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Pornhub Marketing For Camgirl Models

Information On Pornhub’s Verified model Program

A lot of models have been making the move to joining Pornhub’s Verified “Model Program” recently. At a payout at about $1 per every 1,000 views it doesn’t seem to make much sense, until you think about the traffic. Pornhub has amazing traffic, and it does not matter how popular of a model you are, you will get traffic if you use the appropriate tags. Due to this, Pornhub is bringing many models exposure that they wouldn’t otherwise have due to the fact that most clip sites focus their traffic and attention on their top earning models.


Pornhub Offering DMCA Services For “Exclusive Content”

Another thing that many models are bringing up is the rise in pirating going on through clip sites recently, and the clip sites don’t seem to be doing much about it. Pornhub has an opt-in feature that will allow them to get your videos removed off of any site, so it is basically free DMCA service for using their platform as long as that content is Pornhub exclusive. By signing up for this program you give Pornhub the rights to use your content however they’d like to, but most of the time you will be credited and it will link back to you so it isn’t always a bad thing.


Their Optional Exclusivity Is As Follows:

“By checking this box, I confirm my agreement to provide my content on an exclusive basis to Pornhub. Accordingly, I hereby license, assign, and convey to Pornhub the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, publicly display and publicly perform online (including on websites or online platforms) any or all of the content that I have uploaded to Pornhub or will in the future upload to Pornhub. I acknowledge that while I will still own some rights in my content and can request to have it removed from Pornhub at anytime, I will not be permitted to upload my content to any websites or online platforms that do not charge a membership or subscription fee. Additionally, I give Pornhub the exclusive right and authority to act on my behalf to protect the copyright in my content and to send “takedown” notices to other websites or online platforms that do not charge a membership or subscription fee demanding that my content be removed from those websites or platforms. I also consent to have all of my videos added to the “Exclusive” category on Pornhub.”


Pornhub Exclusive Content Vs Clip Sites

Using Pornhub may be the best option for models getting low exposure from their clip sites. It is also great for people who are looking to drive traffic to their ModelCentro profile through the Pornhub “Sync” program. It also extremely beneficial to models who cam on Streamate, due to the fact that “Pornhub Live” is a Streamate whitelabel, Pornhub allows you to have a direct link to your Streamate account that displays when you are live on your Pornhub profile.

So if a person happens to browse your profile while you’re online they will be enticed to view your live stream. Since this person is coming from offsite they will generally have access to your social media as well. This is beneficial, as Streamate does not let you disclose your social media information. They also allow Pornhub members to “subscribe” to your live stream and they will receive notifications when you get online, when you’re doing live shows, etc.


What Is The Pornhub Earning Potential?

So what is the earning potential on Pornhub? Aside from the not-so-great revshare earnings, they do run monthly competitions and have four categories you could potentially win. The “amateurs” are a different category than the pornstars, so you won’t have to deal with the competition of large-scale industry models being your competition.  Unlike for other contests on other sites (ahem, cough, ManyVids.)

If you put time into marketing your Pornhub account, direct video views to Pornhub, and remain an active member you have a shot to win $500 as a newcomer and $1,000 as an established model. If you do win either prize, you’re automatically entered to win the yearly prize which is $5,000 for newcomers and $10,000 for established models. Keep in mind, you are competing with quite a sea of people, but it is still possible if you put the time in.


Pornhub Traffic Results In Outside Sales

Outside of Pornhub itself, the earning potential is great just from the traffic you’ll receive from it. People who view you on Pornhub and enjoy your content will more than likely follow you on social media, where you’ll probably post about things people can buy. While not everyone from Pornhub is going to be a paying customer, the ability to find one increases with the more people who are viewing your content and items available for sale.


My Personal Experience Working On Pornhub

Personal experience: I’ve sold customs to people who found me through Pornhub and I’ve sold videos to people who found me through Pornhub. I’ve gotten pirated videos taken down from Pornhub with ease due to the fact I’m already verified on their platform so they know who I am and won’t make me jump through hoops to prove my identity. I’ve gotten gift cards from people who found me through Pornhub and wanted to thank me for providing free content.


Pornhub’s Reputation As A “Pirate Site”

Many models like to demonize Pornhub and it’s tube site network for being a major host of pirated videos. While it is an issue, it’s the pirates that should be demonized, not just Pornhub. We don’t hear as many reports of YouTube being hated by mass amounts of it’s users due to the people who steal content and repost it there, because it’s not adult and it isn’t seen as such a “taboo” or a “valuable” item.


Pornhub Amateurs: Make Sure To Do The Following!

If you are planning to use Pornhub always make sure you:

watermark your content – If it gets posted somewhere else you’ll be able to track it down easier and also be able to prove it is your content easier. It’ll also direct people viewing it on sites you didn’t approve it to be on to find your site and content

Remember that Pornhub is a social network as well as a video site – You can post to your stream and I strongly advise using this feature. There is no rule against pushing traffic to outside sites, so push your links as much and as often as you’d like.

Consider doing “Pornhub Exclusive Videos” so that if you do opt-in to their feature – They won’t be promoting anything you are uncomfortable with having promoted or with them having unlimited access to. Also creating content outside of what is already on your sites will make it seem less recycled which is appealing to viewers.


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