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AdultMemberSites Announces Payouts Now Available Via PayPal

Website building platform / CMS AdultMemberSites has announced that PayPal is now a cashout option for their network. This is a very interesting announcement, as PayPal has a reputation for banning adult performers, even if they’re not using the platform for adult work. Currently, you have to reach out to AMS directly in order to start receiving PayPal payouts. It’s not available in the admin area yet. Here’s all the details.


Exact Language In The Announcement:

Here is the exact language that AdultMemberSites included in their help section / announcement of the new payout feature:

PayPal as a payout option

PayPal is now a payout option. If you are interested in being paid out via PayPal please contact us directly as the option does not yet appear in the admin. Other payout options include direct deposit, Paxum, FirstChoicePay and wire. 


We Reached Out To AdultMemberSites For More Information

The team at Webcam Startup has reached out to AdultMemberSites for more information on the new feature. Seeing how PayPal doesn’t have the best track-record with the adult industry, we’re very interested and skeptical about this new arrangement. We’re curious as to how a company can payout via PayPal without risk; both for the vendor as well as the performers. We know that there will be models skeptical about PayPal payouts, even with a guarantee from the company.


AdultMemberSites Official Response:

AdultMemberSites reached out to PayPal and got permission. When it comes to payment processing, the risks of chargebacks occur from the customer transactions. It’s very rare that a vendor calls for a chargeback against a party that they are paying out (payroll or otherwise). Because payouts are fairly risk-free, PayPal has no problem with AdultMemberSites using the platform for that. It’s the custom transactions that PayPal has issue with.


Other New Features In The Announcement

Although PayPal was the major new feature, there was a couple other updates included in the announcement. Here are the other new features included in the announcement:

Model Release Now Optional – Model releases are now optional. Even though they’re now optional, there might be special circumstances where AMS will still request them.

SSL / HTTPS On Admin PAges – SSL / HTTPS is now implemented on all pages, including the back-end admin pages.

Infinite Scroll On Video Pages – Infinite scroll has been implemented on the video pages. This means that new videos will automatically appear as browsers scroll down the page and reach the end of the listed videos.

Hide Custom Page Names – A new checkbox is now available on the custom pages that allow you to show/hide the page name.


More Information On AdultMemberSites

Interested in building a website on the AdultMemberSites platform? Signup today! Otherwise, you can learn all about AdultMemberSites by checking out the link below. AdultMemberSites makes it insanely easy to setup and build your own website. Get started 100% free of charge, with no technical experience required. Make money from memberships, camming, custom store items and other services. AdultMemberSites gives you everything you need to quickly and easily setup and start monetizing your very own site.

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