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Pornhub Marketing For Camgirl Models

Adult Producers: Get Paid By Partnering With Tube Sites

Tube sites get more traffic than any other form of adult website out there. Not only do they rank highly in search engines, but there’s also tons of users going directly to the sites daily and browsing content. There’s also tons of webmasters across the internet featuring tube content on their sites. This is a great way to gain valuable exposure for your content and your services. Many of the sites also offer revshare programs that get producers paid! This means it’s possible to make money from your content while promoting the services you offer. Here’s all the information on marketing your services through tube sites.


Tube Sites With Revshare Partner Programs

As mentioned above, there’s many different tube sites that will offer their publishers a share of the advertising revenue. Some networks and sites (like the Pornhub network) only offer this to verified amateur models. Other sites (Like offer revshare for all publishers, even big name professional studios. These sites are able to drive massive amounts of traffic for publishers, while at the same time earning an additional revenue share. Here’s the sites that offer an advertising revshare to adult models.

ManyVids – MV Tube by ManyVids is a tube site built directly into the clip site. When models are uploading content, they have the option of making free content available on MV Tube. Although ManyVids isn’t displaying ads with their content, they still offer a CPM. ManyVids pays 60 cents per every 1,000 views. Because it’s a static rate and not based on advertiser bids, the revenue is much more predictable than it is with other tube sites and won’t fluctuate based on advertisers. – offers all content partners a 25%-35% revenue-share on all ads placed next to their content. Percentage varies based on the quality of the content uploaded. also offers branded channel pages. Your site and affiliate program must be added to their network before a branded channel can be created. has their PaidPerView platform to manage content featured on their entire network of sites.

PornHub – The biggest name in porn. Pornhub is by far the biggest and most trafficked tube site. Pornhub also has an amateur program that allows models to earn a revshare off the content that they upload. This is only available for verified amateurs, and not something Pornhub offers to established studios. Plus, Pornhub also hosts regular competitions and giveaways. Tons of other social features too, and a website link to send traffic to your site.

YouPorn – YouPorn (which is also part of the Pornhub network) also gives amateur models a share of the revenue. This is done through the Pornhub amateur program. If you’re already enrolled in the Pornhub amateur program, your content will be automatically exported into YouPorn and you’ll be paid accordingly. No need to upload your content twice.

XVideos – XVideos is another huge name in porn, perhaps one of the biggest outside of the PornHub network. XVideos offers an advertising revshare to all publishers, not just amateurs. XVideos pays 50% of all ad revenue generated from your videos. In addition to earning half of all revenue, you also get a branded channel page including a link to your website or clip store.


Tube Sites That Allow Models To Sell Products and Services

There are also tube sites out there that allow models to perform and/or sell content on. Not only can these tube sites provide a stream of valuable traffic, but you can monetize the platforms directly! Here are the sites that allow models to sell products and services.

ManyVids -ManyVids isn’t really a tube site that allows models to sell clips. They’re actually a clip site that has a tube platform built into it. Being that ManyVids is a clip site, their main focus is selling videos.

XHamster – In addition to their content program (affiliate program required) XHamster has also created their own camming platform. Unlike the other sites, which have simply whitelabeled an existing site, XHamster built theirs. Although Stripchat isn’t directly integrated into the tube site, it carries the XHamster brand and XHamster drives tube traffic to the live cams.

XTube – XTube is the original amateur tube site. Amateur models can sell their adult videos, get paid for live camming, chat, post in the forums and more. XTube also behaves like a tube site. You’re able to upload free content in addition to the paid content you’re selling.


Tube Sites With Branded Players / Channels

Some tube sites don’t have any kind of revshare program, but are still great for branding and marketing. These sites offer banner space below the players for your videos, as well as branded channel pages. Although you’re not going to be making money directly from the site itself, these sites are highly trafficked, and from the banner real estate, you’ll get tons of traffic which will result in sales.

Keep in mind that some networks require you have an active affiliate program. If you’re an amateur model and not running an affiliate program, check out ModelCentro. It’s a free website builder for camgirls, porn producers and other adult performers. It allows you to easily run your own paysite complete with an affiliate program. Best of all, it’s 100% free to get started! (Works off revshare model).


Here are the sites you can get a branded channel on:

Extreme Tube – Extreme Tube specializes in BDSM / rough sex. Extreme Tube offers branded channels and video players for content partners. An affiliate program is required in order to become an Extreme Tube content partner.

