Getting Started As A YouKandy Model (Camming and Clips)


Make Money From Camming / Clips On YouKandy

YouKandy is a popular clip selling site that also allows performers to make money from camming, custom content requests and phone sex. Getting started with YouKandy is very easy. The only real requirement is that you must be eighteen years old or older. Depending on what services you’re offering, there might be some equipment requirements. Here is everything you need to know about becoming a performer on YouKandy.


YouKandy Information:

  • Services: Camming, Clips, Customs, Phone Sex
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 60-80%
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payout Schedule: On-Demand
  • Payout Methods: FirstChoicePay
  • Affiliate Program: Yes


What’s Required To Get Started

The only major requirement is that you must be eighteen years old or older. In order to get started, you’ll have to submit a digital copy of photo ID. This is for age verification purposes only, and something that every adult network must be in order to stay compliant with federal law. Depending on what services you’re wanting to offer, there will be some equipment requirements. For example; if you’re planning on selling content, you’ll need everything to film it. If you’re planning on camming, you’ll need a webcam.


How Much Money YouKandy Models Make

The percentage that YouKandy models make varies based on the services they’re offering. YouKandy also has a referral program. With the referral program, not only do models get a commission on all new paying customers, but they also get a payment bump if the customers spend money on the model that made the referral. Here are the percentages YouKandy pays:

  • 80% – Webcam Shows
  • 80% – Referral Purchases
  • 70% – Phone Sex (Talking)
  • 60% – Everything Else


YouKandy Payout Information

The minimum payout for YouKandy is $100. The only cashout option offered is FirstChoice Pay. YouKandy doesn’t have any kind of payout schedule. As long as the earning threshold has been met, the performer can request a cashout. The cashouts usually occur very quickly. FirstChoice Pay has an option for receiving funds faster (within a day) for a small fee. Otherwise, they usually take about three days to process. Once you’ve received your payment via FirstChoice Pay, it can be withdrawn or spent via debit card.


Females, Males, Transgenders and Couples Welcome

YouKandy accepts solo females, males and transgenders, as well as couples of all sexual orientations. Anyone who’s eighteen years old or older can register for YouKandy and start making money from selling adult services.  If you are performing with a partner, please note that everyone you’re performing with will have to get their age verified as well.


Make Money Selling These Services


Selling Adult Videos and Photo Galleries

Make money by uploading and selling your adult content. YouKandy performers can make money from selling both photo and video content. simply upload the content, set the price and YouKandy takes care of the rest. Best of all, it’s possible to generate sales, even if you’re offline and not actively performing. This creates a residual income of sorts. Performers get 60% on all content sales, or 80% if one of your referrals purchases from you.


Make More Money With Custom Clips

In addition to selling prerecorded clips, it’s also possible to make even more money from custom content requests. Not only do these go for way more money, but can also be resold as prerecorded clips after the custom job is complete. If the customer doesn’t want it resold, it can be kept 100% exclusive for a very healthy premium markup (something to the tune of a couple hundred dollars). Many performers have resold custom clips as their top performing pieces of content. Customs are also a great way to get content ideas that you don’t currently have available.


Hosting Live Webcam Shows

YouKandy allows models to offer live webcam shows. Webcam models get paid 80% of all money spend on the camming shows. There are multiple different show types that performers can offer. This includes public shows (with tipping), private shows, 1-on-1 shows and spy shows. For performers who don’t want to sit in public chat, waiting for a private, it’s possible to indicate you’re online and accept show requests from users. This saves time and eliminates freeloaders.


Phone Sex (Talking)

Youkandy Phone Chat lets earn cash chatting on the phone with your fans, without them ever knowing your real phone number! this is because all the calls are routed through their system, and connects automatically to your phone. Once your phone is sync, you’ll be able to set the rate you want to charge per minute. Youkandy PSOs are assigned a US and a UK phone number. These numbers are unique and transfers the call to your real phone number. YouKandy PSOs make 70% of all earnings.


Sell Social Media Access (Kik and Snapchat)

YouKandy models can also make money from selling access to social media accounts. Both Kik and Snapchat access can be sold directly from the profile page. You’re able to create different packages (monthly, 3-month, 6-month, ect) all with different pricing options. When a user orders either a Kik or Snapchat subscription from you, they’ll indicate their username on that network so you can add them.


Promote The YouKandy Affiliate Program

YouKandy also offers an affiliate program. YouKandy pays $5 for new customers and $10 for new performers. YouKandy provides promotional banner artwork, as well as “deep-linking” (linking to specific pages). If you’re a YouKandy performer, the affiliate program is a great way to make extra cash while promoting your profile and content.

Since you can link to any pages (including your profile and uploaded clips for sale) using referral links is a great way to gain extra revenue off of the promotion that you’re already doing. Not only do performers get the commission, but if the referral spends money on their content or phone sex, they receive a 20% bonus.

More Info: YouKandy Affiliate Program


Sign Up For YouKandy Today!

Ready to get started on YouKandy? Signup today! YouKandy is a great network that gives performers the ability to earn money from offering a wide range of services. YouKandy models can make money from content sales, like camming, selling premium social media subscriptions and more. Plus, regional blocking a referral program and tons of other great features.

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