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Streamate Review By DirtyLittleHolly – Average Score: 9.3

A review of Streamate by DirtyLittleHolly.  According to Holly, Streamate excels in being feature rich, with features such as being featured on DishNetwork and getting paid for it. Streamate also integrates with ModelCentro to drive website / fanclub traffic and members. Streamate also excels in the area of promotional tools, payouts and chargebacks (Streamate doesn’t do chargebacks)  usability and model resources. The lowest score was to site traffic, due to it diminishing over time. Here’s everything Holly has to say about Streamate:


Holly Rydem AKA DirtyLittleHolly’s Bio and Links

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Hey there! My name’s dirtylittleholly. I’ve been a cam girl for almost 4 years now on Streamate and I run my own amateur, adult website. I handle every aspect of my website and career completely on my own. I shoot all of my own content, do all my own edits, run all my own social media accounts, etc. So you always know you’re getting the real me!


How Long Have You Been On The Site?

I’ve been on Streamate since January 16th, 2012.


Profitability: 8/10

When first starting out on Streamate, it’s easy to get frustrated. When you aren’t listed on the front page of the site, the traffic is almost non-existent. But it’s important that you stick it out! Usually within a few days, if not less, you’ll be listed on the front page if you follow some pretty easy tips.

Streamate has many factors that determine your ranking on the site. Your video quality is the most important placement factor.

Here are a few of the things you can do to immediately boost your ranking:

1. Use a camera that can stream in HD –  Streamate just recently gave all models who are streaming in HD720 quality video an additional placement boost. The two cameras that they recommend are the Logitech C920, which will run you about $60 or the Logitech BCC950 conference cam, which goes for a little under $200. Both are great cams and are capable of streaming in 1080p HD. The main difference, as far as doing live cam shows on Streamate goes, is that the BCC950 has a remote control. You can zoom in/out and move the camera in all directions using the controller.

2. Stream using the SMBroadcast or External Encoder – The SMBroadcast is still in beta mode for Windows users, and will be available soon for beta testing for Mac users. You can use either one to broadcast, but if you’re able to use the new SMBroadcast, it’s recommended. There’s no manual configuration needed with it like there is with the External Encoder. It just makes things easier for you! Computer upgrades may be necessary to run these programs smoothly, but it’s definitely worth it. Also your internet speed plays a factor in the way your stream looks, so upgrading to an internet package that has at least 1 Mbps upload speed it highly recommended.

3. Encourage members to rate your shows 5-stars – After a member takes you private or exclusive, they’re prompted to give you a rating (1-5 stars) and leave a comment if they choose. Many models offer a free video or picture for members who give them a 5-star rating. This is a good way to get members to take the extra time to rate your show.

4. Stream as often as you can – Models who stream regularly get better placement on the site.

5. Utilize your social media accounts – I’m sure most of you already have followers on social media. Whenever you jump on cam, send out a tweet/message letting them know you’re on! Encourage them to even just come chat with you. It helps the time go by faster in free chat when you have someone to talk to. Plus, it might make some of the other guys jealous and they’ll steal you away to private!


Site Features and Functionality: 10/10

Streamate has pretty much every feature that a cam model could ask for! The ability to stream in HD, cam2cam, TV broadcasts, a messaging system, rating system, members can leave you tags, integrating your ModelCentro website into your profile, ranking information, rate analysis, your daily time online, and more! Although all of these options are available for you to use, it’s up to you which ones you choose to use. Only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Let me go into detail about a few of the site’s features:

A newer feature (that is totally awesome, by the way!) are TV broadcasts. You can choose to opt-in for them if you feel comfortable doing so, and I definitely recommend it! Basically Streamate has their own channel on DishNetwork, channel 492. All day long they stream cam shows and anyone who pays for the channel can watch them. The producers will hand-select different girls throughout the day to do a TV broadcast gold show. It’s basically like a regular gold show, but with a few small differences. Since it’s going to be broadcast on TV, you have to be careful of copyrights: so no music in the background, no trademarked logos, etc. And the other difference is what really makes TV broadcasts awesome… even if you don’t reach the full gold show goal, you’re paid the entire goal! The producers pick your goal amount for you based on previous earnings during gold shows. I’ve seen them range from $40-$199. So if you’re not happy with the goal amount they set for you, only start your regular gold shows when you reach a higher amount. That will increase how much your TV broadcast goal will be set to.

The messaging system with Streamate is great, but it does have one flaw: you cannot message a member unless they message you first. It’s understandable why they have this rule… so the models can’t spam every member of the site. It’s very important that you let your fans know about this rule. If you’re selling pictures/videos (which I definitely recommend doing for added income), and they tip in for them, you’ll only be able to send it to them if they message you first. So just make sure this is something you mention to them. Otherwise they’re gonna think you were trying to rip them off. Anonymous file sharing is allowed with Streamate, so you can upload your pictures/videos to a site like Dropbox and send them the content through Dropbox links as long as no personal/contact information is on them. That includes watermarks. It can be watermarked with your Streamate link or username, but nothing else.

