How To Tell If Your Sugar Daddy Is Serious

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What Character Traits To Look For In Potential Sugar Daddies

Okay, so you have made your profile, uploaded pics, and decided just what you want to get out of sugar dating. Now comes the difficult part; finding that daddy that fits your needs. Depending what those needs may be, it can be difficult to find the one special sugar daddy who really compliments your desires.  Soon you have everything set up and your inbox will begin to get flooded with various daddies trying to appeal to you. Following these simple tips on what to look for will help you wade through the sea of potential and the find the serious sugar daddies in your inbox.


What To Look For In the First Message

It is guaranteed on any dating site, whether it be sugar dating or not, that your inbox will be filled with a ton of messages. These messages range from people just saying “hi”, all the way up to a small book detailing their life. This first point of contact is a great way to judge how serious they may be. When they first reach out to you their first message should be respectful and introductory. It shows that they are willing to put effort into finding the perfect sugar baby themselves as well.


What To Look For In A Sugar Daddy Profile

Once you have a message that has caught your eye, the next step is reviewing their profile. Much like a non sugar dating site, a well written profile is a great sign that the potential daddy is serious. If their profile is concise and explains what they are looking for, it is a great indication that they have invested time in making sure their needs and desires are up-front and defined. This means that your potential daddy knows what they want, and if you engage in a sugar arrangement with them you will also know what to expect from them.


Setting Up The First Meeting / Negotiating The Arrangement

At this point, you and your potential sugar daddy will have exchanged messages. If they seem to be someone you would get along with, the next step is to setup a meeting. Preferably over coffee, or a meal. Here you discuss what you both are looking for and make sure his online persona translates into real life. During this first meeting you will probably negotiate the sugar dating relationship at some point. During this process most sugar daddies show their true colors. Pay attention to their mannerisms, and how they react to things such as your availability, monetary desires, and most importantly of all, how you feel about their desires.


Find A Daddy That Respects You and the Relationship!

A sugar daddy who is serious and wants to find a long lasting sugar baby will take everything you say into consideration. They will respect your time and desires, and will not try to belittle you or the arrangement you two are working to create. This applies across the board during all communications with them. All of these things to look for boil down to one word; Respect. The Potential daddy should respect your time, his time, and everything about this process. As long you return that respect as well you will be able to find the perfect arrangement.


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