Camming Advice and Tips

A collection of tips and advice for camming models. Learn some tricks for making more money from your shows and how to promote the services that you offer.

Camgirls: Make Money Off Private Instagram by Aerie_SM

Instagram Is The New Private Snapchat Alternative Running a private Instagram is the new popular subscription to sell, thanks to Snapchat cracking down on adult performers. Running an adult Instagram is not as easy as you may think, although it has many awesome benefits in comparison to Snapchat, it also has some negatives. So let’s […]

ManyVids: MV Girl Accounts Vs Producer Accounts by Aerie_SM

Should You Switch From An MV Girl To A Producer Account? Do you use ManyVids? Are you not so happy with your rank? Do you produce a lot of content collabs? You may not be using ManyVids as well as you could be. The best way to improve your ranking and traffic possibilities is by […]

2018 Camgirl Goals / New Year Resolutions To Consider by Katy Churchill

 2018 New Years Resolutions and Goals For Camgirls Camgirl and clip producer Katy Churchill gives some advice and tips for setting goals for 2018. It’s the new year, and early January is generally a time for looking ahead and setting goals and/or New Years Resolutions. Katy makes it a point of creating annual plans […]

Video: How To Get Started Producing and Selling Fetish Videos by Katy Churchill

 Tips For Getting Started Selling Fetish Videos Fetish videos can be very popular and very profitable. Fetish videos are unique compared to vanilla videos (explained more below) and you’d be surprised at what type of fetishes might perform. Pretty much everything can be a fetish, and what you consider to be a personal flaw […]

Camgirl DMCA: Getting Stolen Shows / Clips Removed From Sites

Camgirls / Porn Producers: Fighting Piracy With DMCA Piracy is a major issue for performers in the industry. It could be a camgirl getting shows capped or a producer having clips uploaded to a site. Luckily, there’s many ways to fight piracy at a model’s disposal. DMCA is the most talked about, and one of the […]

Tips For Traveling To The USA For Adult Work

Traveling To The USA For Porn Shoots / Adult Work If you are from another country and try to go to the US for work (yes even adult work) you have to obtain a work visa. With adult work you usually get denied for a work visa. However, this does not stop many individuals from […]

Tips For Dating While A Camgirl By Alice Snow

Advice For Dating While Being A Camgirl There are many different reasons to become a webcam model. These range from a simple need of money, to the desire to conquer your own sexuality and own who you are. Whatever the reason, being a camgirl is a great way to accomplish many goals at once and […]

Camgirls: Getting Recorded Webcam Shows Removed

How To Get Stolen Webcam Shows Removed From Websites Piracy is a major issue for the entire adult industry. There’s several reasons (such as privacy) that make it an even larger issue for camgirls and other indie performers. Having capped shows uploaded around the internet isn’t only a violation of privacy. It also directly impacts […]

Chaturbate Profile HTML Issues – The “Official” Fix

  How To Solve HTML In Chaturbate Profiles Not Working Within this past year, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding HTML in Chaturbate profiles not working as they should. Most of these comments are in regards to Chaturbate’s profile page tutorial. There’s been people commenting about how Picasa is no longer available, as well as the […]

Clip Producers: How To Do Fetish Research by Katy Churchill

Using Clips4Sale (And Other Sites) For More Profitable Fetish Clips Okay, so you’ve chosen a fetish that you’re interested in filming, what do you do now? Before diving into recording content in a brand new niche, take some time to do your research. The more advance prep you do, the better your sales will be. […]