Work From Home As An Adult Entertainer

CamgirlGet Started As An Adult Model

Get paid from the adult industry. You get to work your own hours from the comfort of your own home, doing everything you already love doing. There’s many ways to get started in the adult industry, and you don’t exactly need to be a pornstar.

Camming is the biggest niche and it’s revolutionizing the adult industry. In fact, camming now makes up for about 20% of the adult industry and it’s growing. But camming isn’t the only way to get paid as an amateur adult entertainer. You can sell your own homemade porn or work as a phone sex operator as well.


Be Completely Independent – No Agents Or Studios!

Back in the day, if you wanted to get into porn, you’d need an agent to negotiate gigs and shoots for you and a studio that produces and sells the content. With the rise of camming and amateur porn, this is no longer the case. Models can jump into the industry while remaining completely independent. They can work at their discretion and only perform what and when they want to perform. Cutting the studio and agent out of the picture also opens up more revenue-generating opportunities. Sure, the camming network takes its cut of the profits, but it still leaves the model with more money than she’d have working with an agent and a studio.


Webcam EquipmentGet Started As An Adult Camming Model

The easiest way to get started is by becoming a live cam model. These models perform live on cam, either in public chat or in private 1-on-1. Public chat is the most profitable if you do it right. Models perform in their chatroom and work towards tips to meet a goal. When the goal is met, the model performs some type of show, usually a cum show. Private chat is usually charged out a couple dollars per minute and it’s much more intimate. In private, models either perform a pre-agreed upon show, or the model takes requests as long as it’s in her/his comfort zone.

In order to get started with camming, you’ll first need a webcam, a place to cam and a computer. A stock webcam on a laptop can work, but an HD webcam is highly preferred. If you don’t already have an HD webcam, consider purchasing one right away. You’ll get more chatroom visitors and earn more profits that way. The HD cam will easily pay for itself.

After you’ve got all this, it’s time to pick out a camming network. There’s many networks to choose from. All the different camming networks have different features and hardware requirements. Make sure your computer and software is compatible with the camming network before signing up. It’s suggested to take a look at some of the networks, what some of the girls are doing for shows and so on. Find the network you like and register as a model.


UploadSell Your Own Homemade Amateur Porn

If you don’t want to perform live on camera, you can always get started selling your own adult content. It’s possible to do this completely independent of any network, handling your own transactions and fulfillment of content, but it’s suggested you partner with a network. There’s plenty of networks for selling amateur porn. It’s advised to sign up for multiple networks. This way you can upload and create sells from each network, greatly expanding your audience and reach.

You can either sell photo sets, videos or both. The more content you produce and upload, the greater the potential for sales. You get to choose whether you want to focus on a single niche / category, or expand and offer up all kinds of content. You can even perform with a partner on most networks (your partner will have to get verified as well). Work your own hours and set your own price. All you need to get started is a computer and camera. Here’s some websites¬†for selling homemade / amateur content to choose from.


textingBecome A Phone Sex Operator

You can even become an adult star working from your mobile phone. Make money on the go by talking and texting with clients. All the solutions use 3rd party vendors to connect the call. This keeps all your private information and phone number safe and secure. If you’ve got a great voice and good personality, you’ve got what it takes to become a phone sex operator. Best of all, you don’t even need to strip or perform on camera. Get started as a phone sex operator.