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SpicyFind: Adult Marketplace Network – Models Wanted!

SpicyFind is an adult marketplace site. Models can register seller accounts and make money offering a wide range of products in services. SpicyFind specializes in videos, but also supports custom content, Skype shows, Kik, Snapchat and tributes. SpicyFind also offers tools to help you promote, such as their advanced Twitter integration. Here’s all the details on the SpicyFind network.


What’s Required To Get Started

The only real requirement to get started is that you must be eighteen years old or older. A digital copy of government issued photo ID is required when registering for the network. You’ll also need everything to produce the content and a computer with internet connection to upload it. If you’re selling other services like Kik or Snapchat, you’ll need a smartphone to run the apps. You’ll also need any toys, props or other items needed for the content you plan on producing.

SpicyFind only accepts female and couple sellers. If you’re a male or transgender there’s plenty of other networks that allow those genders.


SpicyFind Earnings and Payout Information

SpicyFind models make 70% of all sales. Payments occur twice monthly. Earnings between the 1st – 15th of any month get paid out on the 23rd of the same month, earnings between 15th – 31st get paid out on the 7th of the following month. Payments are made via by check, wire transfer and FirstChoicePay. The min payments are $50 for Paxum or FirstChoicePay and $100 for check or wire transfer.


Sell Video and Zipped Content Sets

SpicyFind specializes in video content. Models are able to sell prerecorded videos, as well as accepting custom content requests. All the content available for purchase is featured on the model’s profile page, as well as the video page and other pages on SpicyFind. Selling video content is great, because it builds up a residual income. As long as a clip is available for purchase, it has the potential to keep generating sales and revenue. The more content available for purchase, the greater the earning potential.

In addition to video content, models can also sell zip sets. This can be used to sell gallery sets, audio content and anything else that can be included in a zip file and uploaded to the site. Photo galleries is the most practical use.


Accept Custom Content Requests

In addition to selling prerecorded videos, models can also make money from custom content requests. Custom content requests go for more money than prerecorded videos. That’s because the content is tailored to exactly what the customer wants. Best of all, custom content requests can get resold after the clip is produced, or kept 100% exclusive (not resold) for a very steep premium charge.

Custom content requests can also be used to get inspiration on the type of fetishes you’re not currently catering to.


Sell Kik and Snapchat Subscriptions

In addition to selling photo, video and other forms of content, models can also make money from premium messaging apps. Enables the Snapchat or Kik from the admin area will place a badge on your profile page. This will let customers know that they can purchase access to either of the messaging apps.


Sell Adult Skype Shows

SpicyFind models can also make money from selling Skype shows. Enabling the Skype functionality from the admin area will create a Skype badge on the model profile page. This will let customers know that you’ve got Skype shows for sale. Models are notified when a successful Skype show is purchased.


Block Specific Countries or USA States

SpicyFind allows sellers to block specific countries, or states for models located within the USA. Blocking regions helps prevent people you know from recognizing you. It’s recommended models block areas where they’ve lived. This helps protect privacy. Please note, that it’s not a perfect science. If someone travels outside the block zone, they’ll be able to access your profile and content. It’s still an effective method of helping preserve a model’s privacy.


SpicyFind Twitter Integration

Twitter is one of the few major social media sites that is adult-friendly. This makes it an invaluable marketing tool for adult stars. SpicyFind has developed advanced Twitter integration that helps models market through the platform and automates tons of things. Here’s the features of the SpicyFind Twitter marketing:

DM New Followers – Automatically send a DM to anyone who follows you.

Follower Validation – Automatically validate new Twitter followers, showing them your upsells on the validation page.

Automatic Tweeting – The promo algorithm will choose your most relevant updates and tweet them on your behalf saving you time.


Become A SpicyFind Seller Today!

Ready to get started with SpicyFind? Signup today! SpicyFind is an all-in-one marketplace that allows models to make money offering a wide range of services. Aside from selling content and custom content requests, make money from Skype, Snapchat and more. Models earn 70% of all revenue and gain access to the Twitter marketing and other valuable tools. Get started with SpicyFind today!