Make Additional Revenue As A Webcam Model

There are additional ways of making money off the webcam industry outside of webcam income. By leveraging these alternative revenue streams, you can create additional income. Much of this income (such as rev-share programs) could result in building-up a lifelong residual income. Here are some various alternative methods of making additional income.


StudioProduce and Sell Pics and Video Sets

There are many sites that allow amateurs to upload and sell pic and video sets. Doing this allows you to make additional income without having to cam. If you sign up to any of these networks, check to see if they have an affiliate program. If so, signup and market your content using your affiliate links. It’s also possible to sell premium content on your website. You could either create a paywall and members only section, or sell individual sets.



Skype ShowsLive Skype Shows

Get paid for hosting private Skype shows. Skype shows are very similar to camming, but takes place over Skype. Since it’s on Skype, there’s no public chat and only private cam2cam. Skype shows are usually charged out by the minute. Get all the information and tools you need to make money on Skype. Select the right payment processor for accepting payments, promoting your show and booking customers.



Phone SexPhone Sex

Get paid from texting and calling. Phone sex is a great way to get paid while away from your computer and on the go. A 3rd party is used to encrypt and send the communications, keeping your real phone number and information private and secure. Calls and texts can get sent directly to your mobile device and a landline phone number is no longer required.



WebsiteRunning A Membership Fanclub

Get paid running your own membership fanclub. Your fans must subscribe in order to access all of your content. There’s tools to build your membership fanclub site, and certain camming sites also allow you to create fanclubs. Earn a residual income off the monthly member rebills.



SnapchatSelling Snapchat Subscriptions

Snapchat is a very popular messaging app. It’s been used by adult performers for marketing purposes. It’s also possible to generate income from Snapchat sales. In fact, there’s networks that specialize in selling subscriptions to access a models Snapchat. Make money off your adult Snapchat account.



ThongSelling Used Panties

Get paid selling your used panties and other items. There’s a huge panty fetish market and there’s networks and sites to help you sell your used undies. Selling used lingerie is a great way to break into a non-digital market in the adult industry.



Amazon WishlistGet Spoiled With Wishlists

Creating a wishlist is a great way to let your fans spoil you. Post links to your wishlist on your camming site, social media accounts, your website and other web presences. Be sure to thank whoever purchases the items for you and show that you’re using it!



PornhubRevenue-Sharing On Video Tube Sites

There are many tube sites (Pornhub and XVideos, as two examples) that offer revenue-sharing on the uploads of amateurs and content creators. If you’re producing video content along with camming, this is a great way to earn money while marketing yourself.



StudioStart A Webcam Studio

Start a camming studio and signup models under you. Studios provide consultation, promotion, support and other services to the models. Studios are in charge of accepting payments and paying out their models directly, keeping a percentage for the services the studio offers.



WhiteabelStart A Whitelabel Camming Site

A “Whitelabel” is where you rebrand an existing camming site as your own. Customize your site and get a percentage of the revenue. The site handles the hosting, maintenance and development, so you can focus on promotion and making money!



Make More MoneyMake Money With Affiliate Marketing

The most effective method of creating additional income is through affiliate marketing. An affiliate program is when a company will pay internet marketers to promote their website. The traffic the affiliate marketer refers is tracked through special tracking codes that are added to the url.

When the affiliate marketer refers traffic that converts (purchases) the affiliate is paid a commission (or rev-share on purchases).



RecruitingBecome an Agent and Refer Other Models

Get paid to recruit other models. Camming sites will pay commission or a share of the model’s revenue to people that can refer them to their sites. If you know people that are interested in starting up their own camming career, this can be a great way to make additional income.