Will Playboy’s Non-Nude Decision Affect Live Camming?

PlayBoyPlayboy’s Non-Nude Decision and Live Camming

If you haven’t heard the news, Playboy announced that starting March 2016, there will be no more nudity featured on it’s sites or magazine. This might come as a shock to many, as Playboy has been a nude magazine since it’s first edition.

This decision might not only affect the magazine, but could also have an impact on the entire adult industry. Playboy has always been a leader in the industry, and their demonstration that you don’t have to feature hardcore or nude content in order to succeed and be profitable could help strengthen the softcore and non-nude niches, including in the camming industry.


You Don’t Have To Be Naked To Succeed

One of the major events that prompted the change was the relaunch of their website. The relaunched version contained no nudity and they found that traffic still maintained. People visit the magazine to see view the content from the models but also for the articles and other content on the site. This demonstrated that you don’t have to feature nudity in order to gain interest, traffic and income.


The Camming Industry Is About Interaction As Much As Sex

The camming industry is very similar to Playboy and other magazines in the sense that it’s much more than just porn. People go to porn sites to watch porn. People go to Playboy to see cute girls and get information. People go to camming sites to see cute girls and get the chance to interact with them. Both Playboy and Camming is much more than just sex. Sure, sex is a major part of it, but it’s not the complete picture.

So could camming models (or camming sites) take a lesson from what Playboy is doing and start focusing on the interaction and social element instead of the nudity and hardcore elements of camming shows? It’s possible. Could it be effective? It’s possible. Will it happen? There’s actually always been models who have practiced concepts like this. Some models (vast minority) don’t perform sexual acts and some don’t even get completely naked. Even one of the most successful camming models claims her success is more about the atmosphere than the sexual acts in her shows.


Playboy Could Change How People View Adult Entertainment

This shift also has the potential to change the way people view adult entertainment. Playboy has a huge following and huge subscription base. Those subscribers are going to witness the transition and it may breed new thoughts on how nudity isn’t required to get the same effect. Some might even like the mystery of leaving some things to the imagination. There’s a good chance that many of these people are also camming customers. If Playboy affects the way they view adult entertainment, it might change the way they interact with camming shows.


We’ll Have A Better Idea After March 2016

The entire adult industry will just have to hold their breath and wait until Playboy completes their transition to completely non-nude. If there is any impact on the adult industry, it’ll most likely be a small impact initially and steadily grow over time. Nobody expects non-nude to replace hardcore porn, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have an impact on the industry. We’ll know more about what kind of catalyst this could be after the transition in March.

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