Camming In Japan: What Is Attractive To Japanese Men?


Camming In Japan: What Japanese Men Find Attractive

There’s many reasons why a non-Japanese camgirl would want to perform in Japan. The biggest reason is that Japanese men pay far more for shows than men in other countries. Because of the time zone difference, you’re also able to hit Japan at their busiest hours and still cam in your timezone during your local busy hours.

Camming in Japan is different than camming in Western Countries. There’s the language barrier, as well as the culture barrier. Also, in order to perform on Japans biggest camming site, F2C Live, you’ll have to go through Meiya Tokyo USA, an agency. This is a good thing though, as Meiya Tokyo knows the culture and can help you break the language barrier.

Here’s some tips and insight from Meiya Tokyo on the Japanese culture and camming in Japan.


Japanese Men Aren’t As Attracted To Independent Women

While Western culture puts an emphasis in individuality and independence, Japan is a collective society. Collectivism stresses the importance over group and society goals rather than individual goals. Because of that, being a strong independent woman is not as attractive in Japan as it is in Western cultures.


Japanese Are Attracted To “Cute” Over “Sexy”

Japanese prefer cute over “Sexy”. Think “Kawaii” or that cute and innocent anime girl. Japanese men also prefer younger girls. Girls in their teens or early 20’s will have greater success than older models. This is because younger girls often have the cute and innocent qualities that Japanese men are after.

Here’s some tips on how to act when camming in Japan



The viewers can be segmented into several categories based on their fetish such as “big boobs, lesbian, milf etc”. We also can segment viewers into two big categories; “Amateur” and “Professional”

Since viewers tend to support beginners more and they prefer amateur performer, it is good idea to market yourself as an amateur beginner model. You then could move yourself into cute and professional model latter depending on how many regulars you have. Here are tips how you can make yourself look like amateur:



Lower voice conveys confidence, mature, calming and persuasive while high voice conveys nervousness, immature, fun and vivid. Immaturity or vulnerability is the one of the key elements for being cute. Since Japanese likes cute woman rather than sexy woman, using higher tone is more attractive than lower voice tone. The great example is anime voice. However, if your voice does not sound natural trying to use anime voice, sticking higher and soft voice is probably better idea.



Heavy makeup does make you look like professional. Thus light makeup isrecommended.

Here is a makeup tutorial:



You do not want to wear sexy dress as you are not marketing yourself as a sexy beautiful woman. Also Japanese woman do not wear a sexy dress unless they work at Kyabakura. (Kyabakura is like a bar where men pay to drink with hostess)Thus, you want to wear normal girly cloths. If you have Anime costumes, you can wear that too. Viewers like Anime costume as Anime is a big part of Japanese culture nowadays.


Camming Area

You may already have a professional looking background setting. But broadcast with lived-in feel background is preferable (Not messy room but clean neat.). This can show you are an amateur who is performing on their own. (Some woman broadcast from a studio which gives the impression that they are professionals) Please do not show anything that can identify who you are and where you live.


Background Music

You can play back ground music. But play the music very low. Loud music gives a strip club feeling which you want to avoid. Playing Japanese music is preferable as that gives the impression that you are interested in their culture.

Here are the some sites that play Japanese music

Shoutcast (Type “Japanese”)

Live 365 



In Japanese society, it has been widely believed that to be modest is one of the appropriate characteristics for ladies. This applies to Japanese men‟s sexual preference as well. They tend to be attracted by innocent and modest ladies. Therefore, you should act as if you are nervous or shameful being in front of the camera.


Don’t Curse – As looking modest and innocent is the key to being attractive, you should definitely avoid using curse words. Using curse words diminishes the image you are trying to establish.


Wearing A Mask – One of the good ways to show you are nervous or shameful is to use a mask. Some Japanese models hide their face by using a mask which effectively conveys that they feel shameful being in front of camera. This not only helps models to hide their identity but also attract viewers who are curious about your face. You should show your face sometimes by viewer request, as hiding your face may cause viewers to leave when you move to the pay per minute channel.

In the pay per minute channel, you should take your mask off if you are OK with. Since Japanese do not speak English well, you need to speak very slowly and clearly. Also if you have a question you would like to ask, it is a good idea to type them while you talk so that they can translate your question.


Enjoy Yourself – Last, but the important thing is to enjoy yourself. If you enjoy the camming, viewers will enjoy too.


Best Times For Camming In Japan

During Weekdays – 11PM to 3 AM in Japan time is the hottest time as the traffic is the highest.

During Weekends – 8PM to 5 AM in Japan time is the hottest time as the traffic is the highest.


What To Do In Shows

The way it works is different from other camming sites. You start broadcasting at the free channel to get potential paying viewers. Usually models get enough viewers by 1 hour depending on the day, time and number of competitors.

You can hide your face by using a mask which most of Japanese models do. But you should include your face in the camera. One mistake that new models do is that they do not show their face at all. Although you can still get viewers even you do not show face, the number of viewers becomes much less. The way that Japanese models do is to hide their face by a mask but they show their face at paid channel.

Because viewers have limited ability to talk, you are the one who leads the conversation. Topic can be anything. Here are the some ideas:


Online game with viewers and prizes – There are free online games that you can play. Choose one you like to play with viewers. You can find some games to play on Armor Games or Unity Games.


Teaching English – You have an ability to teach English.


Talk about news in Japan and USA – You can read the news articles about Japan together with viewers on Japan Today.


Broadcast Anime –  Pick an anime and broadcast. Do not forget to show your camera is on the display. You can show your desk and your camera at the same time using ManyCam. You can find anime on Go Go Anime.


Twister – This is an old game but you can play with viewers. You create the color chart based on time that you receive a tip.


Lingerie Cooking – You can cook whatever you like to cook. Viewers will be interested something that they have not seen before.


Broadcast Shower Or Bath – You can broadcast your shower or bath scene. But make sure you hide your body most of the time.


Lingerie Yoga –  If you do Yoga, you can show your Yoga to viewers.


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