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Start Your Own Adult Camming / Production Studio

This guide will go over everything you need to know about starting your own studios. When people think of studios, it’s usually camming that comes to mind. Although camming is one of the major services studios offer, there’s many more out there. This includes selling content, phone sex and much more. Here’s all the information you need to start and run your studio.


Table Of Contents:



What Is A Studio? (And What Studios Do)

A “Studio” (in Camland, at least) is an account made with a camming site, clip site or other adult network. With a studio account, performers can be registered under the studio. When a performer is registered under a studio account, the studio gets paid out for all the services, and the studio is responsible for paying out the performers, and taking a cut for themselves. It’s expected that the studio provide a number of services (we’ll go over this further in the guide) in order to justify the percentage the studio is charging.

There are two main kinds of studios: physical studios and digital studios. Physical studios have an actual locations for camming, filming and editing. Since there’s multiple performers working there, collaboration opportunities are also possible. Digital studios have no physical location, and all services offered are completely online. Performers work from their homes. We’ll be going over both kinds of studios in detail further in this guide.



Running A Studio Vs Model Referral Programs

Running a studio is where you have a studio account with the different sites. Many of these sites also offer model referral programs. With these programs, you get a commission or percentage of the revenue all your referred performers bring in.

There’s not as much legal liability or upfront overhead when it comes to model referral programs. That is because you are simply driving the traffic to the networks the performers are signing up on. Because of all this, it’s much easier to get started.

With studios, there’s a lot more overhead, legal liabilities and work that you need to put into the venture. Running a studio can be much more profitable though. Also, there’s some networks that offer studio accounts, but do not have model referral programs. The studio route is the only route on these networks.

Learn More: Model Referral Programs



What’s Required To Get Started

This is a complicated question, with a complicated answer. Technically, you can create studio accounts on the different sites with your social security number. That means that you don’t even need to start a business or apply for an EIN (although it’s highly suggested that you do. Also, the requirements for a digital studio is different than that of a physical studio. Mainly because physical studios have equipment and location needs.

Here Are The Main Requirements / Recommendations:

Business License

Although most camming sites will let you create a studio account as an individual (instead of a company), it’s highly recommended that you file. Filing a business is very easy and there’s tons of resources out there. There are some costs associated with filing, but they’re fairly minimal. You’ll also need an EIN from the IRS, which is free of charge. If you’re local area is not “porn friendly”, you might consider filing in a different state. Nevada is a very popular choice, for obvious reasons.

Model Agreement and Other Legal Documents

Once again; this isn’t *technically* a requirement, but it’s something you’re definitely going to want to have. It’s also something that you should have a lawyer specializing in adult draft up. The model agreement is the most important contract. It’ll protect you as a studio owner, and specify all the terms of the studio relationship. What should be included in the language varies based on how you want to run your studio.

Some other things to consider having drafted up is content polices, privacy policies, Terms Of Service and 2257 Compliance Statements for all the websites (model recruiting site and promotional websites) that you’ll be running. Once again, it’s recommended that a lawyer drafts up these documents to make sure that everything is complete and correct.

Research The Industry (And Laws!)

If you’re not completely familiar with the entire industry, you better start researching it now. There’s a whole lot more than just recruiting webcam models and watching the money pile up. You need to know the industry. Especially when it comes to the law and knowing the best ways to provide value for your studio models. You need to justify that studio percentage, and you’re not going to do that without being able to provide value.

The laws are especially important. Non-compliance with 2257 can land you five years in a federal jail. There are other major regulations and restrictions on the adult industry. More-so than most industries. Outside of the laws that are unique to the industry, tax laws and intellectual property laws are also very important.

Physical Studios: Location

If you’re running a digital studio, this isn’t something you’re going to have to worry about. If you’re running a physical studio, this is one of the most important things. You’re going to need a location. It’s also important to make sure it’s a commercial location, as there’s been horror stories about people getting in trouble for running a studio out of their home or other residential location.

