Adult Performers: Get Spoiled By Creating Wishlists

CamgirlGetting Spoiled With Wishlists

Having a wishlist is a great way to get spoiled and get extra perks from your adult career. By linking to your wishlist from your camming site profile, website, social media accounts and other web presences, you can give your fans a way to buy you stuff and spoil you.

Every adult star should have a wishlist and use it to get items and products that you want without having to purchase them yourself. Items can range from stuff you use in your shows, stuff you use in everyday life or luxury items.


Sites That Offer Wishlist Features

Amazon – One of the most common sites used by camgirls for wishlists. Amazon has a wide range of products. Creating an Amazon wishlist and adding items to it is easy. You can share your Amazon wishlist on your camming profile page, social media accounts or website and allow your fans and followers to spoil you.

Camming Store – Your one-stop shop for all your camming needs. In addition to being able to purchase sex toys, dildos and other sex items, camming models can create and share their own wishlists. Perfect if you want to give your fans the option of purchasing items that they can see you use in your performances. Need a new dildo? Why not put it on your Camming Store wishlist?

Cam Model Protection – Cam Model Protection is a service that monitors the internet for pirated / stolen content and helps with the process of submitting DMCA complaints. Cam Model Protection makes it easy to add their service to an Amazon Wishlist.

Delivery Code – A discrete site that has camgirls in mind. Create a profile and host your wishlist with Delivery Code. In addition to buying items, fans can also send you money.


How To Promote Your Wishlist

You can promote your wishlist anywhere. Most camming models will put links to their wishlists on their camming profile pages and websites. It’s also suggested that you market your wishlist via your social media accounts and any other web properties that you control. The more places you promote your wishlists and wishlist items, the greater chance you have of receiving gifts from your wishlist.


What Items Should I Put On My Wishlist?

Anything you want. The idea behind the wishlist is that your fans can purchase the items that you are looking for in real life. Nothing is too big or too small to be added to the wishlist, but it’s suggested that you only add items that you actually want or need. Anything that you add to the wishlist and receive is one less thing that you need to purchase and you get to keep your hard earned cash.


Use Wishlists To Get New Items For Your Shows

One of the best types of items to include on your wishlist are things that you can use in your shows. This way, anyone that spoils you gets to see you using or wearing the items they purchased you. If you need new sex toys, lingerie or anything else for your camming shows, add them to the wishlist! If it increases the quality of your performance, it could end up making you more money!


Be Sure To Thank Fans For Wishlist Purchases

When someone purchases something off your wishlist, make sure to thank them. This shows that you appreciate their gift and them as a loyal fan. Consider doing something nice, such as emailing or messaging them a photo of you with your item. If it’s something you wear, show of yourself wearing it. If it’s something you use, show off you and their gift in action. In addition to showing your appreciation, it’ll also create a stronger bond between you and lead to a much more loyal fan.


Are We Missing Something?

Are there other sites that allow models to create wishlists? If so, let us know. We strive to be as complete and accurate as possible. If there is a site that we forgot, tell us about it and we’ll add it as soon as possible.