Webmasters and Affiliates

There’s tons of money to be made as an affiliate / webmaster in the camming vertical. Whether you’re promoting camming affiliate programs, running your own whitelabeled site or even building your very own camming site! In fact, the webmaster segment of the camming industry is so big, that we gave it it’s very own domain. Listed below are the relevant pages


Webcam EquipmentCamming / Amateur Affiliate Programs

List of camming sites and other amateur adult marketplace sites that offer an affiliate program. Camming affiliate programs perform insanely good. Camming sites offer something that free tube sites can’t. Camming sites provide live interaction with the models. Camming sites also provide “true amateur / homemade content”. Something that professional studios have tried to fake.

Consumers are getting smarter and realizing that camming is the only place to find the real Girl Next Door. This makes for some insanely good conversions and income.


White Labeled Camming SitesWhiteabel

A whitelabel is where you rebrand an existing product as your own. In this case, a whitelabeled camming site is where you rebrand an existing camming site as your own. You’re able to set the color scheme, logo, genders, niches and fetishes and host it on your very own domain.

The whitelabel provider takes care of all the technical aspects. This includes hosting, maintaining and improving the platform, accepting payments, model management and more. All you need to do is promote your whitelabeled version and collect the share of revenue.


CamgirlModel Referral Programs

In addition to making money off customer referrals, you can also monetize your model traffic. Many of the camming sites, adult marketplaces and other networks offer model referral programs. These programs will either use the same affiliate links you’d normally use, or give you special model referral links. If you personally know models that would be interested in performing, or have a way to generate model traffic, this is a great way to monetize it.


Under ConstructionBuild Your Own Webcam Network

Want to build your very own camming site? We’ve got the tech partners to make that happen. We’ll give you the scripts, CMS and live streaming tech partners to make that happen. Turnkey solutions available, as well as solutions that you can integrate on your own. Plus, some of the solutions will give you the resources to feature other models on your site. See what’s available on the tech-side of the industry.


StudioStart A Camming Studio

Looking for something a little more robust than model referral programs? Start your own camming studio! With a studio account, you’re able to register models under you. You get paid directly and compensate your models accordingly. It’s possible for studios to be 100% digital operations as well.

If you go the studio route, be sure to take some time and brainstorm some of the different services that you could be offering to models. A model isn’t going to register under your studio if you’re not providing value. This is because they could get the full percentage by registering directly with the sites. Make sure to provide value to all the studio models.


Monetize With Adult Display Ads and Pop-UndersMake More Money

Monetize your websites using adult advertiser / publisher ad networks. These ad networks provide different ad types that you can add to your sites. The networks will pair up relevant advertisers based on the niches / categories you indicate for your site.

Simply ad a code snippet to have banner ads, pop-ads, IM ads, page-peels and more added to your site. Get paid off number of clicks or impressions.


RoboScripts: Tools For Webmasters / Affiliate Marketers

There’s tons of different tools and scripts out there for webmasters and affiliate marketers. These scripts can help affiliate marketers promote camming offers and build niche sites. Here’s some of the different tools available and some additional information about them.


Adult TwitterThe Online Twitter Poster

Automatically post to Twitter when new models come online. Also post reminders if a model is still online. This script supports unlimited Twitter accounts. You can choose to only tweet certain models by using a custom list. Supports hashtags by categories and automatically attaches images and links.

Learn More: Automate Camming Affiliate Twitter Posting With RoboScripts


Webcam EquipmentThe Cam Site Builder

Easy deploy an affiliate site promoting the best camming sites. The aggregator will automatically populate the database with all the model information. The script will constantly verify which models are online, and display them accordingly. Add extra content with the text spinner and auto-content creation feature. Auto-creates text and titles and also imports galleries. Comes with easily modifyable responsive templates. Also use your own custom templates. Supports most traffic trade scripts.


WordPressThe Cam Blog Builder

This is not a plugin, it’s a stand alone script that connects itself locally to any Wordress single blog install. The script will add new posts based on the frequency chosen. The script will also import and auto-create content using the Chimp Rewriter text spinner API. The script comes with two responsive WordPress themes. Featured cam online models are shown in the footer and you have the capacity to manage all of your banners from one place.



The Cam Multi Blog Builder

Works with the WordPress platform multi-site feature. This is not a plugin, although it does integrate with WordPress. Create hundreds of blogs and have all the blogs in your network auto-posting each day. Automatically imports data and spins the content for unique content that search engines will love. Comes with four responsive WordPress themes.


Build Your Adult / Camming Website With Adent CMS

Adent is a company specializing in scripts and CMS for adult / camming webmasters. They’ve got a wide variety of scripts that can be used to build membership sites, adult marketplace sites, camming networks and more. Here’s the solutions available from Adent:



Create your own premium paysite, VOD site or adult storefront. XMember is a fully customizable CMS that makes it easy to deploy and monetize your very own adult site. Perfect for individual models, studios featuring multiple models and other adult producers. Also supports modules for live camming and phone sex (both calling and texting).

Learn More: XMember – Build Adult VOD / Membership Paysites



Create your very own adult camming site. XCams is a fully customizable camming CMS. Supports individual model accounts, customers, studios and affiliates. Easily customize all aspects of the camming site directly from the admin area. Fully documented so that you can also customize the code however you need to.



Script designed for adult image hosting. Create your very own gallery site. Supports multiple ways to monetize, including premium content and adult display advertisements for non-member / free areas.



Build your very own adult marketplace site. You can either allow users to create seller accounts and upload their own items or content, or use it to build your own sex shop. Includes a module for auction items, so you can build your very own eBay-style adult auction site.



Easily deploy your very own tube site. The XStreamer script makes it insanely easy to get your tube site up and running right away. In addition to allowing users to register and upload their content, you can also import videos from all the major tube sites for instant content!

Learn More: XStreamer – Build Your Own Porn Tube Site


XAggregate – XAggregate is a powerful tool that imports content from a wide range of different sites. XAggregate will automatically spider the internet and import new content once discovered. This allows you to create and monetize a turnkey site instantly. Allows for advanced search functionality, auto-tagging and pornstar tagging.