Physical Studios: Production / Camming Equipment

Once again, if you’re running a digital studio, you don’t have to worry about any of this. If you’re running a physical studio, this is another major requirement. You’re going to need everything to produce the content and stream live. The better the equipment, the better your performers shows and the more money everyone makes. In addition to the equipment, toys, outfits editing software, internet with a high-upload speed and other things might be required.

Promotional Websites / Web Properties

A studio should definitely be running a couple different types of websites. For starters, you’ll want your model recruiting site. This is where you give all the information about your studio and give the performer a way to apply to become a performer.

You’re also going to want some promotional sites. These are sites geared towards the customers, and used to promote your performers, their live shows, the content for sale and any other services. Many studios are also running whitelabels. These are rebranded versions of the camming sites, and the webmaster running the whitelabel gets a percentage of the revenue. It’s also possible to build your own proprietary camming site as well.

We’ll discuss the different types of websites and tools available further down in this guide.

Studio Agreements With The Networks

Last, but not least, you’ll need to register a studio account with the sites you want to work with. The majority of the camming sites offer studio accounts. Usually the signup link can be found in the footer of the site. Once registered, the studio will have to be reviewed and approved. Once approved, you can start registering models to your studio.

List Of Camming / Clip Sites Offering Studio Accounts



How Much Does Starting / Running A Studio Cost?

Once again, this is a very complicated question with a very complicated answer. *Technically* you can get started without any investment. Simply create a studio account under your personal SSN and start recruiting models. *But* there are some things you’re going to want to invest in. This is to protect yourself legally, run a more professional operation and provide value for the performers.

Here Are Some Required / Recommended Investments:

Business License

This isn’t the largest investment in the world, but there are some costs associated with filing for a business. Expect to spend a couple hundred dollars. Exact costs depend on how you file, where you fine and what type of business you file for. This is something you can do yourself or outsource to a lawyer or other 3rd party.

Legal Fees

It’s highly recommended that you have a lawyer draft up the model agreement, terms of service, privacy policy, content policy, 2257 Compliance Statement and any other important legal documents. You might also want legal consultation on a wide range of other things. Digital studios have less to worry about than physical studios. Physical studios need to be aware of the local laws of any place where there’s a physical location.

Web Hosting / Domain Names

A studio is going to want to be running a model recruiting site, as well as promotional sites. There’s a good chance you’ll be running solo sites for the performers as well. Running websites comes with overhead. The domain registration is fairly inexpensive. Something around $20 per month with WHOIS protection.

Hosting can vary greatly. It is possible to fly with simple shared hosting at the start, but eventually you’ll want to upgrade to a dedicated server. Shared hosting is only a couple dollars per month. A dedicated server is around a couple hundred dollars per month and varies greatly based on the type of server.

There might be other costs associated to running a website, especially if the web development is being outsourced and not done in-house.

Required Equipment

This is more of an issue for a physical studio than a digital studio, but can also be applicable to digital studios. For example; you might want to consider upgrading your computer and internet connection, just so that tasks like editing and uploading can be done much faster.

For physical studios, you’ll need all the equipment. And the higher quality the equipment, the better. This can get really spendy. Outside of webcams and cameras and computers, you’ll need furniture, lighting, props, toys, outfits and the list goes on. If you’re starting a physical studio, definitely be ready for an investment.

Marketing Budget

Marketing costs money. You’ve got the hosting expenses for the websites, fees for the email marketing software, ad-buy overhead and much more. Sure, it’s possible to take advantage of free channels such as social media, but effective marketing does come with a price. That price can be lowered if everything is done in-house instead of outsourced, but there’s still the investment of time and energy.

Outsourced Services (DMCA, 2257 Custodian, Professional Services)

There’s a good chance you’ll be outsourcing some services. For example; you might hire a DMCA agency to find and get pirated content removed from the internet. Or a web developer to put together some web properties for you. What about the tax professional? A lot of services you can do in-house, if you’ve got the talent and knowledge. But unless you’re doing those services yourself, there’s still the employee overhead you have to deal with.

