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YouKandy: Sell amateur Pics and Vids

Are you interested in making some extra cash selling homemade porn? YouKandy is the network for you! YouKandy is a network for camming and selling adult picture and video sets.

Registration is easy and all models need to get started is a computer, identification for proof of age and the content to sell on the website. There’s no costs for models to start and kind of commitment. Once uploaded, the content will create a residual income stream that will generate you income for life.

Quick Information:

  • Services: Camming, Content, Custom Content, Snapchat
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payout Schedule: On-Demand
  • Payout Methods: FirstChoicePay


Sell homemade Adult Photo Sets on YouKandy

Upload and sell your adult photo sets, or offer free photo sets to help market your other content sets. The models set the amount of tokens it’ll take to unlock the content sets and the revenue takes care of itself. It’s suggested that models setup some public photo sets with lingerie and topless photos as teasers and keep the real hardcore stuff as private.


Sell Homemade Porn Videos on YouKandy

Get paid selling your homemade porn clips on YouKandy. Just like the photo sets, videos can be made free and public, or private for a number of tokens. Simply upload your video once and let the profits start rolling in. Upload regular video content to diversify your offerings and appeal to a larger crowd.


Adult Camming on YouKandy

Models can make money camming on YouKandy. The camming functionality doesn’t seem nearly as popular as the amateur content sets. I have yet to see a single model online, and it appears that only four models get online every day. This could be a serious advantage though, as it means there is zero competition camming on YouKandy. If you’re the last model online, you’ll also be the first to appear on the camming page. If you’re serious about camming, check out the list of adult camming sites.


YouKandy Payment / Payout Information

  • 100% commission on ALL revenue earned while on web cam (limited time offer)
  • 80% commission on all users referred by you who purchase from you.
  • 60% commission from all other users of the site.

Payouts are made via Payoneer.


Couples / Boyfriends and Girlfriends Wanted

If you’ve got a partner that wants to perform with you on camera, YouKandy is looking for couple models. Both partners must be eighteen years old or older. You can also sell content that features other people,with that other person’s permission. They must be eighteen years old or older. Check out other camming networks looking for couple models.


Block By Region

Don’t want your profile or content appearing in specific regions of the world? Block them to protect your privacy and only make your content appear in the regions of your choice.


Sign Up For YouKandy Today!

Signup for and start earning today! Registration is simple and easy and profiles can be setup in a matter of minutes.


Sell Amateur Content On these Other Networks:

Looking for YouKandy alternatives or additional networks to sell your adult content on? Check out our list of websites for selling amateur porn. By registering for multiple networks and uploading your new content to each one, you can greatly compound your earnings. Producing the content is the most time-consuming part. Simply copy / paste the title and description while uploading the pics and videos to each network and you can be multiple places at once.

  • YouKandy is kind of in the doghouse with me right now. Something happened in December 2015 and now they’re not counting any referrals. This is relevant to models, too, because referral programs are a great way to make additional money from the marketing and promotion you’re already doing. Also, if a company is having issues with referral earnings, are they also having issues with counting other earnings?

    In addition, they’ve been highly unresponsive with support on the matter. There have been quite a few networks (not going to name them) who’s support can only be described as horrible. YouKandy has brought this to a new low.

    Because of this debacle, I have temporarily removed them from the directory, and this is pretty much the only place you’ll find them listed. I will add them back once the issue is resolved *AND* I have direct email addresses for the relevant decision-makers involved, so that way if there’s ever issues again, I can bypass their horrible support and talk to the people that [hopefully] actually care.

  • YouKandy is currently offering 100% payouts on all tips generated through camming shows! YouKandy realizes the importance of the camming-side of their business and is running this special rate indefinitely for the immediate future.

    • LittleD’s

      How much is the payout per picture?

      • You get to set your price for all content / store items. Keep in mind that the network takes a percent. And it’d be per gallery, not individual photo (unless you’re really trying to sell 1-photo galleries)

  • srinu vas

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