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Webmasters: Promote The YouKandy Affiliate Program

YouKandy is a popular clip site that also offers live camming and phone sex. YouKandy has an affiliate program / referral program that allows webmasters to make money off both customer and model referrals. Here is all the details on the YouKandy affiliate program.


Earn $5 On All New Customers

YouKandy pays $5 on all new customer referrals. The $5 is awarded after the customer makes their first purchase. The purchase amount doesn’t matter. YouKandy provides affiliates promotional banners, as well as deep-linking for promotion.


Earn $10 On All New Performers

YouKandy pays $10 on all new performer referrals. The $10 is paid out after the referral has uploaded their first video. The program offers promotional Performers Wanted banners that can be used to promote the model referral program. The customer referral program and model referral program all use the same referral links.

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Promotional Banners Available

Promotional tools are available for affiliates. YouKandy gives affiliates different artwork for the most popular banner sizes. Both customer banners and Performers Wanted banners are available.


Deep-Linking Available

Deep-linking is available for affiliates. This means that you’re able to link to any page on the site. If you’re promoting a specific model (directory-style sites) this is a great feature! If you’re a YouKandy performer looking to make additional money, this is also a great feature. You can link to your profile and/or content and get credit for any new customers you’re able to refer.


Payouts Made By FirstChoicePay

All earnings are paid out via FirstChoicePay. FirstChoicePay is an adult-friendly e-wallet service. It works and behaves very similarly to PayPal. In order to create a FirstChoicePay account, you might have to be invited by a FirstChoice vendor. This will vary based on country. If that is the case, YouKandy can provide a signup link for you.


Extra Income For YouKandy Sellers

If you’re a performer on YouKandy, the affiliate program is a great way to make some extra income. You’re able to link directly to your profile page. Simply swapping out your regular YouKandy links with referral links is a great way to earn commissions. You’re already promoting your YouKandy profile and content, so might as well be turning that promotion into a new revenue-stream as well.

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Signup For The YouKandy Affiliate Program!

Ready to get started with the YouKandy affiliate program? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time. Make money off both customer and model referrals. YouKandy provides promotional banner artwork for affiliates, and allows them to link to specific pages (including model profile pages). If you’re a YouKandy performer, the referral program is a great way to make extra money from the platform.


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