Physical Studios: Location

If you’re running a physical studio, the location is going to cost you. There’s either a lease or mortgage payment, plus utilities. Even if you own the physical location, there’s still property taxes that come up each year. Plus any maintenance, renovations, the list goes on. Even if you’re running a digital studio, you can look at the costs of your “home office” in a similar way.



How Studios Make Money

The main way that studios make money is through taking a percentage of the revenue generated by a model. The studios are paid out by the various networks, and pay their models out accordingly. There are also many other ways that a studio can make money.

Studio Percentage – The primary form of revenue for studios. Every studio takes a percentage of the model revenue. How big of a commission varies drastically from studio to studio. Especially between physical and digital studios. Keep in mind that the studio needs to provide enough value to justify the percentage being taken.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is another major revenue channel. Most of the camming and clip sites also have affiliate programs. That means you can make money by referring new customers to the sites that your models are performing on. Since you’re already promoting your performers shows and content, using referral links is a smart way to get extra income.

Whitelabeled Sites – Running a whitelabeled site is another source of revenue. It’s also a great promotional tool. Whitelabeled sites are rebranded camming sites. The webmaster (studio in this case) gets a share of all revenue generated from the whitelabel. Many whitelabels also allow you to position your models up at the top of your version of the site. More on whitelabels further along in this guide.

Running A Camming Site – If you want to get really hardcore about it, it’s not too difficult to create your very own camming site. By running your own cam site, your models are making just as much as independent models, and you’re getting the site owner percentage. Performers can cam-split between your camming site and other camming sites to take advantage of their traffic. More on this later on in this guide.



Receiving Payments and Paying Out Performers

With most of the studio arrangements, the studio gets paid out directly from the camming or clip site, and the studio is responsible for paying out their models. There are some networks that will let the studio specify a percentage and the network will pay out the studio their percent and the models their percent directly.

Receiving Payments – The most common forms of payment are; check, direct deposit, Paxum, FirstChoicePay or wire. The camming sites might only support a limited selection of payout methods. This is how you’re going to receive payments. The camming sites also have different payout dates and other terms regarding payouts. There’s also minimum payouts. This varies from site to site.

Paying Models – How you pay out your performers is completely up to you. A great selling point for studios is offering more dynamic ways of receiving payments, increased payout frequency and consolidated payouts between the sites. Whether or not you offer anything like this is completely up to you.



Legal: Policies, Model Agreements & 2257 Compliance

There’s a lot of legal considerations you’re going to want to address when creating your studio. It is highly recommended that you consult with a lawyer who specializes in adult. Physical studios have even greater legal concerns, as there’s local laws that the studio operator will have to be aware of. Model agreements, 2257 Compliance and website policies are all other major issues.

Here’s The Main Legal Concerns Studios Face:

Model Agreement Forms / Contracts

You’re going to want a model agreement. This is a contract between the performer and the studio. It is highly recommended that the model agreement gets drafted by a lawyer. That way, everything is complete, accurate and properly worded. This is important for protecting yourself and your performers legally.

2257 Age Documentation Requirements

the 2257 Record Keeping Requirements is another important legal concern. These are the age verification and documentation standards that the industry has to stay compliant with. All producers are responsible for verifying the age of their performers and keeping certain age documents on file and filed a specific way. Non-compliance could lead to federal prison time, so you want to be 100% compliant with these standards.

Content Policy and Privacy Policy

It’s a good idea to have a Content Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for all the websites you are planning on operating. This means your model recruitment site, the promotional sites and any other web properties that you throw together. It’s highly recommended that a lawyer draft up these policies.

Is Porn Legal In Your State (Or Country)

This is a very valid concern, especially for physical studios. Is porn legal in your location? There are some counties where it’s not legal. There are also many locations where it’s a very gray area. This is due to the fact that no courts have ruled on issues relating to pornography, therefore no precedence has been set.

