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Microsoft Bans Nudity: Skype Show Alternatives

Recently, Microsoft has made an announcement that it’s tightening the TOS / policies on all it’s products. This is in response to SESTA and the undermining of Safe Harbor Provisions. Not only is Microsoft cracking down on adult content, but they’re going as far as regulating offensive language. Although the legalities of Skype has always been questioned by many, now it seems like the service is no longer feasible for Skype shows.


What Does This Mean For Indie Skype Models

This means that it might be time to look for alternatives. There are many people who are hopeful that Skype will become much like Snapchat in a way; although it’s against the TOS, it’s impossible to enforce, therefore, most people are able to fly under the radar. Given how big Skype is and how difficult it’d be to police that system, this theory could be fairly true. Then again, it is risky.


Discord Is Not Adult-Friendly

Discord has been brought up extensively as a Skype alternative for camming models. Discord (along with other alternatives such as Talkie) all updated their TOS around the same time that Skype did. Any “Skype Alternatives” that haven’t followed suite will most likely do the same in the near future. This is all due to SESTA as well. Even before the explicit TOS update, there were people who questioned how adult-friendly discord was to begin with.


Be Sure To Check TOS Before Using Alternatives

If you’re looking at a similar¬†mainstream platform as a Skype alternative, be sure to read the TOS closely. Also, it’s important to know that their terms may change, and with SESTA, it’s to be expected. Unless a network is specifically geared to adult, there’s no guarantee that it won’t give everyone the boot with a single update. It’s always important to have contingencies in place in case such an event occurs.



Skype Alternatives For Camgirls



High-Percentage Camming Sites

One of the major appeals of Skype shows was the incredibly high payouts. Skype networks generally pay way higher than most camming sites. This usually came at the expense of traffic, which is a major appeal of the big box sites. Luckily for Skype models looking for high-paying sites, there’s definitely some to choose from. Many networks offer 100% when customers they refer are spending those tokens on their shows. For Skype models that drive their own traffic, this can make several camming sites even more lucrative than Skype shows. Here are the top high-paying alternatives.

List of Camming Sites


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