90% Payout SexWorker.com Pending Launch, Get on the Waiting List

SexWorker.com is in the beginning stages of planning their launch and promises 90% payout

You’ve probably seen that the domain SexWorker.com has finally become active, promising a 90% payout throughout launch and comparing themselves to popular sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids. Their website claims, “We are building a platform for sex work with the lowest fees in the industry. Sex work is work and creators already lose up to 45% because of taxes, let alone fees. It’s time to stop giving so much away.

We’re working on all the features you would expect. Subscriptions, PPV, Messaging, Tips, Live Video, etc.

We embrace sex work and that means we can offer brand new features to help you earn even more (Spin the Wheel, Dick Rating, VIP Packages, $1 per minute Sexting, and more)”

After visiting the website, seeing some Twitter controversy regarding the website (specifically the Twitter account belonging to a previous owner) and investigating the discord, we decided to reach out to the admins at SexWorker directly to get their responses regarding some important questions!

E-mail Interview with New Platform, SexWorker

Check out what SexWorker had to say about our burning questions.

Can you tell us more about your team?

Right now the team consists of two members. Myself and Bee.

I’m an entrepreneur with a background in web and app development. I’m based in London but spend most of my time in San Francisco for the tech industry.

Bee has been in the industry for a long time and has been involved in most areas of the adult world as a performer/content creator, from AdultWork, to escorting, to OnlyFans.

What inspired you to start the website?

I’ve always been quite fascinated with the industry and thought there’s a lot that technology can bring to it. I actually managed to get sexworker.com and swer.com last year to hang on to in preparation for a future idea. I just knew I wanted to do something with them at some point, which turned out to be sooner than later.

A few months ago I told Bee about this and the ideas started flowing.

Are there any active or former sex workers on your team?

Yes. Bee was/is active on AdultWork (as part of a group initially before going independent). This led to experience camming and escorting while learning the industry. She works with our launch partners and acts as the site administrator & community manager while I build the platform.

What is the goal of your website?

The site has two main goals, depending on whether you are a customer or a creator.

For creators, our goal is to offer them a suite of tools specific to sexwork that can bring them more customers, more exposure, and more revenue.

For customers, the goal is to offer an advanced search engine they can use to discover new creators and content.
We want every adult content creator listed with a profile (whether they want to sell through us or not). We ask everyone to list their attributes (hair color, eye color, kinks etc) and the services they offer so we can expose that data to the search engine.
People know what they like and we want them to be able to say “show me all creators with black hair who offer JOI content in a French accent” and get exactly that.
Our goal is to improve the adult industry through technology.

With a name like SexWorker we believe this has to be more than yet another crappy OnlyFans clone though. We have plans to open profiles for sexwork related charities too. We intend to donate a % of our profits to relevant causes in due course, and we will allow creators to do the same (designate a portion of their earnings if they care to).
I imagine starter packs, tutorials/guides. One of the most exciting areas will be a discussion forum (for creators only) where everyone can share knowledge.

I can’t promise all of these features on day one of course, but I do want to share the bigger vision and stress that we want to help creators, push the industry forward, and do things properly.

What is your payout percentage?

Our usual payout is 85% but throughout our launch we will offer 90%.

Are you buying traffic or is traffic organic/model brought?

Both. Our launch partners will drive some initial growth but we really want creators to feel like being on SexWorker brings them more exposure. For this reason we will be running paid advertising too to bring in customers.
Currently we are using some promoters on Twitter (500K – 1M+ accounts) to build initial interest.

Do you offer studio accounts?

The platform won’t actually offer live cams at launch. It’s something we are definitely planning to introduce as an immediate next phase.

When the time comes we will support studio accounts (although I’ve never been a big fan of it personally). I understand some models do get value from being part of a network, so we will likely offer this type of account.

Do you offer DMCA services?

We will be applying digital fingerprinting technology to every piece of content on SexWorker. This means that anti-piracy companies can detect when your content gets leaked and automatically issue DMCA takedown requests on the creator’s behalf.
We will also uphold our responsibility to act on any DMCA takedown notices that we receive.

How frequently are payouts and what are the payout methods?

Direct bank transfers come first but personally I am most interested in Bitcoin payments (and other coins). If I was a creator I’d be really excited to earn crypto and have my earnings sent to a crypto wallet.
Pending balance is 24 hours. It’s a risk and I hope we can keep it at 24 hours, but we’ll see how things go.

What makes your site different than all the pre-existing ones on the market already?

Lower fees is the obvious answer here so I will elaborate on some other areas.

Some companies don’t want to brand themselves as adult content (looking at you OnlyFans). This means their creators are stuck with generic features that suit all their creators equally. Simple photo/video uploads, PPV unlocking. Boring. Running something like a ‘Spin the wheel’, dick rating, or VIP bundle service on OnlyFans has to be done through DMs. It’s all a hack.
On SexWorker we are creating specific features that adult creators can use. These features are designed for these specific purposes. Spin the wheel as an actual feature, dick ratings as an actual feature. Tip menu as a feature. Cam schedule as a feature. We don’t shy away from any of this and it simply means we are building a better product than the alternatives.

And finally, our search filters are a pleasure to use. Customers will love how you can find content and creators that match their exact tastes. They will find so many creators this way.

What genders are welcome on your platform?

We welcome everyone. I would not want to go near any platform that discriminated based on gender.

Last but not least… What’s with the old photos on your Twitter account?

It’s not possible to create twitter accounts that are 4 characters long anymore. So the only way to get @SWer was to inherit it. Wasn’t possible to switch that name over to a new account unfortunately. It looks like it’s caused a bit of chaos due to the old tweets, but it’s nothing sketchy or sinister as people have suggested. I would have preferred
@SexWorker but couldn’t make contact.


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