A digital studio can file out of state, so this isn’t as big of a concern as it is for physical studios. Even if the studio operation isn’t headquartered out of your hometown, it’s still a good idea to know the laws in the locations you’re going to be residing in.

Business License and EIN

Although you can start a studio as an individual using an SSN, it’s highly recommended to file a business and use an EIN. Outside of appearing more professional, there’s some legal advantages and other advantages. This is something that you can do yourself, or have an attorney do for you.

Taxes (And 1099ing Your Employees)

All your income is taxable income, and you’re responsible for 1099ing the performers. It’s suggested that you consult a tax professional for all tax-related issues. This includes the best type of business to file, tax write-offs and all other tax related issues.



Services Your Models Can Offer

There are many different services that your models can get paid offering. When people think of studios, usually they only think of camming or selling porn. There’s way more possibilities than just that, and allowing your models to offer a wider range of services will result in more profits for everyone.

Main Services Adult Performers Can Offer:

Live Webcam Shows

Camming is both a very popular and profitable service. Pretty much every camming site offers studio accounts. The requirements are very basic (computer, HD webcam and high-speed internet) and there’s camming sites that will accept all genders.

There are two main types of camming; public shows and private shows. Some networks specialize in public chat and some specialize in private chat. Both these different show types earn in very different ways. Here’s the basic information:

Private Shows – Private shows are charged by the minute. Usually things like show duration and type of show are negotiated before the show starts. Some networks also offer spy shows. With spy shows, a customer is able to spy on a private session, earning the performer (and studio) extra revenue.

Public Shows – Public shows can be done many different ways. Most performers use tip goals for shows. Everyone pitches in until the goal is met. When the goal is met, the model performs the indicated type of show. There’s also tip menus, tipping games and interactive “tip to activate” sex toys.

To learn more about camming, I suggest you read our guide to becoming a webcam model. It’s geared towards independent performers, but goes over everything very in-depth. It’s worth reading to learn more about offering the service from the performer’s point of view.

Producing and Selling Content

Another real popular service is producing and selling videos, photo galleries and other types of content. Selling content is great as it creates a residual income of sorts. As long as the content is available for purchase, it has the potential to generate sales and revenue. Sales can occur even when the models are offline.

The content is sold on “clip sites” (many support photo and other media as well). Studio accounts for clip sites work in either two different ways. Either the studio creates their own store featuring content from all the producers, or the performers signup under the studio account and they each have their own clip stores.

To learn more about this, read our guide on producing and selling porn. It’s geared towards independent models, but goes over everything in great detail.

Phone Sex

Phone sex is another service that performers can offer. Phone sex has evolved a lot since back in the day. Now the service is taking advantage of the mobile revolution. Texting is a service that can be offered in addition to talking. There’s also some mobile apps that can be very profitable.

To learn more about phone sex and what’s out there, check out our guide to becoming a phone sex operator. It’s geared towards independent performers

Premium Subscription Services

There are many ways a performer can charge a subscription fee to access content. Running a membership site is one way. There’s also premium apps and social media style sites. Many of the camming and clip sites also offer some sort of “Fan Club” feature. Subscription services are great as they build a residual income from the monthly rebills. The greater the number of subscribers, the more the monthly money income.

Many of the networks for offering memberships / subscriptions do support studio accounts. There’s also other ways that studios can leverage these forms of networks.

Running A Website

Running a website is not only a revenue-source, but also a great form of marketing. A website works as the central marketing hub. It also makes it easier to tap into valuable search engine traffic. Running a website has never been easier. In fact, there’s multiple website building platforms designed specifically for adult performers and/or studios. These platforms allow you to easily deploy sites for all your performers.

Websites can be monetized in a number of ways. Membership subscriptions is usually the primary form of monetization. Individual store items (content and other miscellaneous services) can be sold as well. There’s multiple ways to integrate live webcam shows into the site. Some sites offer embed codes for the performer chatroom. There’s also ways to do and make it look 100% proprietary.

