Violet Doll: The Financial Domination Queen and What is FinDom?

Violet Doll

Violet Doll: Professional FinDom and Top IWantClips Seller

Violet Doll. I have been admiring this stunningly gorgeous Goddess for over 7 years now. She has had several very successful solo sites, been a camming Goddess and now Violet is unbelievably successful selling fetish videos and clips and getting pay pigs and submissives to shower her with cash. Violet has over 46k followers on Twitter (@violetdoll) and her IWantsClips store makes a ton of sales daily. How is Violet Doll so successful and what exactly does she do? She’s a fin Dom or financial Dominatrix.


What is Financial Domination?

Financial domination, also called findom, fin dom, is best explained by Dr. Sue:

Financial Domination comes from a deep need for a loss of control. Financial Domination can be played in a myriad of ways but the main idea is a dominant woman seductively or harshly manipulating money from a submissive male.

For the submissive the idea of having a woman take money from him or manipulate him into a state of wanting to give money to her is incredibly erotic. In some cases the submissive male even dreams of complete financial ruination”. The men are called pay pigs, pay piggies, subs, etc. This fetish is many times referred to as ” wallet raping”. Submissive men give their hard earned money to gorgeous Dominant women and both parties get great pleasure out of it. It’s a win-win but the fin dommes are clearly getting the better end of the stick.


Violet Doll IWantClips

Violet On IWantClips: Replacing Camming With Findom

Take a look at Violet’s IWantClip store. You can see why she’s called Violet DOLL. Her big pouty lips, long, beautiful blonde hair, huge tits, tiny waist, and amazing ass bring men and women to their knees and empty their wallets at the same time. I must confess I’ve spent an hour or two perving on her webcam back in the day. But, Violet hardly does camming anymore. Why? She doesn’t need to. Her findom fetish clips and tributes make her all the money she could need or want. She knows how to look at the camera with her huge doll eyes, shake her ass and show her massive cleavage just enough to make men weak and helpless and give her all their money. And these men do it happily, again and again.

Cam girls and Dommes you can learn a thing or two from how Violet Doll makes insane money doing what she loves and what she’s best at. What exactly is she best at? Causing erections and draining bank accounts. It isn’t just her perfect body that makes her so successful and famous. Violet is highly intelligent, interesting, business-minded, and knowledgeable about the fetish she’s built her empire on.
There’s no end in sight for Violet Doll’s reign as Queen of financial domination fetish. And, personally, I am very happy about that. Also, a bit turned on, too.



Findom Takes More Than Telling Guys To Send You Money

There are thousands, even tens of thousands if not more, women/dommes either making money or trying to succeed in the findom world, but many dint know what they’re doing. Many are even just pretty girls who think they can get rich quick by getting men to give them a ton of money. In reality, there’s s great deal more to this fetish than calling oneself a fin dom and telling guys to send you money. Please don’t think it is in any way, easy money. You have to know what you’re doing, get inside the minds of these subs and pay pigs, and make them beg YOU to take their money. It takes a true Domme to do it and be successful at it. You really should enjoy the mindfuck as much, if not more, than the money. With Violet you can tell she truly does.


Violet Doll

Connect With Violet Doll

Twitter: @violetdoll
IWantClips: Violet Doll
WishList: Amazon Wishlist


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