Cards are NOT Guaranteed

To top everything off, there have been stories of customers being able to return un-used gift cards, even after they have been applied to your account. In these cases, it is highly advisable to apply the gift card to your account and then spend the gift card amount immediately to avoid a return. Of course, this assumes you know exactly what you’d like on the fly which may not always be the case.

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