Clips4Sale Spring and Easter Themed Clip Promotion! (2018)

Clips4Sale Spring and Easter Themed Clip Promotion! (2018)

Clips4Sale Spring / Easter Themed Clip Promotion

Popular fetish clip site Clips4Sale has announced their 2018 spring / Easter clip promotion. Clips4sale stores are able to upload and tag their Easter themed clips to have them featured on the site. The themed content will be available on the main page of Clips4Sale and highly promoted on the C4S site, through social media and press releases to all of the major adult news outlets. Here’s the details.


No Duplicate Clips Allowed

Clips4Sale studios are allowed to upload multiple clips, but they all must be unique clips. You cannot upload the same content in a different format and resolution. You are able to split a larger clip up into multiple parts, and upload each part separately. That is because the content contained in each individual part of the series is 100% unique.

Failure to follow this rule might not only result in having the clips removed from the theme page, but there’s a chance that the stores in violation might lose the ability to post clips to future theme pages.


How To Get Your Videos Featured

Film A NEW Spring / Easter Themed Clip – Clips can not be reposted, old content. Only new, never before posted clips are eligible for the Themed Clip Promotions.

Upload / Tag Your Clip – Go to the ADD CLIPS page in your admin and complete the sections as you normally would and then use “C4SEaster18” as the first keyword you add.

Complete The Clip Upload –  Complete the normal ADD CLIPS process by clicking the ADD CLIP button to activate the clip. You can not set this for Future Activation, clips must be activated immediately.

Your Clip Is Added – Go to the main page of Clips4Sale and you will see a new icon for Spring & Easter above the C4S Featured studios list. Click the icon and you should see your clip added, along with other studios taking part in the Themed Clip Promotion.


More Information On Clips4Sale

Interested in opening up a Clips4Sale store? You can signup here, or learn more about Clips4Sale by checking out the link below. Clips4Sale is the leading fetish clip site. Performers and studios are able to open up a store and upload and sell their fetish (and vanilla) videos. Clips4Sale has some amazing traffic and great percentages. Don’t let the archaic design fool you. Plus, they offer world-class DMCA services and regularly run promotions and contests, such as their Easter / Spring Themed Promotion.

Learn More: Selling Fetish Videos On Clips4Sale

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