Learn More: Website Building Platforms For Models



Digital Studios Vs Physical Studios

There are two very distinct types of studios: Physical and digital studios. Digital studios are completely web-based and physical studios have a physical location where the filming or camming takes place. Each studio has different challenges and selling points about them. Both different types of studios are described more in detail below.


Digital Camming / Clip Studios

Digital Studios Take Lower Percentages

Digital studios generally take lower percentages than a physical studio would. This is because there’s less overhead associated with the operation. It’s also because the performers are responsible for their own equipment, place to perform and many other tasks. Because the studio isn’t providing this service, it’s harder to justify a larger studio percentage.

Strong Emphasis On Promotion / Other Services

With the digital studios, there is generally a stronger emphasis on the services that the studio offers. The greater the value, the greater the selling points for the studio. You’re not providing the location and equipment, so if you’re not driving traffic, providing support and consultation and offering other valuable services, why would a model partner with you instead of going independent?

Lower Startup Costs / Easier To Implement

Digital studios are much easier to startup and operate. There’s no equipment requirements, less concern about local laws and regulation and no overhead associated to the physical location such as lease and utilities. Technically, you don’t even need a business license or EIN to register a studio account, so anyone can start a digital studio today, 100% free of any cost.

That being said; that’s a horrible idea and I’ve got zero faith in any studio that tries to operate without any investment or due-dilligence.

Digital Studios Have Less Legal Worries

The adult industry is highly regulated. One of the most regulated industries in the United States. There’s also some laws (such as 2257 Compliance) that are completely unique to our industry. Porn is also one industry that carries a lot of stigma with it. This is a lot more true in some places than others.

Digital studios do have the advantages of filing in the state they want to (Nevada is popular for obvious reasons) and don’t have to worry about local laws compiling on-top of state and federal laws.

Anyone Can Work For Digital Studios

With a digital studio, anyone (eighteen or older) can register as a model for your studio. There’s no gender or location restrictions. With a physical studio, there are the geographical restrictions. They have to prospect and hire locally. Not having the regional restrictions makes it easier to find performers.


Physical Camming / Clip Studios

Physical Studios Charge Higher Percentage

Physical studios have a larger overhead due to operating the physical location. These studios are also providing the value of top of the line equipment, the location itself, collaboration opportunities and more. This is a selling point that a digital studio can never offer, and justification for the increased percentage.

Stronger Emphasis On The Facility / Location

With a physical studio, there’s generally a stronger emphasis on the facility and equipment. This is a major selling point for performers that don’t have the equipment or a place to perform. This doesn’t mean that this is the only service that a physical studio should be offering, however. Physical studios should still provide support, promotion and other services in order to provide maximum value to their performers.

Higher Startup Costs / Harder To Implement

It’s a lot more expensive to start-up a physical studio, when compared to a digital operation. There’s also a lot more due-dilligence required. The overhead comes from having to acquire the equipment, lease on the location, utilities and other overhead. There’s also a lot more laws (county and city) that a physical operation will have to be aware of.

Hiring Local Talent

With a physical studio, the talent has to be hired locally. This can make it easier to find models in a lot of ways (promoting specifically to your area instead of more broad of an audience) but it also limits the potential performers to those in your area.

Physical Studios Can Also Be Digital Studios

It’s important to realize that physical studios can also operate as a digital studio. There are many physical studios that will also take “work-from-home” performers. These studios generally take a much lower rate for their remote performers. The hybrid approach allows the studio to accept applications from outside of their geographical area. It also offers a contingency for performers interested in the studio, but don’t want to pay as high of a percentage.



Sites Accepting Studio Accounts

Not all sites accept studios. For sites that don’t, there’s sometimes work-arounds. For example; if the network doesn’t support studios, but does support model referral programs with a lifetime revshare. If that’s the case, if your studio models signup via the affiliate program, you’ll get the percentage and they’ll also be making the full percentage indie models get. Win-win.