The final feature that I want to touch upon is integrating your ModelCentro website into your Streamate profile. This is a great new feature, that every model should take advantage of! Streamate doesn’t allow models to mention any outside websites, and that’s still technically true about your ModelCentro site. But they now allow you to link your ModelCentro website to your Streamate profile. Once it’s linked, members will see a yellow banner on your profile that says “JOIN MY SITE AND GET ##% OFF!” The percentage amount can be whatever you want it to be. When they click that banner, they’re taken to a sign-up page through Streamate to sign-up for your ModelCentro website. They’ll be billed through Streamate, and you’ll be paid for these sign-ups through Streamate. The current payout rate is 46%. So if your website is $20/month, you’ll earn $9.20 from each sign-up. During your shows, you can direct your fans to join your website by clicking that banner. As long as you word it like that, and don’t actually give out the direct website address, you’re within the rules!


Payment Types, Chargebacks and Cashouts: 10/10

Streamate offers several different payout options. The first is a mailed check. There is no fee for this option, and the minimum payout is $20. You can also get a check via FedEx. There is a $30 fee, the minimum payout is $200, and it’s only available to US residents. Deliveries cannot be made to PO Boxes if you choose this option. Streamate also offers wire transfers. There is a $40 fee, the minimum payout is $240, and it’s only available in the United States. The final option is Payoneer. The minimum payout is $100, and it’s not available in India or China. The only fee is whatever Payoneer charges.

If you’re getting paid by check, the payments go out every Thursday as long as the minimum balance is reached. If you’re using wire transfer or Payoneer, payments go out every Friday as long as the minimum is met.

If there is a chargeback, Streamate eats the cost themselves. You will not see any change in the amount you earn unless it’s something happening frequently on your account and they believe it’s fraud on your end.


Site Traffic and Quality: 7/10

Traffic on Streamate is not as good as it used to be. But with that said, the quality of customers on the site hasn’t diminished. Basically what I mean by this is that you don’t need a lot of guys in your room to make a lot of money on the site. Many of the guys who are on there are willing to spend if they like you. This is why engagement is so important. If you consistently put on good shows and build relationships with the guys, they will be back over and over again! A good tip to make the guys feel special is by adding notes to their account. Any notes you add for a user are private, and can only be viewed by you. If you put in their name and what kind of shows they’re into in your notes, you’ll make them feel like you remember them when they return, even if you don’t.


Promotional and Marketing Tools: 10/10

There are several promotional and marketing tools available to models. They have a cam status widget, a live chat widget, and a Twitter account that will give you a retweet or shout-out if you tag them. Aside from that, Streamate has many white label sites that you’ll be listed on as long as your profile is set to public. So even if it doesn’t seem like very many guys are in your room, many more could be watching from an advertisement on another site and will come find you in the future.


Site Usability (How Easy To Use The Site Is): 10/10

Streamate is simple to use! Everything is organized and easy to find. If you just spend a little time browsing the different sections of your Performer Dashboard, you’ll see just how easy it is. You can find all of the tools you need there. They also make it very easy for you to get your show started, set your topic, and start camming!


Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking: 10/10

Streamate is all about privacy protection. At any time, you can ban a member from entering your room for whatever reason you see fit. You are not allowed to share any personal contact information with members of the site. This includes your social media accounts, website link, address, phone number, etc. Guys will often ask if you can sell them items, such as your panties. Your answer should always be no. If you get caught collecting the personal information of a member, you can get your account suspended or banned and your earnings withheld.

Streamate also has geo-blocking. You can block any country, region, and/or city from viewing your cam shows.


Customer Services and Support: 9/10

For the most part I have had a positive experience with Streamate’s customer support. They’ve always gotten back to me in a timely manner and answered any questions I had. A couple times I thought they were a bit rude, but everyone has their bad days, right?


Model Guides and Resources: 10/10

Streamate provides it’s models with endless guides and resources! From the basics of using the site, to tips on lighting, interactions, how to put on a better cam show, etc. They really have a guide for everything!


Holly Rydem’s Review:

I could go on and on about Streamate, but I won’t bore you haha. I know there’s a lot of information here, and some may seem confusing when you’re just reading it. But it doesn’t take long to get settled into Streamate and feel comfortable camming on their site. They were the first site I ever cammed on, and although I’ve tried out a few different ones throughout the years, I’ve always come back. They’re really about the model. They give us all the tools we need to put on successful shows.


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