Adult Perfomers: Make Money With The Pornhub Amateur Program

Pornhub Marketing For Camgirl Models

Amateur Porn Producers: Make Money and Market On Pornhub

Pornhub is the world’s largest tube site, and a great source of traffic for amateur models. Pornhub also offers ways for their partners to make money over their platform. This is especially easy for amateur performers. Pornhub offers an exclusive program for homemade content producers. Not only do these models get a percenatage of the advertising revenue, but they also get featured in a section that will provide them with a huge following. This can result in more viewers in your chatrooms, increased content sales and a larger customer base for all your services.


Earn Money As A Verified Pornhub Amateur Producer

The major advantage of being a verified pornhub amateur is that you earn a percentage of all ad revenue generated form your content. When your videos are being viewed, Pornhub is displaying advertisements along with it. Pornhub gets paid based on the number of impressions and the number of clicks from those ads. If you are a verified amateur, you can earn a percentage of these advertisements. In addition to the ad revenue, you can also gain valuable exposure and traffic. This is way to market your products and services, while earning an additional residual revenue in the process. The more content you’ve got available, the more you’ll earn.


Being a Pornhub Amateur Provides A Residual Income

Being a Pornhub producer builds a residual income. as long as your videos are uploaded to the site, you’ll earn revenue from your video views. The more videos you upload and the larger your following gets, the more money you’ll earn! Plus, Pornhub is a great platform to market your cam shows, content, and other services. The network also supports subscribers, friends, commenting and other social elements that allow you to interact with your fans.


Also Use Pornhub To Promote Your Services

Whether you’re cammingselling clips or offering any other form of adult services, tube sites is a great way to market those products while generating revenue. The trick to this is not giving away too much for free. Watermarked teasers, videos that in a lower resolution than those you sell, ect. all provide traffic which will result in more purchases for you. You can also use the profile website links to link to your website, clip selling site, chatroom or any other websites.


Compete In Competitions For Cash and Prizes

Pornhub amateurs also have the opportunity to compete in competitions on the site. Pornhub selects monthly and yearly winners which receive a cash prize, plus placement on their Hall of Fame page. In addition to their model of the month and model of the year contests, Pornhub will also regularly host themed competitions with prizes. These contests are a great way to roll out content catering to different fetishes, and those that you might not currently be working with. Competitions are also a great way to gain valuable exposure, as you’ll reach everyone checking out all the competitors.

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Sell Monthly Snapchat Subscriptions From Your Profile

In addition to making money through the amateur program, Pornhub models can also sell Snapchat subscriptions directly from the profile pages. This is thanks to the FanCentro partnership. FanCentro is a network specializing in adult Snapchat. FanCentro provides models all the tools to charge for monthly premium Snapchat subscriptions. Pornhub publishers who register for FanCentro will be able to provide a link directly from their Pornhub profile.

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Pornhub Amateurs Also Earn Revshare On YouPorn

In addition to earning a share of advertising revenue on Pornhub, amateurs also get paid from ad revenue on YouPorn. Amateur videos are automatically uploaded to YouPorn from Pornhub. You do not manually have to upload the videos on both sites. In fact, the only way to get credited for ad revenue is if Pornhub syndicates the content over to YouPorn on your behalf. Videos uploaded directly to YouPorn will not get credited. It might take up to a month for your Pornhub amateur videos to get featured on YouPorn.


Become A Pornhub Verified Amateur Today!

Ready to become a Pornhub publisher? The process is fairly simple. You simply have to get verified on the site. That is done by holding up a sign with your username and a clear face shot. That’s so they can determine that it is indeed you running the account and not someone else. You also must be eighteen or older and must only perform with people who are eighteen or older. Once verified, you’ll receive a badge on your profile showing that your identity has been verified. You’ll also be able to compete in competitions and start getting compensated for ad revenue.


More Tube Sites For Marketing and Monetization

Pornhub isn’t the only network that adult performers can make money from. There’s multiple tube sites that pay producers a percentage of the revenue. There’s also tube sites that have features that allow models to make money from selling clips, live camming, or offering other services. Tube sites are a great way to build name recognition, drive traffic and increase sales.  Learn more about the different tube sites offering content partnerships, and how to make money through them.

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