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When researching what camming network to choose, model payout is one of the highest priorities for most prospective camgirls. Of course everyone wants to be performing for the site that pays the most. Unfortunately, determining what site will be most profitable isn’t a cut-and-dry question and answer.

Here’s why.


Percent of Payout ≠ Making The Most Money

Just because one camming network pays out more money than the other sites doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll make the most money on that site. There’s tons of other variables that go into it. For example, what site has the most competition? What site gets the most traffic? Is camming the only service you can offer? Do you even want to offer services besides camming?

As you can see, it’s more complicated than just looking at the model’s share of the revenue. With those complications, some models will be more profitable and select cam sites than others. It’s more about finding the perfect fit for you.


Here’s what to consider when considering what site is most profitable:


1) Percent Of Revenue Camming Models Receive

Even though the model payout percent isn’t the only thing to consider, doesn’t make it important. You should definitely consider what percentage models are earning, but don’t let that be the only factor in choosing a camming site. It’s fairly simple; the greater the model payout percent, the more you’ll make on every dollar a customer spends on you.

Compare percentages camming sites pay models


2) What Sites Get The Most Traffic

This one is pretty simple. A camming site can payout 99% of earnings, but that won’t mean anything if the site is a ghost town. The traffic a site gets is very important. I’ll say it’s as important as the percent of revenue models are paid. Therefore, this is something that you should strongly consider when selecting a camming site. Luckily, there’s tools to see just how much traffic a cam site gets. Alexa is a free tool that monitors website traffic. It’s highly trusted and one of the primary tools used when determining the value of a website based off traffic scores. We’ve got the Alexa score contained on our camming site comparison page as well.

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3) What Sites Are Most Competitive

If a site has a lot of competition, it can be harder to stand out in the crowd. The highly trafficked sites also tend to be the most competitive sites. This means that you have the potential to get more traffic on these sites, but you’ll be competing for that traffic with many more models. Finding the site that will generate the most traffic and pay the most while still being able to stand out from the crowd is very important.

It’s also possible to compete with the competition by doing your own personal promotion and marketing. Because you’re reaching the audience outside of the camming network, how competitive it is on the actual site is fairly irrelevant. Becoming a digital marketing guru is one way to one-up other camming models, even on the most competitive sites.

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4) Does The Site Charge Models Chargebacks

Chargebacks is when someone reports fraud to their credit card company. This usually is due to a card being stolen and used for camming shows before it gets reported. Some models speculate that some customers also report it to avoid having to pay for what they funded an account. Regardless of how it happens, a chargeback is when the credit card company reverses the charge. Some cam sites pass the chargebacks on to the models and some don’t. It always sucks getting hit by a chargeback penalty.


5) What Sites Have The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs

The most profitable camming models are able to master all aspects of monetization in the adult industry. One of the more important ones is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you’re given special tracking links to use to promote your shows and the camming site. When traffic you refer becomes a paying customer, you’ll either get a commission or a share of their revenue.

Since you’re already going to be promoting your camming shows anyway, you might as well be doing it with affiliate links and earning an extra bonus on top of everything. The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that you’ll get paid, even if they’re not spending the money on you directly. If they do spend that money on your shows, it’s basically doubling up on the profits.

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6) Does The Camming Site Allow Models To Offer Other Products or Services

There are many models that offer other adult services in addition to cam shows. These services include selling photos and videos, phone sex, selling used panties, lingerie and other items, Skype sex, fanclubs and other services. Offering a wide range of services can greatly increase your earnings. Services such as selling content sets and running fanclubs will even generate revenue when you’re offline and not working.

If you’re not planning on providing any additional services, it really doesn’t matter if your cam site allows for these additional services. But if you are planning on offering a wide range of products and services, there can be a major advantage to being able to offer all these services on a single site. Some camming sites allow you to offer everything mentioned above plus more.


7) What Are The Payout Types and Payment Processing Fees

Depending on the camming site and what method of payment you select, there might be additional processing fees on each payout. Most camming sites will offer a free method of accepting payments. The more costly ones, like courier delivery of bank wire will have the greatest fees. You’ll definitely want to check out what kind of payment types are supported by the network and make sure there’s a convenient method for you.


8) Does The Camming Site’s Traffic Pay Or Freeload

In addition to the total traffic the camming site receives, the quality of the traffic is another important thing to consider. Some sites have traffic that just wants to sit in the chat and freeload in order to catch a free show. There’s some networks where the traffic can’t watch the show unless they pay for it. It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 people in the room if not a single one is willing to pitch in a token.

One way to determine the quality of a sites traffic is to actually sit in and watch camming shows on each site. Make sure you check out multiple models so that you know it wasn’t something to do with the model’s show and not necessarily the network in general. By watching a couple shows, you’ll get the idea of whether the traffic is good tippers or not. You’ll also see what the models did to get people to start tipping, a valuable skill you must learn.


9) Does The Camming Site Provide Additional Promotional Tools

Many camming sites will give models additional tools to help promote their shows. This could be as basic as connecting with social media accounts to automatically tweet or post when you start broadcasting. It could also be as elaborate as allowing you to embed your chatroom into your website or other web properties, so you’re chatroom will appear in multiple places.

If used right and to their maximum potential, these promotional tools can help drive great traffic to your room. They can also help you build up your social media following, which will result in more customers and more profits.


10) Will The Camming Site Change It’s Payout Structure In The Future

Remember that things are subject to change. Camming sites can always change their payout structure. Hell, there have been camming sites that have closed their doors and shut down the network. Just because the network is paying the most now doesn’t mean that it’ll always be that way. Because of this, sometimes it’s more important to look at how strong the site is and make sure it’s going to be around for a long time. Having to switch sites can be a huge burden, as you’ll lose your following and possibly customers.


Conclusion: What Site Is The Most Profitable?

I am not going to declare one camming site more profitable than the others. There’s too much factoring into everything and any prediction I might make could easily change in a week or two. My suggestion is to check out the camming sites for yourself and make your own assumption. If you want to ask the current camming performers, I’d suggest checking out the various forums and communities. Even when asking there, you’ll find conflicting answers as every model is different and they’ve all got their own opinions.


Learn More About Becoming A Camming Model

If you’re reading this article, it’s most likely because you’re researching the camming industry. If you’re interested in becoming an adult camming model, we’ve got a guide filled with tons of valueble information and links to additional reading like this article. Check out our guide: Becoming an adult webcam model.

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