Get Paid: Sex Messaging On Your Computer

EmailGet Paid From Desktop / Laptop Sex Messaging

Want to get paid from sexting, but over the computer instead of your phone? There might be many reasons why a model would prefer sex messaging over the computer instead of the phone. Some models don’t reside in places with good cell reception. Others might be worried about privacy concerns, although all communications are encrypted and secure. Whatever the reason, there’s some solutions for you. Here’s what’s available.


AmateurCommunityAmateurCommunity: Hello Machine

AmateurCommunity is a site for live camming, selling content sets and making money using an innovative tool called Hello Machine. The Hello Machine is an innovative and profitable tool and something unique to AmateurCommunity. Models are able to create and send messages to 25 logged in customers. Models get paid for every message they receive in return. But it’s not only the responses that models get paid for. If a customer initiates the conversation without you messaging first, you also get paid!

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Extra Lunch MoneyDesktop / Laptop Texting On ExtraLunchMoney

ExtraLunchMoney is primarily a site for selling content sets, but models can offer a wide range of services. ExtraLunchMoney has texting integration built into the platform. Models have the option of sending and receiving messages via SMS or through their computer. This gives ELM sellers the option to make money through sex messaging from both mobile phones as well as from a computer. In addition to selling content sets and texting, models can create their own jobs selling pretty much anything and accept custom content requests.

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Skype ShowsMessage / Text Only Skype Shows

Although most adult Skype shows are video performances, there are some models that only do texting Skype shows without any video. This is very comparable to sexting, even though it takes place over Skype and not SMS. There’s tons of ways to sell Skype shows and even some sites and networks that specialize in it. It’s also possible to do it independently through adult-friendly payment processors or by receiving giftcards.

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More Sites Offering Sex Messaging

Looking for more sites that offer sex messaging? We’ve got an entire section on phone sex. The page will indicate which sites offer paid talking and which sites offer paid texting. Just so you know, some of these sites only allow texting through SMS and might not support desktop communications. To see what’s available, check out our page on phone sex.