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Each Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST, Webcam Startup hosts a live hangout on Youtube. viewers can listen in live, as well as catch the archived version on a wide range of sites. If you’re interested in jumping on the actual hangout with us, contact us for details!


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Most Recent Podcast Episodes:

Podcast 13: Valentines Day Special (2018)

Episode 13: Valentines Day Special (2018) A Valentines day episode of our Live Hangout / Podcast series. Happy Valentines day to all of you! We’ll probably be talking some Valentines stuff. Expect costumes from many of the people on the show! Outside of all things camming and Valentine’s Day, we’ll also be going over the […]

Podcast 12: Cryptocurrency In The Adult Industry (2/7/2018)

Live Podcast: Porn and Crypto – Blockchain In The Adult Industry We’ve got a lot of things dealing with cryptocurrencies today, so we decided to just make it the theme! Crypto is a big thing in both adult and mainstream right now. If you’re following all the major adult industry news outlets (or just following […]

Podcast 11 (Jan 31st Live @ 6 PM EST) Battle of the Clip Sites!

Podcast #11: Battle of the Clip Sites! (What Clip Site Is Best) In this week’s podcast (1/31/2018), we’ll be comparing the various clip sites to each other! Which one is best? That might not be something we come up with an answer to, BUT everyone will get the opportunity to give their two cents on each […]

Podcast 10: Adult Industry Expos and Award Shows

Podcast: Industry Events, Trade Shows and Awards It’s mid/late January, which means we’re right in the middle of trade show and award season. XBIZ, InterNext, AVN, Adult Webcam Awards, the list goes on! So, this episode is going to be highly event-driven. We’ve got award winners, AVN is currently going on, and so on. So, […]

Podcast 9: Domestic / International Laws Facing The Industry

Episode 9: Important Laws For Camgirls Welcome to the Webcam Startup Live Hangout! This is the first episode where we are using one of these show pages. We’re hoping these pages make things a little bit more organized. We also understand that not everyone has the time to tune in for the full hangout, so […]

Podcast 8: Paxum USA Accounts and Adult Industry Events / Awards

Paxum Discontinuing USA Accounts and Upcoming Industry Events In this episode, we have a strong focus on Paxum discontinueing the support of USA personal accounts. We also talk quite a bit about the upcoming adult industry events and award shows. For those that don’t know, January is the month where all the events are going […]

Podcast 7: 2018 Camming / Adult Industry Predictions

Webcam Startup Podcast: Camland Predictions For 2018 In this episode of the Webcam Startup Podcast / Live Hangout, we discuss the latest things going on in the camming industry and discuss our 2018 predictions. We covered everything from live camming on ManyVids, to crypto-currency, to the future of tube sites and “Free Porn”. Tons of […]

Podcast 6: Christmas Themed Podcast (December 2017)

Podcast / Live Hangout #6: (Sorry About Poor Intro Audio) Sorry about the bad audio in the intro. It gets better at about minute 16. This is our Christmas themed live hangout. We discuss Christmas themed content (which surprisingly doesn’t perform that well) as well as other Holiday-related things. Although you’ll find tons of performers […]

Podcast 5: College Teaching Anti Sex-Worker Classes

Higher Education Teaching Anti Sex-Work Curriculum The focus of today’s podcast is higher education teaching curriculum that states that all sex workers are being exploited. This includes glamour models in pornstars. Independent performers? They’re exploiting themselves. Apparently consent doesn’t even factor into the equation. Best of all; when asking about whether or not anyone (teacher, […]

Podcast 4: Pirate Site Removed Due To 2257 Compliance Violations

Podcast / Live Hangout #4: Camwhores and DMCA512 The major focus of today’s episode was the announcement that was taken offline by DMCA512 (the site has since changed registrars and unfortunately, is back online). Piracy is a major issue in the adult industry. Foreign hosted sites such as this one are especially nasty. This is […]