KeezMovies – KeezMovies offers a content partner program with branded players and channels. An affiliate is required in order to become a KeezMovies publisher.

NuVid – NuVid is another tube site that allows for content partner accounts. Must have an affiliate program to participate. Only video players are branded, channel pages just display a list of videos.

PornTube – Another popular tube site. An affiliate program is required to join their content partner program. Includes branded banner underneath the player, a channel page and website link on the channel page.

TNAFlix – TNAFlix offers what they call Alpha Accounts to amateur models. These are branded accounts, with a quick intro video, model information and all the videos the model has uploaded. Profile pages include a clickable website link. No affiliate program is required to participate.  Links on player go to the profile page.

RedTube – Another very popular tube site. Requires an affiliate program to get a branded channel and branded players. Includes banners and links on the channel page and banners below the video player.

Tube8 – Tube8 is another site in the Pornhub network. Tube8 content partners need an affiliate program to apply. Get banners under the video player and branded channels. Channels do not contain banners or links, just collections of videos.


Tube Sites and Privacy Concerns

If regional blocking and privacy protection is important to you, this is something to consider when looking at tube sites. Tube sites don’t have any regional blocking capabilities. They also get tons of traffic. This is important to some models.

On the other hand, if you’re using social media for promotion, you’re already promoting through sites that have no privacy control or safeguards. Social media is actually a little bit scarier in this regard, as platforms use regional information such as your IP address to suggest possible friends and connections. That means the algorithms might actually pair you up with people you know in real life. At least tube sites don’t have that issue going.

Traffic vs privacy is something that all models must consider when doing promotion. Any time you use a site outside of your regional protected networks, you run the risk of people you know stumbling across your content. In fact, you run that risk even with privacy protected sites. All it takes is a VPN to bypass the regional blocking capabilities. Also, you never know when someone will travel outside of a blocked region. Privacy is never guaranteed in this industry, and it’s a risk that all models take.

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Only Offering Teaser Content With Call-To-Actions

The most common argument is that people will not buy your content if you give it away for free. That is both true and false. Yes, if all the scenes, in full length, available in the highest resolution you offer were to be offered free of charge, you probably wouldn’t make any money. But, if you’re able to put together short teaser content, watermark it with where the full version can be purchased at, and place some clever call-to-actions in the clip, you can generate a lot of revenue.

If free tube sites did not generate sales for their clients, you wouldn’t have all the big names partnering with these sites. Although there’s a lot of people that just visit tube sites and never pay for porn, there’s also a lot of people who do. Those people are also on tube sites, browse the various channels and do register for the sites they like.

And as for the people that do not pay for porn, you’re most likely never going to make money off them anyway. If the tube site(s) your content is on offers a revshare program, at least you’re still monetizing their video views, because that’s the only way you’re ever going to make money off those people that flatout will not pay for porn.


Profile Pages Vs Pornstar Pages Vs Branded Channel Pages

On tube sites, there are profile pages, pornstar pages and branded channel pages. For amateur performers, it’s possible to have any combination of the three. This works differently on different sites. With some sites, the profile page becomes the pornstar pages and behave very similarly but with enhanced features and functionality. Some models on tube sites have their personal verified profile, an official pornstar page and a branded channel page. Here’s the differences:

Profile Page – Every tube site has a profile page. On certain tube sites, there’s verified profiles which behave a little differently. How different will vary from site to site. For example; on Pornhub, you must be a verified amateur in order to make money from the platform. The Pornhub amateur profiles and associated content is also included in it’s own section, tailored for those looking for homemade content. From the profile, you’re also able to message, post comments, upload videos and interact with the rest of the community. Some profiles will allow you to place website links, which can drive traffic to your stores, chatroom and more.

Pornstar Page – A pornstar page displays all the different videos the pornstar is tagged in. There’s also an area for a bio, some basic information, photos and more. On the pornstar page, you’ll find all the videos the model is featured in. There is also a link to the pornstar page from the individual video pages. Members are usually able to subscribe to the pornstars and see whenever they’re featured in a new clip.

Channel Page – A channel page is a collection of all the videos from a specific producer or studio Individual models can get channel pages as well. The channel pages are completely branded. If a producer is running multiple sites, their other sites might be interlinked between the different channel pages. In order to get a branded channel page, the tube sites usually requires the partner to be running an affiliate program.

