Why Camming Models and Pornstars Need To Submit IDs

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2257 / Age Verification For Camgirls and Pornstars

If you’ve looked into becoming an adult entertainer, you’ve probably noticed that all the adult websites require models to submit photo ID. This is something that you’re going to find everywhere. In fact, the law requires all sites to require this information. These requirements are known as 2257 Compliance. It’s called that because all the requirements are defined in 18 U.S. Code § 2257.


What Is 2257 Compliance and What’s Required?

2257 compliance outlines the standards for verifying and documenting the age and information for all adult performers. This is something that all porn producers, adult site owners and other professionals are required to do. There is strict standards for maintaining the records (either digital or hardcopy) for each piece of content or visual depiction produced or displayed on the sites. These records must document all the performers in each one of these visual depictions.


Why Camming and Clip Sites Require ID

When you’re registering for a webcam site or a clip site, they’ll prompt you for your ID before you can start performing and earning. This is because they need this age verification documentation for the 2257 Compliance. This is good news for you, because it means that the legal stuff is all taken care of.  The various networks that you will be performing on deal with these legal issues all the time. They’ve got people who are dedicated to these particular functions.


Do The Companies Give Out This Information?

No. These companies keep all your information private and secure. Privacy is a major concern in the adult industry and all the sites take this very seriously. The only time your information will ever be disclosed is in the event of an FBI investigation. If it’s any reassurance, there has been no 2257 investigations since Obama has taken office. That doesn’t mean that all the adult networks don’t take this seriously. Failure to comply results in a mandatory 5-year Federal prison sentence.


Couples: All Partners Must Be 2257 Compliant As Well

All sites expect all additional performers to submit 2257 documentation as well. It’s also the best practice for you to have your own 2257 Documentation as well, as it’s something that the federal government expects you to have. If you’re only performing with one partner (boyfriend / girlfriend, most likely), this isn’t the most complicated thing in the world. If you’re performing with multiple partners, keeping model releases and 2257 Documentation becomes a little bit more of a task and a chore. Especially if it’s difficult to go back and get that information at a later date.


Do Models Have To Worry About 2257 Compliance?

Yes, yo do, but luckily most networks and tools make this very easy. All the camming sites, adult marketplace sites and other networks handle the 2257 compliance on your behalf. For the most part, the only time you’ll need to worry about 2257 compliance is if you’re running your own website. There’s even website building platforms that will handle 2257 compliance for you. ModelCentro is a great example of that. It’s also why the require models to submit ID when registering.

If you are running your own websites and not using a platform that manages the 2257 compliance on your behalf, you should know about the law. You will be required to keep the proper documentations, even if you’re the only performer being featured on your site. You’ll also have to provide contact information for the FBI in case they want to investigate any performers on your site.


2257 Might Be Declared Unconstitutional In The Near Future

The Free Speech Coalition has achieved a major victory in court. Many believe that this will lead to 2257 Compliance eventually being declared unconstitutional and nullified. This will be great news for the adult industry. The 2257 compliance standards for maintaining the documentation is very burdensome. The law itself is also very vague and hard for even the courts to interpret. Needless to say, the entire industry wants the law removed.

Even if the law is nullified, that doesn’t mean that age verification will disappear. All adult producers and media outlets agree that certain measures need to be practiced to avoid underage performers featured in content. What would disappear is the record-keeping standards associated with 2257 Compliance.

Child porn itself is a major offense and something that adult producers and sites want to protect themselves against. Even if they aren’t required by 2257, you better believe that producers, camming sites and other networks will still be asking for digital copies of photo ID.


Trade-Shoots And 2257 Documentation

If you’re ever doing a trade shoot (shooting with another performer, and each model gets a copy of the content) 2257 is very important. Each performer will need to get 2257 Documentation from the other model. This is the only way that adult clip sites and other networks will allow you to upload and sell this content. In addition to the 2257 Documentation, you’ll also want to get a copy of the model release, but that’s a whole different topic.


Mobile App For Generating 2257 Compliance Docs

There’s a handy app called Quick 2257 that makes 2257 Compliance insanely easy. The app will guide you through the process of generating the documentation. It’s field-driven, and if a field is missing, the app will let you know. Using an app like this helps prevent manual error, or non-compliant documentation due to missing or incomplete information. It also streamlines the entire process, making everything that much faster.


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