Webcam Startup AMA: Lilith Rose (Via Instagram)

Instagram AMA With Camgirl Lilith Rose

The first ever Webcam Startup AMA (Ask Me Anything) took place on the @CamgirlStartup Instagram, with camgirl / clip producer Lilith Rose. This is a pilot episode of a new project, and we’re hoping to bring you a new AMA each week on Tuesdays. You can catch the AMA live and participate in it on our Instagram channel. The AMA will be archived and placed on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.


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Questions and Answers:

How did you get into camming?

Lilith followed a Sedona on Twitter for a while when she had just turned eighteen. She was a camgirl on Streamate, and Lilith looked up to her. When Lilith was nineteen, she started camming on Streamate.

How long have you been camming?

Lilith has been camming since she was 19.

What do you think about camming?

Lilith loves it, although lately it’s been a little scary (SESTA, Choice Bank, ect). Lilith feels that it was a lot more lucrative a year ago and that things have slowed down. Lilith attributes it to the laws, new models coming into the industry and aging.

What is the worst part about being a camgirl?

Either the stigma, or people not thinking that it’s a real job and that it’s easy money. It’s also real hit-or-miss with income. There’s no hourly, so income can go up and down.

What is your advice to anyone wanting to become a cam model?

Honestly, go to Webcam Startup. That is what I tell everyone these days, because you need to be informed instead of just jumping in and creating an account. Research the industry before getting started.

How long do you think you’ll be camming?

I honestly think I’ll be camming until I get too old, and there’s girls who cam who are in their 60’s.

Do you make all your money off camming?

I am primarily a camming model, but I also make clips. Aerie is a full-time camming model that also works for Webcam Startup.

Do you get anxious before you get on webcam?

Yes, Lilith does.

Where are you from?

Lilith is from the Midwest (Illinois). Aerie is from South Carolina, but is moving to Florida soon.

How do you fight back that anxiety?

Honestly I don’t try to fight it, because I know it’s coming I just try to work through it and ride it through until it fades away.

For Aerie, wanting to make money beats the anxiety.

What’s your best features?

I think my best features are my tattoos, but my most profitable feature is my ass.

Are there any scams people should look out for?

Get money first, before you do anything. Also make sure that you’re not using PayPal, because people can chargeback the transaction and you also get your account banned as a result. Make sure you’re using an adult-friendly payment processor.

How do you tell friends / family that you’re a camgirl and not be judged

Aerie: I’ll tell people that I’ve just got done working and it’ll be 3:00AM, and people will question what type of work I do. I’ll blatantly tell them that I’m a camming model. Usually their reaction will tell me a lot about them as a person.

Lilith: My friends knew that I was a cam model from the get-go. I was talking about becoming a camgirl before I actually became one. I didn’t tell my parents for a while, but when I did, they were supportive about it.

How many dudes completely change when they find out?

Aerie: Only one of them haven’t changed, and we actually became a couple and started doing it together. He then ended up hating it and we broke up. It’s hard, and I’ve decided that I’m only going to date from within the industry from now on, because they understand what it’s like.

Lilith: The current boyfriend I’m with opened me up a little to my sexuality, even before I started camming. So, he’s someone who has helped shape my career. If anything, he complains about having to help film the porn.

What’s your favorite camming site?

Both: Streamate.


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