You can see a list of camming sites, clip sites and other networks that support studios by following the link below.

Camming and Clip Sites With Studio Accounts



Services That Studios Can Offer

In order to get performers to signup with you, the studio has to be able to provide enough value to justify the percentage the studio is taking. If the studio isn’t providing any value to the models, they’re not going to remain with the studio. There’s a lot of different services that studios can offer to their performers. We’ve got some major services listed below. Keep in mind, this isn’t a complete list. Get creative with your offerings and make your studio truly stand out from the crowd.

Services That Studios Can Offer Their Models:

Consultation / Help Getting Started

This is especially appealing to brand new performers who are just learning the industry. This is a service that will have less appeal with seasoned performers who don’t have to learn the ropes. The studio should be able to provide comprehensive in-house consultation to all their models.

Handle Support Issues On Models Behalf

Support in the industry can leave a lot to be desired. Dealing with the support channels of the big-box sites can be frustrating and often-times it does not even generate an answer or a solution. Handling support issues on behalf of the models saves them the frustration and enables them to spend more of their time producing, performing, promoting and earning.

Promotion / Traffic

Traffic is a major selling point for every studio. If you don’t currently have customer traffic, and you’re not able to generate that traffic on behalf of your performers, it’s going to be a tough sell. It’s suggested that all studios start up promotional social media handles, affiliate sites, whitelabels and other promotional web properties.

This is something that studios should also be looking towards as a stand-alone revenue stream as well. The majority of the sites are all running affiliate programs. That means that these websites can generate commissions and revenue-shares from the new customers referred to a site. This means that the affiliate properties can also be revenue-generators, as well as a source of traffic and promotion.

Consolidated Payments / Alternative Payouts

Different camming and clip sites have different payout schedules, cashout methods and minimum payments. Some performers might have a preference on how they want to get paid. Maybe a network only offers FirstChoicePay or Paxum and the performer would prefer check or direct deposit. It would be possible for the studio to accept the money via FirstChoicePay or Paxum and issue the payout to the performer via the preferred method.

Consolidating the payouts between the different sites can also be very convenient. Especially if minimum payouts otherwise wouldn’t have been met on certain sites. Same with providing more frequent payouts. Even weekly payouts would be better than what most sites offer (every 15 days is fairly status quo in the industry). There are studios that ill even offer daily pay! This could be a major convenience and selling point for many performers.

DMCA and Anti-Piracy

Piracy is a huge issue for the adult industry. It’s an even bigger issue for independent performers. This is because legit contact information is required when submitting DMCA takedown notices. There’s been horror stories of pirates using this information to blackmail or dox the performers.

If the studio is submitting the DMCA notices, they can do so using the company’s contact information. This mitigates the privacy issues that independent performers face. It’s also possible to hire a DMCA agency to manage the anti-piracy efforts for the studio and all studio models. This requires an investment, but it’s definitely one that will provide tons of value.

Learn more about DMCA and Anti-Piracy.

Profile / Social Media Design

Many of the camming sites support customizable profiles. Some of them even support fully functioning HTML. On networks like this, having a stunning (and functional) profile page can help a lot! Social media is another place where design work can make a profile look amazing. Logos and watermarks as well. Someone will some decent Adobe Creative Suites experience should be able to handle basic design work like this fairly easily, and saves the performer from having to source to a designer or learn a whole new skill set.

Chatroom Moderation

Most of the camming sites allow members to become moderators of the performers rooms. Mods handle tasks like muting, blocking, managing the chat and other tasks. Having an in-house moderator can be a very valuable service to performers. Especially if the performer is splitting across multiple sites and there’s multiple chatrooms that need to be managed.

Physical Studios: Facility and Equipment

For physical studios, the facility and equipment is the largest selling point. This is especially true for performers that can’t perform from their home or don’t have all the equipment. This is especially true if all the equipment is very high quality and something that an indie performer probably wouldn’t make the investment in themselves.



