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How Adult Performers Can Make Money From Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile application and social network for sharing short videos and photos. Snapchat has become insanely popular and models have found methods of monetizing the network by selling access to their snapchat account. Although nudity is against the Snapchat TOS, that hasn’t stopped many amateur models from sending their sexy nudes through the network. There are even sites where people can sell access to their Snapchat accounts!


Selling Nude or Sexy Non-Nude Content?

If you’re considering making money off adult Snapchat, the first thing you must ask is whether you want to go with full-on nudity, or just keep is sexy but non-nude? If you go with full nudity, you run the risk of getting your Snapchat banned! It is possible to still sell Snapchat access but keep it within the TOS. Many models have success selling their Snapchat while only posting risque content, such as lingerie shots or nude shots that isn’t actually showing anything off that wouldn’t be banned from any mainstream social networks. The choice is up to you.


Avoid Getting banned By Censoring Content

If you are posting nude / NSFW material, there are ways of censoring your snaps. You can do this by placing emojis or other objects over any body parts that Snapchat wouldn’t want on their network. This might annoy some of your premium subscribers, but it’ll keep you compliant. (to a degree, networks have a habit of banning some accounts pushing the envelope. If you’re selling subscriptions, you’re still technically non-compliant with their TOs for that, however.


How To Price Out Selling Snapchat Accounts?

Most models will give two different options and price them out differently; monthly access to the Snapchat account or lifetime access to the Snapchat account. Obviously the lifetime access is going to be much more expensive than the monthly access. How much a model charges for each will vary greatly between different models, as well as the different sites the Snapchat accounts are being sold on. After registering for a network, I’d advise checking out some of the other models to see how they price it out.


Sites To Sell Snapchat Accounts On

Here are some sites that you can sell access to your Snapchat account on:

SnapCentro – SnapCentro is an network for selling Snapchat subscriptions, powered by ModelCentro. SnapCentro makes it easy to sell subscriptions to SnapChat accounts. Plus, get added to their model directory, gaining you exposure. In addition to selling subscription services, you can also include links to your website, social media and more!

Membershyp – Membershyp is a platform for selling subscriptions for Snapchat, Kik and Whatsapp. Models are able to setup different pricing packages for different duration. For example; weekly, monthly, annually. Membershyp takes care of all the billing and notifies models when new users subscribe and users fail to renew.

IndieBill – Indie Bill is a platform for accepting payments for adult models and services. Indie Bill pays out a generous 85% to models. They specialize in content sales, Skype shows and selling Snapchat accounts.

ExtraLunchMoney – ExtraLunchMoney lets you setup your own custom jobs and basically sell whatever (within their TOS). Many models sell access to messaging apps such as Snapchat and Kik on the network. Many other products and services can be sold over ExtraLunchMoney as well.

ManyVids – Site specializing in the sale of adult videos, but many other services can be sold as well. Models are able to setup their own custom “Stores” and sell a wide range of products and services, including access to their Snapchat accounts.

YouKandy – YouKandy is a site for selling adult content sets. In addition to selling homemade porn, it’s also possible to get paid from live camming. YouKandy also provides a place on a model’s profile page to list and sell their “Premium Messaging Apps”, including Kik and Snapchat.


Selling Snapchat Through Adult Camming Networks

If you’re currently a model on a camming network, it’s possible to sell Snapchat directly through your camming site! Many models will post how much tokens it’ll cost for access to their Snapchat directly on their profile page. This lets people know what to tip and how to indicate that the tip was for the Snapchat and not a tip towards a show. If you’re not already performing live on webcam and would like to get started, check out our guide to getting started with live camming.


Also Check Out OnlyFans, An Application For Models


If you’re looking to get paid from adult-friendly mobile applications, check out OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a platform that adult models can use to upload and monetize their sexy photos and videos. OnlyFans has a built-in payment processor, making it incredibly easy to charge your fans. It works off a subscription-based system. All your content is censored until your customers pay the monthly subscription to unlock it. You can easily upload new photo and video content, plus manage your page, from their mobile application.

Learn More: Adult Performers – Make Money With The OnlyFans App


Additional Snapchat Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional Snapchat resources that you’ll find useful. These tips and tricks will help you market through Snapchat, make more money through Snapchat and save you time in the process.

How To Successfully Do A Snapchat Takeover – Best practices for Snapchat takeovers. Takeovers is a great way to reach a whole new audience. in addition to promoting your own premium Snapchat account, you can also promote all your other services as well.

Manage A Public and Premium Snapchat On One Account – If you’ve got a public and paid Snapchat, you can easily manage both on a single Snapchat account. This saves you time, headaches and hassle.


Get Paid From Sexting and Other Messaging Services

Snapchat isn’t the only messaging service that you can get paid from. In fact, phone sex networks have adapted to the mobile revolution and many of them now offer texting in addition to paid calling. There are also networks that have internal messaging features where models can get paid to receive and reply to messages from other members. It’s a great way to get paid from messaging outside of Snapchat. To see what’s available, check out our section on adult calling and texting. There’s a chart that shows which networks support messaging or texting and which ones don’t.