Making Money Selling Panties On Manyvids


How To Get Started Selling Panties On ManyVids

Breaking into the panty selling market is something I always wanted to do since I first started camming. Especially seeing the prices which a pair of panties are marketed for. My only issue was I couldn’t find a site that worked for me. I needed something that offered good traffic, processed payments for me, and had a good marketing program setup, on top of my own marketing efforts. That was until I realized I could sell panties on ManyVids as well as my videos.


ManyVids Offers A Great Platform Including Custom Ad-Ons

ManyVids offers a fantastic platform for panties. The Products tab is used to sell everything from panties, candy, signed pictures etc. Selling panties though is what I found one of my biggest selling items on my Manyvids account. Especially with the add on options that you are allowed to set up on your panties. This allows you to charge more for things like ‘dirty’ panties, or sealed in a plastic bag. Each with an added cost depending on what you have to offer. Allowing both you and your fans to really customize the panties they are buying.

Alice Snow Panties On ManyVids


Quality Photos On The Site And ManyVids Twitter Marketing Helps Sell Panties

So once you have the panties setup on your product pages, ManyVids will tweet your products out to their followers (and yours if your twitter is linked, which I strongly suggest you do!) Fans will be able to find your panties for sale and purchase the ones they like. This is where quality pictures of your panties is key. Your fans are going to want to know exactly what the panties you are selling look like. It will also help draw in more fans.


Shipping Your Panties After They’ve Been Sold

Everything is setup and fans are finding your panties listing on ManyVids. Once this happens, it is only a matter of time before fans start buying your panties. Now  it now becomes your job to fulfill the orders, which means shipping your panties to your fan. Shipping your panties is something you do have to be careful doing.

Privacy is a major concern, as anything shipped will have the post mark from the city you shipped it from. So you want to keep that in mind when you are shipping your panties. Possibly going to a bigger city nearby if your town is smaller, or shipping from the post office a little further away from your home.


Have A Successful Panty Selling Career!

After your panties have been shipped, and your fan has received them you will have sold your first pair of panties on ManyVids. Congrats! Following this simple process you will be able to sell panties regularly and even build a solid recurring fanbase who’ve purchase them.


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