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So, you’re a cam girl and you love it and are making great money but you’d like a way to make a few bucks on days when you’re not feeling so hot? Or you’re sick of going on webcam and you love sexting with your boyfriend and want to do texting professionally? Maybe you are brand new to sex work and are only comfortable with texting. That’s perfectly okay, too! Well, you can do sexting for decent money and there are so many texting platforms available these days.


My Story As An Adult Text Operator

When I started texting for money 7 years ago the only platform I worked on was Text 1to1 Chat. I DO NOT recommend this company. The pay is ridiculously low and if you don’t meet their monthly text quota then they’ll take away your entire earnings for that month. That’s right. No rollover. There are MUCH better places to make money sexting.

The biggest and best texting platforms or sites that offer camming, phone sex, and texting is Arousr, TalktoMe, ExtraLunchMoney, and Ven Chat (which you can find at Chatty.pink). You can even pay $99 to create your own website/store at CamModelStore. With CamModelStore you can offer cam shows, phone sex, texting, accept tips, sell content, sell panties and anything you want, basically!

I just found a few new sites/apps that allow you to charge for texts and phone calls from your fans if you have a decent following on Twitter and other social media websites. One is called OnlyFans and DreamLover. I have worked on ExtraLunchMoney, Ven, Arousr, and TalkToMe and I love them. I just signed up for OnlyFans and DreamLover and Ill review each of them once i have some experience with them. DreamLover has a great referral program, though. Let’s go over each texting platform and site one by one.


Extra Lunch MoneyExtraLunchMoney

ExtraLunchMoney has become huge with amazing traffic and a lot of customers and models. They have a customer referral program where you can market your profile link or the site link. When the customer signs up and purchased credits you’ll make a % of those credits.

You can offer webcam shows, sexting, phone sex, sell your content, even bid on jobs from customers. It’s a very fun site. I think the texting program isn’t as popular as the content sales but I see some popular models with a lot of texting experience points on the main page. You can set your own prices for everything and place all your links to your other sites, cam profiles, blogs, Tumblr, whatever you want. You even set your own rate for texts and the texts go straight to your phone.

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TalkToMe is very popular with phone sex operators. There’s a lot of talk about it on the PSO forum PSOSupport. you can offer phone sex, cam shows, texting, and sell content. You can even charge customers to watch porn movies with them. They also have an amazing referral program. The texting pay rate is set for you but you can charge for email messages through their system to make a few extra bucks through text that way, too. The texts go right to your cell phone.

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Arousr is mainly for sexting but you can offer phone sex and camming and sell content, too. You must login and text through their portal; the texts don’t go to your phone like normal texts from friends. Arousr has an affiliate program that you can work to market the site and make money whether you’re texting on the site or not.

You do have to use your own pictures on this site. No fake model content is allowed and Linda, the manager/contact person is selective and an interesting character. You make money for texts received from customers but not texts you send. You can work from your phone or computer and they have an app to download, if you want to. There are girls making big money there and girls who don’t make much.

They used to only pay out through PayPal which got some girls PayPal accounts closed because PayPal doesn’t allow any adult content or websites but I just learned on an industry forum called StripperWeb that they’re now offering alternate payment methods. The pay rate per text on Arousr is higher than other texting platforms like Ven and Text 1to1 Chat.

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VenChatVen Chat/Chatty Pink

Ven Chat us a Canadian company and is only for texting. You only get paid .04 cents per text received and nothing for texts sent by you. However, you can make a lot more money by sending the guys pictures and if you offer to let them save the pictures you can make extra money per photo. You can also record and send short video clips and make .30 cents (all in Canadian currency) per view of each clip.

Another option is audio clips. You can record your voice for 10 seconds per recording and get paid when the guy listens to it. You also get paid when guys send you audio clips (very rare) and pictures (you’ll get a lot of male genitalia photos so be prepared). 😉

Ven only pays by PayPal which, again, is not ideal as PayPal us 100% against anything adult industry related but the company name that shows up when you’re paid doesn’t show the website or anything adult so it makes it a little better.

The app is what you need to download onto your phone (Android or iPhone) in order to record and send audio clips and videos. Remember that your points balance is in CAD currency which equates to CAD-USD=.74 USD for every 1 USD. You will get A LOT of men trying to ask you for your real phone number or email, Snapchat, etc. so they can try to talk to you without paying. Just remember you’re never allowed to trade contact info and you can simply tell them you’re not allowed to but you’d “love to keep playing with you on this app” ;). That’s what I do and it works most of the time.

Payout is twice a month and they frequently offer bonuses where the rate per voice clip, video clip, and photo is increased so take advantage of those bonus times to increase your income. Make a note that this will only be extra money. You can work full-time night and day but you won’t be able to pay rent with Ven alone. Ed and Faisal, whom run the company, are very nice and helpful and always reply promptly. The app can be glitchy occasionally but just message them or email them and they’ll help out.


More Texting Jobs and Websites

This article doesn’t cover every texting job out there. If you’re very motivated and interested in getting into text work or expanding the platforms you work on then I highly recommend signing up on and searching through the job postings on SexyJobs. This website is the largest adult industry job board in existence and any type of sex work you could dream of is on Sexyjobs. If you’re looking for support, other work at home jobs (both adult and vanilla) and other texting opportunities then the forum Textilicious is a must to join. They have support threads for people who work at home, work in the adult industry, new job postings in texting, phone sex, and camming, and other invaluable resources.

Texting and sexting can be quite lucrative if you work on the right platforms, know how to talk dirty, have a great imagination, and are willing to send sexy photos of yourself to men. Treat texting like the real job it is and you can be very successful. But please do your research and keep in mind that not every texting company is reputable or has your best interest in mind. Google the company, search and read about it on industry forums like Textilicious and Stripperweb and always be fun, sexy, and engaging. Now go join the fun world of texting and sexting and help keep it alive in this ever-increasingly visual society of free porn and cams. And don’t get a cramp in your typing finger. :o)
If you ever need any help or texting tips please follow me on Twitter and I’d be happy to help. Much success to you!

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Guest Post By Raven Skye

I’m Raven Skye. I have been a cam girl, pso, and sexter as well as content seller on many sites for the last 7 years. I also am a freelance writer. I love fetishes and I’m bisexual. I love watching porn. I’m kinky, nerdy, pierced and tattooed. I am currently only camming on LiveCamNetwork.com which is a small site but it has been around for a long time and has a forum and a loyal customer base. You can always find me on Twitter @raven69skye.

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