How To Do Sissy Training Fetish Camming Shows

Sissy Training

Sissy Training Fetish and Camming

I so adore my little sissy sluts. Sissification or sissy training fetish is one of my top five favorite fetishes. Sissification fetish is when a man desires to either role play or actually dress up/be forced to dress up like a woman (many times in slutty clothes and lingerie), be taught how to apply makeup, give a great blow job, even be “pimped out” to a bunch of men and get screwed in their “pussy” (ass). There are endless possibilities to play with this fetish and different things the different sissies enjoy or want.


How To Get Started Training Your Sissies

First of all, most sissies prefer their penises be called their “clits”, “little clities”, etc. and many also are into SPH, CEI, and/or cuckolding. Just as with other fetishes, this one can be tied into others. Find out what each one enjoys.

You can start by doing a cam show where you watch your sissy and have her dress up in lingerie and heels, pantyhose, etc. Have her practice walking in heels and applying makeup. Give your sissy assignments such as “go to the drugstore and buy red nail polish and lipstick and take pictures of yourself buying and applying it”. Assignments and tasks are a great way to get follow up cam shows which means more money for you and repeat customers.


Bj Training

Most sissies want to suck dick and take it or be pegged (being screwed by a woman with a strap on dildo). Buying a strap on to use for your fetish cam shows and content will help you make more money and give better shows. Plus, it’s actually pretty fun wearing one and ordering your subs to suck it 😉

Give your sissy a lesson on how to suck cock properly. Grab your dildo and show her how to lick, tease, and suck well. They’ll love watching you and learning.


Sissy Training


Objects and Toys You’ll Need

I already covered the strap on dildo. This is imperative. I thoroughly enjoy my big black dildo and purple soft velvet strapon harness. It feels empowering, it is a lot of fun to wave my big dick around, and it can be used again and again in a variety of ways (camming, creating pic sets and making videos for clip sites, etc). You might also want to make sure that you have lots of slutty lingerie, heels, pantyhose and so on because you’ll want to show them what a true slut looks like and what they should buy to wear. Since you’re a cam girl and woman you probably already have plenty of makeup, nail polish, and lingerie, so that’s a plus.


Role playing

Basically, think that your sissies want to be pimped out, used, cummed on and in, and be with as many men as possible. A good scenario I like using is dressing my sissy up very slutty, going to a bar, and pimping her out to a ton of men in the alley. Be creative with it and come up with your own. You can have her dress up and go shopping with you. The scenarios are endless, really.

Treat your sissy girls gently and turn them into beautiful whores. It’s really fun.

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