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Raven SkyeThings New Camgirls Need To Know

I have been camming on so many different sites off and on for the last 7 years. I have created profiles and uploaded content on almost every clip site in existence. I have worked as an adult texter on three different texting platforms and I still text one one of them. I have recorded at least 100 videos, both clips and longer custom videos, and made hundreds of picture sets with anywhere from 10 pics to over 100 pics per set.

I have done vanilla work and fetish work. I know what I’m talking about, here. So, please read very closely because I’m going to give you amazing and vital knowledge, tips, and advice to help you be safe, successful, and satisfied while working as a webcam model.



First of all, you need to know that there is no way to guarantee that your friends and family won’t find you online. You WILL be recorded while doing live cam shows. Your pictures and videos WILL be downloaded and shared on forums for free. Someone you know probably sooner or later will find your cam profile or pictures online. Geo blocking can help. Watermarking every one of your pictures and videos and your cam feed will definitely help and will give you free marketing when your content is shared elsewhere. However, please don’t assume you are 100% safe and 100% guaranteed to keep this job a secret forever because it’s just not the reality. If you can’t accept or deal with this fact then you need to stop right now and do not become a cam girl. It’s ok. It’s definitely not for everyone.

About watermarking your content as I just mentioned. This means that after you take your pictures and before you post them on your profiles, Twitter, etc. you use software to place your model name and/or website link on the bottom corner or top corner of it. Your picture will be online, somewhere, forever. Once you put something on the internet it is out there forever and you have no control where it ends up. Remember this. That is why watermarking your pictures, videos, and webcam feed when live will help make sure you get free traffic back to you when people share your stuff on forums, retweet your pictures, and so on. It will also prevent other models, phone sex operators, etc. from stealing your pictures and trying to use them or sell them. Watermarking is essential!

Additionally, regarding safety, be careful whom you trust. Don’t use Amazon wishlists if you don’t want people knowing what city you live in. Don’t EVER use PayPal for ANYTHING adult related because PayPal does not allow anything in the adult industry. They will freeze your account and keep your money. Also, PayPal shows the other person your real name. Don’t risk it. Don’t ever tell anyone your real name or address. Be safe. There definitely have been cam girls who have been stalked. Don’t let that be you.


Marketing Yourself and Your Brand

You are now a brand. Create a stage name and use it everywhere. Use that same name on all cam sites you broadcast on, all social media profiles you create, all content selling websites, everything. You should definitely have a Twitter, Tumblr and email address for your cam name. Gmail is good. I have over 19k Twitter followers I’ve accumulated over the years. It will take time but keep it up and you’ll get more and more. Tweet a sexy pic a few times a day. tweet whenever you’re about to go on cam and when you log off for the night/day. Tweet your new content you make. Retweet other cam girls to get more followers. You need to have a way to market yourself and for your fans to get in contact with you and see what you’re doing.

Tumblr is also really fun and you can post sexy pic, reblog other posts, etc. You can create an Instagram, Snapchat, blog. Having a blog is good because you can keep your fans updated, put your profiles and banners on it, do link and banner exchanges with other cam girls. The free traffic and marketing possibilities are endless.



You are now working from home in an industry that not everyone agrees with or approves of. Your loved ones probably have no idea you’re doing this. That is why t’s wonderful to be able to join forums where you can talk to other cam girls, share tips, horror and success stories, and get motivation. You can learn SO much from joining and reading up on the following forums: WeCamgirls, StripperWeb, and AmberCutie, and Textilicious. If you’re also a phone sex operator you should also join PSOSupport. The resources on these forums are priceless. Read, share, learn. You’ll never regret joining these forums. Use your stage name on all these forums!


Fetishes and Niches

It can be very helpful to have a niche. Find something or a few things that make you special. What makes you stand out? What makes you different and proud of yourself? What can you do that other cam girls can’t do? For example, my niche is that I’m a nerd, I’m tattooed and pierced, and that I have a great ass that I love spanking and making guys worship. I also adore fetishes. You can be the girl with the massive tits. You can be the cam girl who focuses on foot fetishes or market yourself as a blonde MILF. Find your niche and market the crap out of it. Because, you are special so show how special you are and bank on it.

Now you know how to get started, what to do and what never to do. So, go market yourself, stay safe, have fun, be yourself and make that money! Happy camming. 🙂


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