Regional Blocking / Privacy For Adult Webcam Models

CamgirlAdult Camming: Privacy Protection / Regional Blocking

If you’re considering starting a career as a camgirl, you’re probably very concerned about your own personal privacy protection. That is a very good thing, and privacy is really important to the industry.

Many sites will offer privacy protection features to their models. One of the major features that many sites offer is regional blocking. This allows models to block specific regions to prevent people they know in real life from recognizing them.

It’s not a perfect system, but it is insanely valuable. Here’s all the details on regional blocking, and a list of camming sites that offer regional blocking.


Camming Sites That Offer Regional Blocking

Here is a list of camming sites that allow for regional blocking:

NetworkPayoutNetwork DetailsAlexa Rank
CamWithHerUp to 80%CamWithHer259,305
Chaturbate5¢ / tokenChaturbate339



Potential Security / Regional Privacy Flaws

Even though regional blocking is a great feature, it’s not perfect. It’s important to be aware of some of the possible security flaws that might exist. Knowing this will help in evaluating which camming site to choose, and knowing what to look for and protect against. Here are some possible security flaws with the regional blocking.


Promotional Content For Affiliate Marketers

Many of the camming sites offer affiliate programs for webmasters. These programs offer webmasters a commission for all new customers they’re able to attract to the site. Many of these programs offer promotional tools for promoters. This might include live feeds, sample chats and more. These affiliate tools might not have the same regional blocking algorithms that are available for the main site. It’s suggested to check out any affiliate programs to make sure there’s no possible security flaws.


Promotion Over Social Media

Most camming sites will promote their models over social media. Sometimes the model needs to opt into social media promotion. Sometimes the camming sites just pick and choose random models to tweet out. Twitter (and other social media channels) don’t have the same level of protection as the adult sites themselves. If you find that your network has tweeted out your content, and you don’t want that, a simple DM or email is usually all it takes to get it removed and opt-out from future promotion.


Being Featured In Blog Content

If the network is running a blog, it’s common for them to feature models on the blog. The blog might not have the same regional blocking capabilities as the main site. Especially if it’s built on WordPress or another blogging platform. Although many blogs require opt-in and content being contributed directly from the models, some feature random models, or a list of models.


Recorded / Capped Shows Added To Other Sites

Pirated content is a major issue for every camming model and amateur porn producer. Shady webmasters will record camming shows, usually public, and post them on their own websites. Since their website doesn’t take into account regional blocking, it’s something that everyone can see. Pirates will also upload capped shows to tube sites, share them over social media and on other adult sharing sites.

Luckily, there’s ways to get this content removed. DMCA take-down requests are the most common methods used, although there’s other tactics that can work as well. Just make sure that you don’t submit the DMCA takedown complaints yourself, as you’re required to include your personal information in the takedown request. Luckily, there’s plenty of services available and other ways to get the content removed.

Learn More: DMCA Take-Down Requests / Anti-Piracy


Users Using VPN / Proxies

Since the regional blocking capabilities are IP-based, they can be bypassed with a proxy server or VPN. Proxies are used to spoof IP addresses by routing everything through a foreign server. This keeps the users real IP address hidden. Because of this, the regional blocking will assume the user is from a foreign country and not the real location.


Users Traveling To Different Locations

If a user from your home state travels to another region, that user will most likely be able to access your profile, content and shows. This is because the user will be using an IP address for their current internet connection. If you have the state they’re currently in blocked, they can’t access you. If it’s only their home state that’s blocked, they can now access you.


Some Sites Limit The Number of Blockable Regions

Some sites limit the number of blocked regions a model can add. Although the number of blocks is probably adaquate for most models, if you’ve lived in tons of different places, you might require more. The number of blockable regions will vary from site-to-site. If this is a very important feature for you, you might want to make sure the network will support the number of blocked regions you desire.


Other Privacy Concerns To Consider

Although blocking your home region is very important, it’s not the only privacy concern to consider. There’s other things that can compromise a camming model’s privacy. Here’s some other ways to protect yourself from being discovered on the internet.


Don’t Give Out Too Much Personal Information

Giving up too much information can compromise your identity over time. Even though each trivial piece of information might not be enough to compromise your privacy, adding up all the little details might be enough. Remember, this isn’t limited to your camming site, but also on social media and other forms of interaction. Whether you ski or surf, what you’re majoring in, whether you say soda or pop and other small details can all be combined to reverse-engineer possible locations. Something to be aware about.


Be Careful Of Your Surroundings

What posters do you have hanging on your wall in the background? Can they see whether the neighbors house is brick or stick-framed through the window? Do you have your state’s football swag visible? Be very aware of your surroundings and what’s visible on cam or any content that you produce. A lot of times, the more simple the better. Also, make sure you won’t be interrupted while on cam. If someone knocks on your door and says your real name, it’s something the viewers might be able to hear.


Wearing Wigs, Masks and Other Disguises

There’s plenty of models out there that wear wigs and even masks when performing. Some also perform without showing their face, but that can get difficult. Here’s an interview with a couple who always wears masks, to get an idea of what it’s like. If you’re going to wear a wig, make sure it’s a quality wig and not a cheap one. A cheap wig is totally noticeable.


Warning About External Promotion

If you’re promoting your content and shows on other sites (especially social media and tube sites) be aware that there’s no regional blocking capabilities on those sites. If you’re doing any promotion on any other sites, be aware that it’s viewable by the entire world. You got to decide whether the promotion and traffic is worth the exposure.


Keeping An Eye Out For Pirated Content

As mentioned above, pirated content is a major privacy concern. It’s also a profitability concern. If a pirate posts capped shows or stolen content on sites with no privacy protection, it’s available for the whole world to see. Keep an eye out for stolen content, and if discovered, follow the proper procedures to get it removed from the internet.

Learn More: Getting Pirated Cam Shows / Videos Removed


Use A Proxy Server / VPN

Getting a proxy server hides your IP address. This protects your location from being discovered by reverse IP-lookup. Certain email programs and other web-based programs can reveal a user’s IP address. Although it won’t expose your exact identity, it could be used to expose the city that you’re in. With a proxy server, you’re displaying their location instead of yours.



Wishlist Security Flaws

Certain wishlists might expose tracking numbers and other delivery details to the customer. Most models will keep an out of town PO Box or private mail box to combat this. Some studios provide wishlist item forwarding for their models.


Geotagging and Location-Based Services

Social media sites, your phone, tablets and other devices might have geotagging capabilities or location-based services. This is a major security issue. It could be something as blatant as sharing the location along with a post, or something less obvious such as a location in an image’s meta data. Make sure that all geotagging and location-based services are turned off on any accounts or gadgets you’re using for work.


Consider Keeping A Part Time Job

This is especially true if you’re just getting into camming and don’t yet know if this is the path you want to take. It’s also something that established models might consider. One of the questions you’re going to get asked in real life is “What do you do?”. Keeping a part time job gives you a quick, easy and truthful answer to give people. Otherwise, you’ll either have to make up a cover story or deflect on the issue. If your cover story is something verifiable, it’s something people could call you out on.

Going to school is another option. It’s very common for students to take out student loans, earn grant money or have family helping them out through schooling. It’s very common for college kids to not work while going to school. When asked “What do you do?”, “I’m going to school” is also a great answer, and something that’s true, unlike a cover story.