If you’re not currently operating an affiliate program, check out ModelCentro. ModelCentro is a free website builder for models and studios. You can easily create your very own paysite without any technical knowledge or coding. ModelCentro handles the hosting, payment processing and all other technical aspects of running the site. They also have an affiliate functionality that allows you to run your own affiliate program.

The channel / producer is usually indicated underneath the player on all the video pages. This allows surfers to see more content from the producer, and to subscribe to all future content. The channel also comes up on the channel directory pages and are usually ranked based on popularity.


Promote Your Services Through The Social Features

Branded channels and videos isn’t the only way to promote your services. Tube sites are also social networks. You’re able to post updates, message people, comment on things, reply to comments on things and more. And unlike mainstream social networks, everyone is there for one thing; adult entertainment. Therefore, they can be some of the best social media sites possible! Building your subscriber and friend-base will also result in more views for your uploads, which will increase the contents rankings and gain you even more exposure.


Fight Pirated Content: Rebrand, Remove or Replace

Many models have a bad impression of tube sites due to the massive pirating of content that occurs. Believe it or not, being active on tube sites can combat pirated content. By being verified on the tube sites, you’ve got a better chance of running into your content and it’s much easier to submit DMCA takedown requests to the site owners. It’s also possible to move the pirated content under your branded account, although you might want to just have it removed and reuploaded instead.

Tube content also appears in the search engine results and video search results. This will actually push the pirated content down in rankings and reduce the revenue that pirates are making off your stolen content. It’s also better for branding. Would you rather have people Googling find your branded videos and channels, or the ones that the pirates have uploaded to their sites?

Learn More: Fighting Pirated Cam Shows and Clips


Compete In Competitions – Prizes and Exposure

Some of the tube sites regularly run contests and competitions. Pornhub is a great example of this. Outside of their monthly and annual competitions, they regularly throw themed mini-competitions. These contests are great for gaining valuable exposure, regardless of whether you win or lose. There’s a competition page that you’ll be listed on. If you are in the top of the pack, there’s a very good chance that you’ll also be featured in blog content and via social media. Even if you don’t win, the exposure gained from competing is valuable enough.

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Embed Video Teasers Into Your Websites or Blog

If you’re running a website or blog, you can embed your teaser content onto your site. This can accomplish a number of things. It can work as a video preview for new clips you’ve produced and are available for sale. This can be used for promoting the clips. Blogging is very good for SEO. By creating a keyword rich title, and a good description, you can get that blog post ranked for valuable search phrases in Google. This will bring in good traffic for your site. By linking to the different clip stores where the content can be purchased, you can drive sales from this traffic.

It’s also a great way to increase your subscribers on the tube site and get more views. A lot of the videos are ranked in search based on popularity. Getting more views will get you more exposure on the tube sites themselves. Resulting in more traffic and sales from the tube site, as well as earnings if you’re participating in a revshare program. If there’s a CPM program being ran by the tube site (see next section) you can also earn additional profit from driving traffic from the embed itself.

By uploading your preview teasers to tube sites instead of hosting it yourself, you’re saving on bandwidth. If you’re using a hosted solution for your web development, this isn’t much of an issue. It is relevant if you’re running a self-hosted site, however. If bandwidth is a major concern of yours, saving money going with tube sites instead of a CDN might be important.


Earn An Extra CPM Off Tube Site Webmaster Programs

Many of the tube sites offer webmaster programs. They’ll pay webmasters a CPM for sending traffic to the tube sites. This is a way to make additional revenue. If you’re linking to your profile or channel from your website, you can get paid from every click. It’s not going to be the most money in the world, but it’s a way to squeeze every last dollar from your traffic. You’ll also get credited for any embed traffic you send. So if you’re using tube sites for teaser previews (see above section) this is a way to get a couple more bucks from that type of content.


Profile Backlinks Help With Search Engine Optimization

A lot of profile pages offer the space to link to a website. This will give you a backlink (which helps with SEO). This will help your search engine rankings. Without getting too technical, search engines like Google look at the number of links to your site (backlinks) as “internet votes”. The more links you have, the better your search engine rankings. There’s a lot of different things that impact exactly how valuable those links are, but I don’t want to get too complex about this. The linked-to article goes into backlinks a lot more in-depth.

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