Running An Adult Fanclub or Membership Paysites

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Adult Performers: Sites For Running A Fanclub

Running your own fanclub can be very profitable. the best thing about running your very own adult fanclub, is that is builds a residual income. That is because in order to keep accessing the content, customers have to keep paying the monthly subscription rates. There are platforms that specialize in running fanclubs, several paysite building platforms for models and camming and clip sites that have a fanclub functionality. Here is what is available for adult performers.


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Sites For Running Adult Fanclubs

Below you’ll find our adult fanclub directory. With the directory, you’ll be able to compare each site by the percentage the models get paid. Some sites are completely fanclub focused. There’s also a lot of sites that are primarily clip sites, but do support fanclubs as well. We indicate the primary focus of each site. Finally, some of the sites provide traffic for the models, while some expect models to drive their own traffic and sales. We indicate what sites provide traffic and what sites don’t,

Network Payout Description Traffic Additional Info
AVN Stars 80% Fanclubs Yes AVN Stars
FanCentro 80% (100% until October 1st, 2021) Fanclubs Yes FanCentro
Fansly 80% Fanclubs No Fansly
IsMyGirl 70% Fanclubs Yes IsMyGirl
JustForFans 80% Fanclubs Yes JustForFans
LoyalFans 75-85% Fanclubs Yes LoyalFans
ManyVids 80% Clip Site Yes ManyVids
Paychat 80% Phone Sex / Social Feed No Paychat
Unlockd 85% Fanclubs Yes Unlockd


Build Subscription-Based Websites

In addition to the various fanclub platforms, it’s also possible to run your very own subscription-based sites. There’s even website-building platforms available for performers. Best of all, these platforms work on a revenue-share business model, so there’s no hosting or other expenses. All these solutions also offer easy-to-use visual website builders and require no knowledge of HTML to use them.

Platform Model Percent Subscriptions Clip Sales Camming Store Items More Info
AdultMemberSites 75-85%* Yes Yes Yes Yes AdultMemberSites
ModelCentro 67% Yes Yes Yes No ModelCentro


Sites For Selling Social Media Subscriptions

In addition to running your very own fanclub, it’s also possible to make money from social media subscriptions. Social media subscriptions work very similarly to fanclubs. It’s possible to charge monthly subscriptions, and there are certain networks that will also manage the monthly rebills and inform you when you’ve got a new follower, or if a follower has fallen off or a rebill fails. Here’s all the sites for selling social media subscriptions.


Tips For Building A Fan Club Following

Here’s some tips that will help you launch your fanclub and build a following


Upload Content Before Launch

On the off-chance that someone signs up for your fan club on day 1, you’ll want to make sure that they’ve got something to look at right away. You don’t need to have hundreds of photos or dozens of videos, though. uploading three photo sets (about 10-15 photos each) and one video in the week between opening the account and promoting will work just fine. Depending on how often you plan to add new content, you might want to add 30-50 photos and 1-3 videos to start off. The less frequently you plan to upload fresh content, the more you should have available on day one.


Posting Consistent Content Is Important!

Set an upload schedule and stick to it. It may not seem worth it to plan out your uploads and add new content when you only have 1 or 2 subscribers, but stick with it. Customers who are on the fence will see the consistently increasing volume of content on your feed, which could be the deciding factor. Some fan club platforms have an advance-scheduling feature.


Use Scheduled Posts To Que Daily Posts

Many of the fanclub sites have the ability for models to schedule future posts. If your fanclub platform has one, take advantage of it! Fill up that queue as far in advance as you can, so that your content will release on autopilot. If your chosen platform doesn’t have a scheduling feature, set an alarm in your phone to make sure you don’t miss your planned uploads. Consistent content releases are key to making sure your subscribers stay month after month, giving you that sweet re-bill cash.


Offer An Introductory Rate

Why do sites like Fashion Nova have a big countdown clock for their current sale? Because it works! Adding a sense of urgency to your call to action can persuade a potential customer to pull the trigger on a discounted rate. Launch your subscription with an introductory rate about $2-3/month lower than your target price point, and choose a specific date to raise the rate up. The opportunity to get a lower rate locked in for the lifetime of their subscription (saving $25 or so annually) can be a great way to recruit and reward early adopters.


How To Promote Your Fan Club

Promoting your fan club is important to growing your subscriber-base. This is especially true if it’s a fanclub platform that doesn’t do much for organic discovery on the site. Some fanclub platforms have model directories, category pages and other site features that models can use to gain exposure. Some fanclub platforms expect the performers to drive their own traffic and sales. Regardless of the onsite traffic, it pays to heavily promote your fanclub. Here’s how!


Let Your Regulars / Biggest Fans Know!

If you’re already an established performer, you’ve already got a customer-base and some loyal regulars. These are the best people to initially reach out to about your new fanclub, and they will most likely join it! Just be careful about how you let them know. Most sites don’t allow the promotion of outside networks, so if you don’t have them as social media followers, it can get too risky. You don’t want to get banned from your primary sites.


Promote Your Fanclub On Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to promote any adult services. Twitter specifically, because the site is adult-friendly and you can reach tons of people with a single tweet. Even without a huge following, social media is still one of the most effective channel to market through. Just keep ramping it up! Many camming and clip sites allow for social media links, so be sure to list your social media links on all your sites! That is one way to cross-promote the different sites and services you offer without breaking the site rules (most sites don’t allow models to advertise services on other websites).


Take Advantage Of Site Traffic (If Possible)

As mentioned above, there’s some fanclub sites that have model directories, categories and other pages that feature the performers, their content and their fanclubs. Other sites don’t offer much more than a search functionality. If you’re on one of the sites that does provide exposure, take advantage of it! Many of these sites have a large member-base and tons of traffic. Because these users already have accounts and credit card information on file, they are the best potential customers you can be trying to attract!


Find Models For SFS (Shoutout for Shoutout)

SFS is a very popular way to cross promote, it typically involves providing a short description of yourself as well as a photo or video and the link to your page and the other performer will do the same. The model will typically either do an “Active” SFS which means you both post once the information is exchanged or a “Queued” SFS which is when you agree on a date and time.


More Adult Fanclub Information


Why Running A Premium Fanclub Is Incredibly Lucrative

A $15-$20 subscription might not seem like much, but consider this: $15 x 100 = $1,500 monthly. That’s not too bad at all. Now lets do $15 x 1,000 = $15,000 per month. So if a performer is able to scale the subscriber count to 1,000+, then it starts becoming some seriously good money. Because $15-$20 per month isn’t that much to spend, subscribers usually stay subscribed as long as the feed is active enough and the performer is engaging enough.


Fanclubs Vs Membership Paysites

There are two different types of fanclubs. It’s possible to run your own website (with platforms like ModelCentro and AdultMemberSites). It’s also possible to run a fanclub on a network. For network fanclubs, there are some platforms that specialize in fanclubs specifically. There are also camming sites and clip sites that have a fanclub functionality. On these sites, the fanclub usually includes all the content that you’ve got for sale on the platform. Some sites will give you the choice of whether specific content should be included or omitted from the fanclub.