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Adult Webcam News Video Digest Series

If you’re looking for the most efficient way to get all the information happening in Camland, the Webcam Startup Week In Review series is just that. At the end of each week, we publish a recap of everything that’s happening in the industry. This includes contests, new features from various sites, event information and much more.


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What We Cover

Everything. Quite literally everything. If it’s relevant to the camming industry, and we’ve got knowledge of it, we’ll touch on it. We’re monitoring all the latest developments with the major networks, all the industry resources and anything else of relevance. And if we’re missing something? By all means, reach out to us. We’re trying to be as comprehensive as possible.


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Our blog and news section contains everything that’s included in the Week In Review series. Obviously the news section is newsworthy content, while the blog contains everything under the sun.

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We Hope You Enjoy!

We enjoy seeking out these stories and content, and hope you find it to be valuable, fun and informative. We will continue to keep a close eye on Camland and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to go above-and-beyond being the best industry resource. We’re also really receptive, so if you’ve got ideas on how we can do it better, reach out to us! There’s a good chance we’ll work to incorporate your suggestions.