How To Find and Hire Models

Once you’ve got your studio up and running, you’ll need to find models. Finding performers can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have a big reputation as a studio. There’s lots of ways to go about finding performers. Some of the major ways to find studio models are listed below.

Ways To Recruit Studio Models:

Model Recruiting Site

Your studio is going to want to put together a model recruiting site. This site gives potential performers all the information about your company. This should include the services the studio offers, basic information about the industry, tips for new performers, a way to apply to become a model and any other application.

Social Media

Having a strong social media presence also helps. Not only with prospecting models, but also with promotion of their products and services. Not having a strong social media presence is a red flag for any company in this day and age. Not only will being on social media help your reach, but it’ll also establish credibility for your brand.

Classifieds / Help Wanted Sites

There are many different classified sites and other job-based communities. Many of the mainstream ones will allow for adult-related job opportunities. It’s a great idea to make sure this is the case before posting an advertisement. There are also some job sites that are specifically geared towards the adult industry. Some of these sites allow for free listings while others only offer premium listings.

Word Of Mouth

This is definitely the case for physical studios. Word of mouth can be a great way to get more performers. If one of the studio models knows a friend looking to get into the industry, it’s really easy for that model to make the introduction. This can work on a national scale as well.



Promoting Your Performers, Content and Services

Traffic and promotion is one of the major things that performers look for when evaluating studios. If you’re not able to drive traffic and sales for your performers, you’re going to have a hard time retaining them. Here are some of the major ways to drive traffic and sales.

Website and SEO

Search engine traffic is some of the best performing traffic available. If you’re able to get a website ranked for some of the more valuable search phrases and keywords, it guarantees a steady flow of high-converting traffic. SEO does take some work to get there, but once you’re ranking, it’s an insanely valuable traffic source.

This is the one major reason why studios should also be experienced affiliates, running their own promotional sites. If you’re able to drive conversions promoting generic camming offers, you should be able to drive conversions for your performers. Playing around with affiliate marketing sites will also give you the opportunity to learn the ropes of search engine optimization.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is another valuable marketing tool. There are many adult-friendly social media sites (Twitter and Tumblr, for example). It’s also possible to market through the safe-for-work sites, although it does take a little more due-dilligence. You’ll have to be careful about what you’re linking to and what type of content you’re posting. Even if everything your posting is non-nude, there’s still a chance of getting accounts banned due to pushing the envelope as far as it can go.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another very valuable marketing tool. There’s some investment for this channel, but it’s definitely worth it. Email lists is also something that you need to build up over time. But once you’ve got a large and high-performing customer mailing list, it becomes an invaluable marketing tool.

The size of the email list is also a selling point for potential performers. If you’re working with tens of thousands (or hundred of thousands) of email recipients, that’s a lot of new exposure that new models can receive.

Buying Traffic / Ad Space

Purchased adult traffic isn’t the best in the world. Mainly because it’s being driven from tube sites and other “free porn sites”. The people looking for that type of content aren’t usually the people that pay for their porn. But, at least adult traffic is cheap to purchase. And if there wasn’t “good enough” converting traffic for sale, advertisers wouldn’t be purchasing it.

Tube Sites

Many performers have very mixed opinions about the tube sites. They are one of the biggest enablers of content theft, but at the same time, they also make a great marketing tool. Traffic from tube sites do actually convert. Otherwise, producers wouldn’t be creating channels and uploading their own channels.

The trick is using watermarks, teaser content and a clever call-to-action. There’s tools out there that can also automate tube site uploading.

Running An Affiliate Program

This is something that not a lot of people really think about. There are tons of different ways to setup affiliate programs for each of your models. ModelCentro makes this insanely easy and no-cost. Running an affiliate program is a great way to outsource the promotion to tons of different webmasters. Affiliate programs are also required to get featured on some of the top directory and review sites.


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