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Adult-Friendly Snapcash / Square Alternatives For Models

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an adult model wondering if it’s okay to use Snapcash or other Square services to accept payments for adult content. Unfortunately, it’s not, and there’s models who have had their accounts suspended for using Square products for such transactions. Luckily there’s tons of alternatives to choose from. Here’s some Snapcash / Square alternatives for adult performers.


Snapcash / Square Isn’t Adult-Friendly

The adult industry is considered a “High-Risk” industry. That is because the industry experiences a higher than normal level of chargebacks. A Chargeback is when a customer disputes a charge on a credit card. A legit chargeback occurs when someone steals a credit card (or information) and makes fraudulent purchases. There are some people out there that will dispute a charge in an attempt to get the content / show (in this case, a Snapchat subscription) for free. There’s also the embarrassed person that gets caught by the wife/girlfriend and chargebacks to try covering his ass.

Regardless of the reasons for the chargebacks, the adult industry experiences much more of them than most industries, and for that reason, not all payment processors are willing to work with adult companies and performers. Square and Snapcash happen to be one of those. When looking for ways to accept payments for adult work, be sure to read the TOS / Content Policy carefully.


Networks For Selling Snapchat Accounts

If you’re trying to sell access to your Snapchat account, or otherwise monetize Snapchat activity, there’s plenty of solutions designed for this. There’s other networks that weren’t meant for Snapchat specifically, but have functionality to create custom store items. You can use these sites to sell access to Snapchat. Here’s what is available:

IndieBill – IndieBill is a platform that specializes in Snapchat subscriptions, as well as Skype shows and downloadable content (videos, photo sets, audio, ect). IndieBill offers 85% payouts, the highest in the industry, and a percentage that rivals the actual payment processors such as CCBill. IndieBill will also create custom websites for qualified models.

YouKandy – YouKandy is a platform for selling videos, photo sets and live camming. They’ve also got a functionality that allows you to sell access to Kik or Snapchat directly from your profile page.

ManyVids – ManyVids is a very popular clip selling site. Although ManyVids specializes in videos, sellers are also able to sell a wide range of services on the site. ManyVids allows models to create custom store items, which can be used for selling Snapchat access.

ExtraLunchMoney – ExtraLunchMoney is a network that allows models to offer a wide range of services. ExtraLunchMoney specializes in content sales and texting, but models can also create their custom store items, which can be used for selling Snapchat accounts.


More Premium Snapchat Networks

If you’re looking for more ways to charge for premium Snapchat accounts, check out our Snapchat directory. It lists all the sites that offer or specialize in private Snapchat accounts. Many of these sites also have directories that will get you exposure with potential customers.

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Adult-Friendly Digital Wallets

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transfer money between account, there’s several adult-friendly digital wallets available. These digital wallets work very similarly to PayPal. It’s important to note that whoever you’re accepting payments from will also need an account on the same platform.

Paxum – Paxum is a very popular PayPal alternative that’s adult-friendly. Paxum behaves just like PayPal. You’re able to send money between other Paxum account holders. You’re also able to transfer money back and fourth between a bank account.

Payoneer – Payoneer is another popular digital wallet that caters to adult performers. Payoneer isn’t publicly available for USA models, but you can get an invite in order to accept payments from a vendor using Payoneer for payouts. Some members might have to go through additional steps before being able to transfer money between accounts.


More Information On Selling Private Snapchat

Interested in learning more about making money off private Snapchat subscriptions? Snapchat is hot right now (even after the update) and can be very profitable. The great thing about Snapchat subscriptions, is that you build a residual income from the monthly rebills, and you can also use the private Snapchat account to promote your other products and services. Learn more by checking out the guide linked-to below!

Guide To Selling Premium Snapchat Subscriptions

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